Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 9 HAPPINESS OF FAMILY AND HELPLESSNESS OF SANSKAR

Chapter 9

Third person’s pov
As swara said all the things that happened, every one passed an anger filled hatred look to parineeta while she gulped seeing everyone. Her one mistake and her entire truth came out, the police came and arrested her after a lot of drama. The maheshwaris were finally at peace, soon the gadodias also came and joined them, it was like a get together. Everyone wanted to talk to swara and sanskar about what they have decided about their relationship, but they know now only swara became alright, they did’nt wanted to stress her and they postponed the topic.

Sanskar went to his room and closed the door. After she became fine, she did’nt even speak a word to him. She was very much angry and she is right from her place. He was thinking how to convince his princess, when he heard laughter sound from down. He smiled happily, the members in this house was finally laughing heartily after six months. After some time, he heard some music, so he came out from his room and saw that swara and ragini was doing jugalbandi. He descended the stairs admiring her, she looked so beautiful in that pink color kurta, her hair was flying according to the rhythm of air increasing her beauty. Her eyes were closed and her expression showed how much she was enjoying the song, she was singing from her heart showering all her intensity and happiness in that song. He came to his senses when he heard clap sound. He realised that the song was ended and both the sisters won in the jugalbandi. He too clapped for her still staring at her.

Swara scanned everyone who was clapping for ragini and her performance, she stopped her gaze at him, he was also clapping and smiling at her. Its been so many days since she saw him smiling, she remembered one of their conversations in these six months where he was in a drunkard state and told her that she took away his happiness, she felt so guilty. But now seeing him smiling, gave her a lots of happiness. He stopped clapping, but still he was staring at her. She felt heat rising upto her cheeks. She blushed and somewhat scared seeing him approaching towards her with his intense penetrating gaze fixed on her. She gulped as he came close to her, she looked down and after few seconds she saw his legs and realised that he was standing near. She was sitting, she was battling with herself whether to look at his gaze or silently leave from here making any excuse. She finally gained strength and was about to look up, when uttara called her, “bhabhi! See what mom has made for you” she exclaimed happily. Swara smiled at her excitement and went to her ignoring sanskar.

Great! Sanskar scanned his whole family, durga Prasad, ram Prasad and shekhar was chit chatting. Annapurna and sharmishta was also gosipping about something. Sujata was busy in serving the rasa gulla which she has specially made for her Bengali bahu. Laksh and ragini was sitting at the dining table, while his sister uttara was teasing them for something and they both were blushing hearing her comments. His sister was a disturbance for everyone’s lovestory or romance. And lastly he saw his love who was busy in showering all her love at her cute little brother ayush.

The whole family was happy right now, but how will he spend time with his love if the whole family is in front of them and no one was leaving her for even a second…….

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