Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 30

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Abhi, I know u are feeling lost now from what is happening around u…..but let me assure u that I am always there for u in all ways….

He was in that thoughts holding Pragya’s hands and sitting beside her. She was still unconscious and he was very conscious of his feelings towards her……
Pragya slowly opened her eyes and looked shocked seeing Abhi sitting beside her!
Pragya asked “Why are u here?” Abhi “Then where should I be?” Pragya “Beside Aunty and not me!” Abhi “Dad is there to take care of Ma….but who is there to take care of u? It’s me right?” Pragya trying to lean up on the bed said “Shut up! You are just talking too much! I can take care of myself! I am not a baby!” Abhi patting her head said “You are my cute baby who always blabber something!” Pragya moved in anger upon his touch. Abhi “ Don’t keep on move like this if not u will fall off the bed!” Pragya “Then just leave if not I will really fall!” Abhi “Blackmail ah? By the way it’s not that high to get hurt and even if u got hurt, it’s still good for me!” Pragya “What? How cruel are u? My fall is good for u!!! How can u even say that?” Abhi “Ya i can still be here taking care for u!”

Pragya picked the pillow beside her and beat him with that. As for Abhi he was enjoying her cute beats….Abhi grabbed the pillow and looked at Pragya intently. Pragya “Why are u looking like this?” Abhi “Like how?” Pragya “Like that day….” Abhi “Like which day? I had spent so many days with u so far….” Pragya “Never mind…I feel sleepy now…” Abhi “Liar! U were sleeping all this while!” He just pulled her closer to him and said “Let me ask u something….I know it was not Tanya that day on the elevator! You were there! And you said she was impressed by my words but actually it was u and u said about me to her! That made her admired me….Am I right?” Pragya was shocked and was wondering how did he know this now??

Pragya was avoiding his eye contact and Abhi “Stop thinking of a answer! I know it’s u!” Pragya “So what? Does it matter now?” She was still not looking at him. Abhi “Look at me and tell that it doesn’t matter now….” Pragya looked at him and said “Doesn’t matter now!” Abhi smirked and said “You are not even looking into my eyes! You are looking at my head yaar!” Pragya “It doesn’t matter as I am still looking at something that belongs to u!” Abhi “Ok if that is the case then…..” Pragya was now wondering what is he up to!! Abhi kissed her forehead and said “You are closed now but I will open u up! Very soon! Just watch out!” Pragya was stumbled and was lost for words. She could only keep on look at him blinking her eyes in surprise.

Abhi then tried to kiss her cheek but she moved away again. Pragya “Stop kissing as if I belong to u!” Abhi “Then who do u belong to if I am not the one!” Pragya “It doesn’t matter to u!” Abhi “So many matters happened today and that’s why my dear baby is keep on repeating the word matter!” Pragya frowned at him and Abhi said “This matters to me as when u are angry it makes me uncontrollable yaar!” Pragya unable to stand his antics just yelled “Doctor!! Nurse!!” Abhi was taken aback by her sudden yelling. The nurse came in hearing her yelling. Nurse “What happened?” Pragya “I am having pain!” Nurse “Where?” Pragya “Everywhere! Can u please check me?” Nurse “Everywhere? Ok sure I will check! Sir please be out for a while as I need to check the patient!” Abhi nodded his head in response and went out off the ward. Abhi leaning on the wall thought, Drama girl! Even if she want to lie, she could have lied a bit convincingly…Pain and that too everywhere! How to handle her if she is like this? But what to do this is why I am crazy for her!

He was smiling away and after a while the nurse came out and said “She is fine! I have just given her some tablets and she wants to sleep now…so hope you don’t disturb the patient….” Abhi “Sure and thank u!”

Abhi, Just want to escape from me and that’s why she is now turning into sleeping beauty! Let me see how long she would escape from me like this!

Pragya, Oh god! What happened to him? And why is he now always touching me? I mean why everything is turning to the opposite way that I thought of !!!! I know he loves me but why can’t he understand me that I am scared now!


Pragya “I love to hate u!” Abhi “Thank u!” Pragya “I hate to love u!” Abhi “No thanks for that!” Pragya “ I never miss u but would like to miss u somewhere in a island!” Abhi “You will be there right? Then it should be fine dear!” Pragya who was irritated just throw his phone at him from a distance. Abhi catched it and said “Thank u! By the way I was lazy to come there to take it and as usual u helped me!” Pragya “Stop winking at me!” Abhi “It’s my eyes and I will wink as much I like!”
I know it’s a short update but I am busy again as usual so this is what I can type in a fast mode! Sorry for the late update and Riya alias Cutie if u are reading I have replied to u in the update that u have commented. Thanks for liking and loving last update! Keep reading more is yet to come! Ashika sis my guess is for the K is….ok if it’s a state then Karnataka…if not it’s Kanyakumari? No time to google so this is purely a guess! Prathi! I know it’s Chennai! Am I right? And to others I saw your comments and I can understand how come Abhi always know everything here and Pragya is always lost or wondering! Very simple! Abhi doesn’t know everything in real kkb show and I thought why not at least he knows everything here haha….

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  1. Such a cute lovely episode❤❤?? abhi’s care, craziness loved it sissy??❤❤ pragya’s escapism frm abhi hahaaa sleeping beauty ??precap???eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sissy for the eagerness and support???☺☺

  2. Awesome??

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      Thank u Nini sis??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky sis???

  3. ??????? hahaha suga extremely right bhoola bhai doesn’t remembers anything in real KKb ???? so it is better to give him some mind here by the way I have kept his name bhoola bhai now a days he is asking who am I mostly that’s why ??????? remembering Johnny lever of Golmaal 3 bhooolaa anyways get over from bhoola bhai coming to the episode it was a super duper hit and dhamakedaar episode ?????

    1. Maya

      Haha Bhoola bhai????Right name for him???? lol only u can think exclusive names for different characters as u are an exclusive person??????

  4. Hai Maya today epi…was superb crazy and yeah right concept of Abhi knowing everything……

    1. Maya

      Thanks Varsha for enjoying it???

  5. Honey

    So crazy yaar….

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      Thanks Honey!???

  6. Abiya

    So cute episode

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  7. Superb episode di loved it

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  8. Madhura

    superbb yaar

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  10. Marvellous epi…wow. I really love the way abhi cares fr pragya…abhigya scenes were really cute…di day by day I am falling in love with ur ff…u always rock it!!! To the game, u guessed it correct di …I am from Karnataka!!!…abhi doesn’t know anything in kkb…but here he knows everything…love u di …tc and keep writing and smiling!!! 🙂 😀 😀 🙂 😉 …

    1. Maya

      Thanks Ashika sis for falling in love with my ff???! That’s great sis so u are Kannadiga is it? Love u too sis and Keep reading and smiling too???☺☺☺

      1. Yes I am!! Which place r u from di?Love u too di!!!

      2. Maya

        I am from Singapore!?

  11. CuteVanshu

    Superb epi di…sry for comment

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    That’s Right CS and Abhi!! 😀 😀 What Is he doing?

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