Service Wali Bahu 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev with Rajesh meeting lawyer and briefing him Rajath’s situation. Lawyer asks if he is sure Rajath is innocent. Dev says he is sure someone trapped Rajath into this and Rajath can get all the culprits arrested. Lawyer says his assistant is on leave, so he should help him draft bail papers. Dev calls Payal and informs that he is with lawyer and is drafting rajath’s bail papers, so he may come only in the morning.

In the morning, Dev reaches police station with lawyer and hands over Rajath’s bail papers. Inspector frees Rajath. Dev then thanks lawyer for his help and says he will pay his fees later. Lawyer says even he is helping law by making Rajath as evidence, he can pay fees anytime he likes. Rajath comes out and says he is ashamed of himself and cannot face his family. Dev says he can repent by getting the main culprits caught.

Indu continues crying for Rajath. Dev brings Rajath home and maama says it is good Rajath got bail. Rajath apologizes bhuvaneshwar and pleads for his forgiveness, but Bhuvaneshwar says he will not forgive him this time and goes to his room. Indu says his papa is angry now and will forgive once he calms down. Rajath apologizes her and says he could not become his good son at all. He then apologizes Alka for not being a good husband and says he wanted to become like Payal and Neelam and took a wrong way when he could not. He apologizes Payal and says now he will not go on wrong path. Indu thanks Dev for bailing out Rajath. He says Rajath is a family and there is no need to thank. He then leaves with Payal towards home.

Dev drops Payal home and they both discuss about their plan how to clear debt and Dev then leaves for his job.

Natru comes out of his family to leave for market when his debtors attack him and try to smear his face black. Gulkan interferes and beats debtors until they run from there. She warns them not to touch her family, else she will not spare them. Santoshi tells Natru that he always insulted Gulkan, but she saved him.

Financier meets Payal at her office and says he does not have any problem in giving her 50 lakhs loan. She thanks him. He says she can keep 50 lakhs in exchange of road tender. Once he leaves, Payal’s evil soul asks her to accept bribe and good soul warns not to.

Precap: Rajath informs Dev and Payal that Phool is behind is arrest and his boss. Dev says can become govt evidence to get Phool punished. Phool’s goon informs him that Rajath is becoming govt evidence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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