Sethji 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DEvika says yes I saw that ghost. Wasundara says what is happening in our village? Is pandit’s thing about change is right? Sethji says go and sleep everyone. Sambha says I better sleep in jungle from tomorrow. No one lets me sleep in the house.

Pragati is in the store. She says how do I turn on the light here? There is no electricity in this devsu. I should turn on phone’s light. Baaji says what is this? She says this is my mobile phone. He says is there a fire in it? How does it light? pragati laughs. She says I will tell you everything. Light something here please. He turns on the lamp. He says this is our mobile. Pragati says this is interesting.
Baaji shows her the sculpture.
SHe is dazed and says how you made it so quickly? He says I made it three months back when I frist saw you. She says you just saw me few days ago. He says no I saved you from waters the first time.
She says was that you? I was finding where this devsu. then someone told me its beyonmd that river. I came to the bank and slipped. Baaji says I heard you screaming for help but when I saved you, you fainted.
Baaji said I think she has fainted. I have to bring her back to consciousness. She says you saved my life twice and I got you punished. I am sorry. Please forgive me. He says I don’t understand your city language. She says its okay if you don’t. I am your friend. Friends don’t need language. He says friend? She says yes. Oh btw do you know someone named Sadarshiya in devsu? He says a kid named the same lives in my neighborhood. She says no no I am talking about an old man. He wonders..

Sethji is worried for Baji. She says where has he gone. Raghav found him or not? He says there is man with such name here. Did you have anything important with him? She says I can’t tell you yet. He says I will try to ask old people here if they know such man. She says I wont go from here. He says that can be dangerous. She says no I wont go unless I find him. He says then promise me you won’t leave this store. She says but then you have to make me a promise too. He says what? SHe says if I get caught you won’t take my punishment on you. He nods and smiles. She is about to slip. Baaji holds her. She sees his bruises and says who does that for a stranger. Why did you do this? Why did you take my pain on yourself? He says because I.. Raghav knocks at the store. He says Baji.. Baaji says I think mom knows I am not in home. Pragati says what will we do now?

Pragati hides and baaji pretends sleeping on the grass. She says if he sees me I will never be able to find sangarshiya. Raghav says we have such a big house. WHy are you sleeping here? He says I like this small place. Raghav says sethji has asked you to come home. He says at least let me say bye to my small place. He says my dear small place. I don’t wanna go but this brother has come here and is taking me home. I will come tomorrow again. Raghav says are you mad? he says yes. I love this place. They leave. Pragati sleeps. She says he made such a good sculpture.

Devika says a new drama everyday.
Nagesh and bhaorao are on their way. Nagesh says we don’t have to give sethji a chance to stand up. That girl has harmed Sethji’s respect. Bhao says what is she goes back? He says she won’t. She can’t let herself go away from devsu.
Bhao says you will become sethji of both places and I will get them after you die. Bhaorao laughs. Nagesh says you are just like me. He says that sethji has to lose soon;.

Precap-Someone is coming towards the store. Its Devika. Pragati says who is this now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awesome episode. As usual Pragaji are amazing. Full of emotional,Senti, bonding…. Lovely episode ???

  2. Who is this sangarshiya?
    Nice episode
    Pragati and baaji’s scene is cute
    Why there have only 1or2,3comments?

  3. I too don’t know asana. Hope there will be more commenters in future. Because this serial is getting interesting day by day. I can’t even stop myself watching each and every episode. Love this serial very much.

  4. Hai kabi

  5. Hi asana

  6. I too don’t know who is sangarshiya. I think he is somehow related to pragathi. Because in Thursday’s episode a FB was shown that a little Pragathi was crying while she was seeing a letter. So that’s why he might be related to her or he might be her father (just an imagination) and moreover Pragathi’s parents weren’t shown. So it’s just a guess.

  7. @kabi you have any other page?

  8. priyadarshini

    sorry for late comments. kabi I think sangarshiya is pragati’s father, I don’t know.But I heard it somewhere, actually I don’t know.Let’s hope for the best.
    loved pragati and Baji’s chemistry ??.
    Rumman and Avi is just rocking….
    waiting for next…

  9. priyadarshini

    Thanks Atiba di for ur updates

  10. priyadarshini

    I love the theme of this story. Contradictions are portrayed well in this serial. I always wonder that how could people live without electricity and technology in this modern society ??But this serial had shown me that people can live without electricity and technology also.In this serial they followed bartar system ,it reminded me of history..Lol..
    I just luved the costumes of Devsu villagers. Which I like mostly in Hindi serial is the costume coz I am a south Indian .
    I used to like kaala teeka alot which was replaced by sethji. I felt that the writers had destroyed the theme as well as story of the show after that I hated kaala teeka. so I do have a request to the writers, please please please this show has an amazing theme never destroy the theme . I am sorry if my comment has hurt anyone.
    *sorry for all grammatical mistakes

  11. priyadarshini

    Huh, more than 10 comments?. we will make it. Yes Kabi there will be more commenters in future . This serial was started before 1 or 2 weeks. we have a lot of time.. And hi Asana…
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  12. priyadarshini

    I don’t understand why Atiba di didn’t gave written updates of 26th April. Was there any problem Atiba di?? Hope that it will never happen again. We will be waiting for ur updates di..

  13. @kabi you have any other TU page?

  14. Hi asana and priyadarshini. Yes asana I’m commenting on sanyukt page and sometimes on shani serial too. I won’t​ comment daily in that page because they are twisting the story and incidents for their convenience. But best wishes for their acting. Their acting is amazing especially the boy playing shani dev’s role.

  15. And Priyadarshini I’m also a South Indian. I too like this customs, traditions and also traditional clothes. Their festivals​, rituals etc.???

  16. In devsu they’re following traditional economy. It will be amazing, different.And at the same time it will be very difficult to follow. But this can be possible only in small area or small village alone. Because one of the major difficulties of barter system is lack of coincidence of wants and lack of direct contact between producers and consumers which is not possible in today’s economy. And this serial is showing traditional economy which we didn’t experienced so I love to watch this serial very much.

  17. Finally there have 17 comments I am very happy to see this 17 comments
    Kabi and priya(ma I call you priya?) Hai have a nice day
    I am also from south India I also love south Indian traditions,festivals foods etc etc
    Kabi and priya you are leaving in which state ??

  18. I’m living in puducherry asana. And have a nice day asana.

  19. And asana you are living in which state?

  20. Ninga Tamil? Ennaku thamil nalla therium
    I am from trivandrum

  21. I’m so happy to know this asana. And ungaluku tamilum theriumnu sonninga. I’m so happy to hear this. What are all the languages do you know? And sorry if there is any mistake in tanglish. Coz I’m not good in tanglish but I will do my best. Sorry for late comment too.

  22. priyadarshini

    Hi Kabi and Asana I’m from Kerala, Kannur district. And I don’t know how to speak Tamil but I know how to read and write Tamil. What a coincidence we all are South Indians…. Yayyy

  23. priyadarshini

    And of course Asana u can call me what u want..

  24. priyadarshini

    Kabi ,the boy playing Shani is Karthikey Malvia. He was a participant in ZEE TV’s reality show called DRAMEBAAZ. I used to luv that show a lot. It was a very good show. ZEE TV’s reality shows are just amazing. Now I watch sa re ga ma pa lil champs in ZEE…

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