Sethji 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi threatens Pragati

Sethji 20th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati recalls Devi’s reality. She recalls Ahiliya making her Sethji. Devi comes there. She says my plan was working as usual but you ruined it. Sethji was sick, Gauri was with Ambi and all her sons were in jail but you ruined everything. Gauri came back too. Pragati says I warned you. Devi says I am sethji. Pragati says you are just dreaming. Some other people were dreaming too their own spouse killed them. Your time isn’t long either. Devi says who will overthrow me? Devsu is with me. Pragati says a lot of people know here about your real face. DEvi says wasu and ganesh? I can kick them out. You better save your sindur. Pragati says mind your language. Baji comes in. Devi says baji tell pragati. Baji says I will be Devsu’s new protector. Devi says Baji will protect everyone. Baji says you have done a favor on me. Devi says you didn’t come to meet me and nor did your wife. Baji touches her feet. He says pragati come take her blessings. He says we will always be at your service Sethji. Devi leaves.
Baji says why were you so rude to her. Pragati says devi is fooling us all. Baji sys she is sethji. Think before speaking. she did a drama. Baji says why you always do this. She killed Bhao to save us all. How can you doubt her. Pragati says but.. He says stop it. You always ruin everything.
My mom made her sethji. You are not happy about me being the protector. He leaves. Pragati says what should I do now.

Devsu’s men beat Nagesh in detention. He screams. He says Devi why are you doing this. Devi comes there. He is dazed. She gives him food. Nagehs says I wont’ eat this food. You killed your bhao. Devi says I made you a dog in one day. I saved Bhao. Truth is that you were about to kill Bhao. Right? It was better that I killed him. See the result of my decision. Nagesh says why would I do that. He was my brother. SHe says don’t lie to me.
You have to do what I say. Nagesh says please tell me. She says I want answers first. He says please ask. She says don’t dare lying. What is in Devsu that you are after this land for 16 years? He smirks. He says there are gems all under this land. Only I know its real worth. She says I know you can be useful. He says then get me out of here. She says I will only get you out of here when you destroy that family with me.

Precap-Pragati comes to Devi and says were you looking for something? devi says I was gonna give this poison to Baji. Pragati comes to Baji and says don’t eat it it has poison.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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