Service Wali Bahu 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev with Payal reaching Phool’s house and returning his 1 crore debt. Phool says he will not accept it and confesses all his mistakes and laughs. He asks Payal to join him. She says with her loyalty, she will punish him. He continues his coffessions and says her brother is also part of his crime. Rajath reaches with police on time and Dev says he has recorded Phool’s confession on his mobile. He plays recording and hands over phone to inspector. Inspector arrests Phool an phool says he is a big shot in this city and he cannot arrest him. Inspector says nobody is greater than law and drags him handcuffed.

Payal reaches land owner’s office from whom natru leased land and proposes to hand over 2 floors apartments in exchange of remaining 7 crores. Land owner agrees to her terms.

Dev and Payal then reach home and inform Natru and family that they got Phool arrested and even cracked land deal. Natru thanks them and praises their loyalty. Dev’s financier comes a nd says he saw news about him helping his family, so he trusts him now and is ready to give loan for his coaching center. Whole family expresses happiness. Dev says he will come after some time and finish formalities later.

Rajath reaches home and informs his parents about Phool’s arrest and Payal getting back house after paying 1 crore. Dad asks how did Payal arrange 1 crore. Indu says they are going to payal house now and will ask her directly. Rajath says dad that he got a clerk job in college. Dad hugs him happily and says he got his son back today.

Natru reaches home with whole family. Jaiswal joins them and says he is feeling good seeing them back at home togeter. Guddi tells Payal that she also wants to do a job and needs her help. Payal says she will get her some job. Santoshi praises payal and Gulkan starts promoting Sarojini serial starting from 20th July at 6:30 p.m.

Natru looks at his often repeatedly while conversing with his sons and Jaiswal. Panditji comes to perform pooja. Payal’s family reaches there. Natru apologizes Bhuvaneshwar for his mistakes and thanks him for giving him a devi as a bahu. Indu asks Payal why did not she go to office. Dev informs her that Payal took voluntary retirement to arrange 1 crore. Dad says family is more important than job. Dev informs that he got loan to open is coaching center. He the gets a call on payal’s number that payal got a chief engineer job in Jamshedpur’s big company. Natru then gives some moral gyan about respecting woman and considering them as house’s laxmi…etc…

Precap: The serial ends on a positive note with Jogeshwar’s moral gyaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I will miss this serial. I wish this was not one of those that had ended. It had so much promise….and not so much dragging as the others. Wrong decision to end it, Zee should have just changed the time slot.

  2. this serial should not end please this was a beautiful serial

  3. Though I never watched this show because it’s time airing but I use to like it and read when ever I get some time to read but the fault was writers’s
    They should show some love between the lead

  4. I am missing this serial..sigh

  5. Glad it is over. Actor did not suit Payals character. Too soft spoken. Channels should avoid showing such cunningness and bad qualities in family members. They may turn out to be ok months later. But the damage is done to viewers minds. Will anyone with a daughter like her to marry to a family with such in-laws even if they change later?.

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