Service Wali Bahu 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal sadly coming out of room after speaking to Rajat and telling Indu that Rajat’s mood is not good due to client issue, so they should drop lunch outing plan. Dad says today is bahu’s birthday, so they should not cancel it. Bahu says Payal is right, she will go and prepare food. Dad gets sad.

At night, Neelu knocks Rajat’s room door and tells bahu that mom is calling her. She then takes her to terrace where Payal is waiting with decoration and surprise. She gets very happy seeing surprise. Payal makes her cut birthday cake and sings happy birthday. They all 3 dance happily on song….Hum to aise hain bhaiya.

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In the morning, dad asks Indu to get her tea. GHe sees news paper and shouts Rajat to come out. Once Rajat comes, he says now he realized why he did not go out to celebrate bahu’s birthday. Indu asks what happened. He shows news in newspaper of Rajat’s arrest for gambling. He asks Rajat to learn from Payal that she protected her at home and did not utter anything. Rajat says she felt ashamed to call him brother when police arrested him. Dad says he is insane to think that and instead of being ashamed he is blaming Payal. Rajat’s boss comes and says he has sunspended Rajat and asks him to come and finish discharge formalities.

Rajat tells Indu that he does not like insurance job and wants to start transport business, so she should get him at least 1 vehicle. Indu informs Bhuvaneshwar, but he does not agree to spend 10-12 lakhs on Rajat.

Payal asks her assistant to help her buy a commercial vehicle on loan. He gives her Bharath motors address.

People on road ask Bhuvaneshwar about Rajat’s arrest for gambling. Payal comes there, sends her govt car, and leaves in Bhuvaneshwar’s vehcile. She tells him about taking vehicle on loan for Rajath. Dad resists but agrees later.

Payal gets ready in the morning after bath and calls Bharath motors. A man riding bike picks call. Payal says she needs SUV. He asks so what. She asks if he talks to her client so arrogantly and says she needs vehicle on loan and howmuch downpayment she has to make. He asks who is she. She says it is none of his business and asks him to check with his senior and call her back. Man’s friend asks who was she. He says don’t know. Friend asks then why was he speaking to her so long.

Bike man reaches coaching institute for an exam. Payal call him and asks if he spoke to his senior. Examiner asks him to keep phone. Man cuts call saying he has come for exam and will speak to her later. A goon comes in his bullet and enters exam hall late.

Precap: Man’s parent’s wedding anniversary is celebrated in a grand way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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