Service Wali Bahu 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal getting a call from someone. She tells Satish that her loan is approved against provident fund and have to send the documents today itself. Satish offers to courier the documents. Payal hesitantly agrees. Dev tells Santoshi that he is going to office. Santoshi makes him eat food forcibly. Ayodhya sees them and asks Santoshi, you didn’t make me eat food lovingly. Gulkan says Maa loves him very much, the way Bapuji loves you. Dev says bye to everyone and leaves. The goon sees him leaving from house and informs other goon. The other goon come to the PCO and talks to goon. Payal who has come there to get the documents xeror, finds it strange as the goon has mobile and talks through public phone. Payal sees Dev’s photo with the goon and gets suspicious. She follows the goon. The goon reaches Dev’s office and keeps an eye on him. Payal thinks why did he came to Dev’s office. Dev comes out of office talking on phone. Payal sees the goon taking out gun from his pocket and gets shocked.

Payal runs and saves Dev. The goon didn’t shoot and waits for the opportunity. Payal tells everything to Dev. The Police comes there and asks not to stay alone. Natru gets tensed hearing about the attack on Dev. Santoshi thanks Payal. Gulkan says how did you know about it? Payal tells that she went to the PCO to get the papers xerox and everything. She tells that she has to submit the papers today itself else they will not get the loan. Santoshi says if it is not in your destiny then we can’t get our home. She thanks the God for her family’s safety. Rajath calls Dev. Dev tells him about the incident. Rajath asks him to take care and disconnects the call. He tells Alka that someone tried to kill Dev.

Rajath asks her to not to tell it to his parents, else they will get tensed. He apologizes to Alka and says he couldn’t understand her. Alka asks him not to apologize to her. Rajath hugs her and says he loves her. Gulkan says my brother is not in the city, else he would have given 1 crore money. She says shall I talk to him. Ayodhya asks him not to talk to him, and is worried thinking how will he repay 4 crores money. He says I have to do it myself. Gulkan says she is feeling good hearing him. She says you are really a good man and hugs him. Bhuvaneshwar thinks about Payal’s childhood incident and thinks her dreams have been shattered. I couldn’t do anything and can’t see her pain hidden behind her smile. She didn’t tell me when I met her before marriage. He curses himself and thinks what did I do God.

Dev drops Guddi on the way. Guddi says she will go by walk as it is one way. Once Dev leaves on his bike, some goons follow Guddi. They say they will trouble her. Guddi is shocked.

Natru and his family see the electricity cut at their home. The money lenders come home and asks Ayodhya to repay their money. The Commissioner tells something to Payal as a way out. Payal signs on some papers. Satish asks have you decided after thinking? Payal says she is sure. Satish calls Dev and informs him. Dev is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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