Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 37

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As days passed, Pragya was more determined to leave Abhi so that she would not cause any troubles in the relation of Abhi and his Ma.

Pragya came to Abhi’s room. Abhi was surprised and asked “Looks like LF is here to ask something from me!” He was flipping some of his files while he asked that. Pragya “I want to go out….” Abhi “Ok….So?” Pragya” You never even allow me to go out all this while! I feel so bored being in the house! After that day u are staying here like my bodyguard at all times!” Abhi “Okok Let’s go out then!” Pragya “It’s my choice of place!” Abhi “Fine! Let me get ready first!” Abhi, If I never go out with her then I am scared she would do some crazy things….It’s better to go out with her now….
Abhi after getting ready came down the stairs. He saw Pragya wearing the same white saree that she had worn when he came back from the hotel to his house. Abhi “Hmm…Why are u wearing saree suddenly?” Pragya pleasantly said “To impress u!” Abhi “Very funny!” Pragya “I don’t think it’s funny….” Abhi “Ok where are we going now?” Pragya “Temple!” Abhi “Why there?” Pragya “Just feel like going there….” Abhi “Fine! Let’s go…..” On the way to the temple, Pragya was keep on blabbering about random things to Abhi. Abhi couldn’t stop her and just had to bear with it……
Abhi “Finally we reached! Thank god! You go first and I just wait for u here!” Pragya “You are not coming up?” Abhi “No! I am going to park the car and I also need to call someone regarding my work…You carry on…I will wait for u here! Just give me a call when u are coming back!” Pragya with a smile said “Take care….and sure will call u back….Don’t miss me too much!” Abhi with a frown asked “Why suddenly u have this much of care for me?” Pragya “I always care for u…..I got to go now as the puja is going to start soon!” Abhi “So sweet of u and bye!” Pragya walked in front as quick as possible and didn’t turned back….She knew if she turned to look at him then her feelings won’t let her leave him…..
Abhi, Strange! She never turned and look at me! Maybe she is just rushing to attend the puja on time.
As hours passed, Abhi was impatient and was keep on wondering why is she still not back yet. Abhi called her many times but her phone was unreachable. He did went to the mandhir to look for her but she was nowhere to be found. After some time, he received a call from someone “Hello Abhi sir! Pragya ask me to tell u that she is leaving u and also don’t miss her too much….She is safe with me and thank u for supporting her all this while!” By saying that the person ended the call and Abhi was shocked to the core. Abhi, How did I never realize that she was up to something? Damn this girl she really left me now! And that too from this kind of place where she knows very well that I can’t find her that easily….And now she even ask someone to inform me that she is leaving me! Wait! Isn’t that Tommy’s voice? Yes it’s the same voice! I feel like….Why can’t she understand it would be difficult for me if she leave me?
Pragya “Who ask u to tell that I am safe with u?” Tommy “Oh Jerry! We should tell him that if not he would be very worried na….” Pragya “You don’t know about him….now he would have identified that it was u! And surely he will come after u now!” Tommy recollected the beatings and punches he got from Abhi that day…..Tommy yelled “No!!!Please don’t beat me! I beg u…please!!” Pragya shook him and said “Tommy! Come out of your imagination! He is not here yet!” Tommy came back to his senses and looked at Pragya in a blank face.

Tommy “You see now… just because of u I am so scared and feel that he will attack me at any moment!” Pragya in a worried tone “I am so sorry….I am a burden to everyone….” She looked very worried and was just looking down in sadness. Tommy “Hey Jerry! Don’t be this much sad….I was just kidding….Even if u left him, I doubt all your thoughts is only about him…..” Pragya “Why do u think so?” Tommy “What are u holding onto now?” Pragya looked at what she was holding on and realized that she had brought the locket with her as well….Tommy “Jerry! I know why u leave him but if u told him about the problem then he would have surely solved it!” Pragya “I know he would have solved it too….but I don’t want him to solve by going against his Ma….I don’t really have anyone now….but he have his parents to take care….as much as possible he should be with them and with what they wish…..” Tommy “I know yaar but why don’t u think about Abhi? Just because I kneeled down in front of u he got so jealous…actually it’s not being jealous….he was scared that he will lose u….He also have the insecure feeling of losing u….He already lost Tanya and what will happen to him if he lose u now?” Pragya “All this I know Tommy…..I am also scared for this but….” Tommy “Let me tell u that he will surely come after u!” Pragya “I know that too!” Tommy “Wah! You are keep on saying u know this and that but u are still doing all this!” Pragya in a teasing tone “What to do? I am Jerry na so have to be like this making my Tom to run after me…..” Tommy “What? So now I am not the Tom! He is Tom now!” Pragya “Ya he is my Tom and I like him running after me….” Tommy “You are totally in full form but I can’t understand what u are trying to do….At one time u are saying u want him to leave u and then u are also saying u want him to run after u!” Pragya just chuckled hearing that and went inside the house of Tommy.
Abhi, Now I should track down that Tom first! This Tom and Jerry friends are trying to make me come after them….I don’t even have the time to feel sad the she left me as I am so angry at her now! She very well knows how much I will miss her but she still did this! Ma is also coming back to home after 2 days! I just have to ask Robin to manage the house…..
He went to her room and looked at her belongings…. He was lost in their memories. Abhi, I know u are very stubborn….just like me in how stubborn I want u in my life…..I will and I have to get u back in my life as without u I am scared loneliness will be my life…..
Pragya was also feeling lonely without his presence….She was trying her best not to think about him but she have nothing else in her life to think about….It’s only about him that she can think about…..Unable to control herself, she called him!

Abhi answered the call while he was sleeping in the room that Pragya was staying all this while. Abhi in a sleepy tone “Hello! Who is this?” Pragya remained silent, Oh no! What have I done….I just couldn’t resist and called him…but luckily it’s a new number….but still he can track me!
Abhi sensed that it was Pragya “Hey Pragya! Just don’t try to end the call! U know something your irregular breathing that I am hearing now makes me sense that u are scared now!” Pragya still remained silent….Abhi “One more thing I don’t need to track u from your call….I can just track u with your heart that is beating for me somewhere near me but yet far from me….” Pragya was just listening to him and finally said “Good night!” Abhi “Good night but very soon I will come after u!” She ended the call and slapped her head for calling him.

Abhi, She can’t even resist herself from calling me but she still can leave me! What is she really trying to do? Sometimes I feel she is just confused with what she is doing……No matter what it is….very soon she will be back here!
Pragya, I know I am confused but what can I do? I am confused whether I should belong to u….I am confused what if my belonging to u hurts u…..I am confused what if I am a trouble to your Ma…..I am confused what if I am a burden to your life……I am confused whether my love is confusing to u……
With a lot of confusions, only tears welled up in her eyes….as she felt sometimes her tears clear her confusions in her life…….
Pragya, Maybe my life was always confusing….even I was a complication to my own family who didn’t want me as they found me unlucky….That’s why I am filled with confusions of what I want and what I have……..

By engrossed in all those thoughts, she slept with a small expectation that her confusions will be cleared someday….
But she didn’t know that Abhi will be the one who is going to clear all her confusions…….

Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “Do u think only u can be crazy?” Pragya was puzzled by his question. Abhi “Look there for my craziness!” Pragya looked at the direction that he said and was shocked to see what was in front of her!

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