Service Wali Bahu 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Phool singh coming with police and his goons to Natru’s house and asking him to vacate house now with his family. He says they can take only their necessary items and nothing else. Family gets their bags. Children ask why are they leaving their house. Phool says it is his house now. Santoshi looks at temple and reminisces poojas she used to organize and tries to pick idols, but Phool stops her and warns she cannot take anything. Whole family reminisce turn by turn reminisce their happier moments spent in the house. Natru also reminisces his happier moments spent with Santoshi in the house. They all walk out of door. Phool laughs that he will make 7 star hotel here. Payal challenges that she will get her house in 10 days. Phool gets angry and orders his goons to close door.

Payal takes whole family to her govt quarters. Rajath calls her and asks where is she, she heard that she is being kicked out of prasad house, he will come to pick her wherever she is. Payal says she is fine and has got new quarters. Indu says she will come there right now. Payal says there is no need for that and cuts call. Rajath fumes that he will not spare natru’s family. Dad asks him to calm down for his sister’s happiness.

Santoshi checks house and says it is very nice. Natru asks Ayodhya to do something and get back their house. Ayodhya says he will. Payal tells there are 4 rooms in this house, 1 for natru and Santoshi, 1 or gulkan and children, 1 for guddi and one for…shies. Guddi says for Dev and payal. Payal shies and Dev gets nervous. Gulkan smiles.

Payal cleans her room with the help of Dev. They both get romantic but get conscious. Dev says he has to get up early in the morning for his new job. Payal congratulates him. Dev goes out to bring bags. Phool’s goon spies them and watch their every moment. Santoshi thanks Payal for giving them a shelter. Payal says no need to thank her as she a family. Indu comes with Bhuvaneshwar. Payal gets happy and takes her blessings. Gulkan also touches feet and takes blessings. Santoshi asks them to sit. Payal gets a call that her loan is sanctioned and she happily informs family. Phool’s goon hears that and informs Phool.

Phool tells his assistant that he will not let his house so easily and will trap Payal into some bigger problem.

Precap: Ayodhya goes to kill Phool, but Phool’s men injure him. Phool informs Dev to come and take his half-dead brother. Santoshi expresses her desire to pray for Ayodhya’s life in temple.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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