Service Wali Bahu 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with goon misbehaving with Guddi saying her father and brother troubled them, it is their time to trouble their family. She shouts bhaiya/brother. Dev passes by in his bike and stops. He rescues Guddi and shouts at goons that troubling one’s women is not a solution for their problem. He leaves from there taking Guddi.

Commissioner tells Payal that he tried his best to help her, but he could not. Payal says there is only one way now. Commissioner asks her to rethink once. She says she has and will send him papers after completing them.

Dev reaches his office. Natru’s creditors surround him and request to get their money back from natru and ayodhya. Reporters also surround. An old man holds his legs and pleads. Dev gets him up and assures him that he will get his money soon. Reporter asks Dev what will he say about the situation. Dev says he will fight for their rights and gets into his office.

Phool fumes thinking he could not kill Dev and will see what Payal does to gather 1 crore.

Payal writes her resignation letter and completes other formalities. Satish asks her to rethink. She says there is no other go. He calls Dev and informs the situation.

Indu asks Bhuvaneshwar to break their FDs and give that money to Payal. Rajath says there is no need for that. Bhuvaneshwar gets angry and asks why is he stopping him when Dev and Payal helped him so much. He says as far as he knows, Dev is just like Payal and will not take their money. He says as he says, they will struggle and reach their goal. Bhavaneshwar hugs Rajath and says he is talking like Payal.

Satishi informs Dev about Payal’s resignation. Dev says he will reach there right now. Payal speaks to commissioner and says she sent reignation and remaining papers to him and requests to finish formalities soon and get her 1 crore rs of VRS. Dev reaches and asks Payal how can she destroy her dreams. She says her family’s dreams are more important than her dreams. He says she may not be able to rejoin PWD as engineer. She says there is no other go to gather 1 crore. He emotionally hugs her.

Payal informs her family about her resignation for VRS money of 1 crore. Natru asks why did she do that and falls in her feet. Payal gets him up. He starts praising her that he always troubled her and even after knowing his lies from the beginning, she came to his house. He continues praising and shedding tears. He then apologizes Gulkan and then santoshi. He also apologizes his children. Dev says he does not have to apologize as his truth is seen in his eyes.

Dev and Payal reach Phool’s house and return 1 crore. he says he will not return their house and it is his now.

Precap: Payal tells Phool that she will go to court and police. He says nobody can do anything as police and law are in his pocket. Dev and Payal try to buy land, but seller says due to their family’s reputation, he will not sell land.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If this show is wrapping up today then is plenty action in this last episode. Does anyone know if any would be showing on Saturday?

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