I see love in your eyes (Kaira) OS

Karthik has been waiting to reveal his love for Naira for a long time now…. Naira, on the other hand, has been recently seeing Karthik a lot in her dreams and wonders whats happening…. Its morning and Gayu is in the garden thinking of a way to meet Karthik…Suddenly, she remembers a pearl set she designed recently and takes it with her and heads for the maheshwari house…there, she finds Karthik on the Balcony, with a smile on his face,she is really happy seeing him but hides her smile and thinks she can convey her feelings to him now but how?….Rajashri sees her and asks why she is not coming in….Gayu enters and Rajashri enquires why she’s alone and not with Vivan….She says he just went for an urgent matter in his family… She asks where are Nanny, Varsha and Kuhu….. Kuhu comes and Gayu presents her the pearl set and says “Here, I made this for u, see if u like it….”

Kuhu opens and is really happy seeing the necklace…. She hugs Gayu and says thank u Gayudeedi,its really such a gorgeous necklace…. Karthik gets ready to go somewhere n goes downstairs, Gayu sees him and asks where he’s going on Sunday morning….he says he’s going to pick a client from the airport…he calls Naira and asks her if she’s free for the day, she says yes.he asks her out for a movie and then lunch near the sea…. They go for a romantic movie together….A really romantic song plays and Naira, for some reason, sees karthik in the heros place and herself as the heroine….the hero asks the heroine “Do u love me? ” heroine says after a break ” I’m sorry to say this….but….I don’t just….love u….but wanting to spend the rest of my life with u….” Hero is really happy seeing this and takes heroine in his arms and kisses on her forehead….Naira is brought back to reality when Karthik offers her icecream and she happily accepts it….she smiles at Karthik and thinks “maybe, I love Karthik, that’s why he’s haunting my mind lately….” The movie ends and karthik takes Naira to the seaside Restaraunt and offers Naira a seat telling “Ladies first….” Naira accepts his offer smiling and takes a sit. Karthik also takes his seat and happens to meet each others gaze and stares at each other….the waiter comes and asks what they want for lunch…

karthik passes order to Naira and she orders….when the waiter boy is gone, Naira smiles at Karthik, seeing him looking at a flowerbouquet in a flowergirl’s hand….Naira asks what he’s really interested in, the girl or the flower….Karthik is surprised, being noticed by Naira, and answers “Both are beautiful, the bouquet in her hand makes it look like she’s come out of a fairytale” Naira for some reason feels sad and give karthik a forced smile in silence….Karthik thinks something’s not going well with Naira or is it just me imagining?” Their food comes and they eat…. After lunch, they take a walk in seashore….naira thinks of the dream she had during the movie finding how similar the situation is, when she finally finds Karthik looking back at her….she seems surprised and starts saying ” I….I….was…..”

Karthik breaks it by kneeling down his leg and telling ” I love u Naira, I love u, I love u, I love u so so much, do u love me?” Naira looks dumbstriken for a moment and she walks off but she stops in her tracks, turns n runs back to Karthik and hugs him and cries,,and tells him ” you were really my prince, weren’t u? For a long time, u came in my dreams and I wondered why but later I understood it wasn’t just friendship but something more, my heart yearns for something?? I think I feel satisfied now…. I think its love, I love u my charming prince…” Karthik is so happy and asks what she just said, he didn’t hear and repeat it…..she replies ” shutup mendak, no… No… My love” and smiles…. Gayu is seeing everything from a distance, shocked, and crying….(she followed karthik from the maheshwari house) she goes back to the house to her room and cries her heart out….karthik gives naira a ride back home and enters the house…. Rema sees her and asks where is gayu?

Naira says isn’t gayudeedi home….rema says she headed for maheshwari house in the morning but I didn’t see her back yet…naira says ” I’ll go check her in the room” she finds gayu in the room crying…. Naira asks why she’s crying and gayu answers ” nothing, just nothing at all….” Naira hugs her and asks if she has any problem with vivan, ” no,I just missed mumma n pappa” answers gayu….now rema comes n naira leaves getting a call from someone. Rema asks her and she tells everything that happened….rema replies just forget everything, we can’t buy love, ull get someone better coz u r a really good girl but karthik doesn’t deserve u….gayu hugs rema and cries…. Naira is seen having a call with karthik and tells there is some problem with gayu, she’s crying….karthik says it may have something to do with vivan, let him come, we can both help solve it…. Naira says OK, love u and ends the call… She turns back and sees Mishti….she smiles n shows her a thumbs up….

  1. Amalina

    Aaawww Anjana the os was just awesome ?! Plz continue if u can!

    Btw what does os stand for or mean??

  2. Ishram


  3. Vrushy

    Amazing 🙂
    Is it a one shot or are you going to continue ?!!

  4. Thanks a lot guys….yes,I’ll continue writing from now on…

  5. I don’t know how that came…i mean I don’t know wat os means….maybe online story or something like that

  6. os means one shot.the one u wrote is a fan fiction so next time write ff instead of os.one shot means it ll finish in one part.TS means two shot which ll end in two parts n if it has more parts then its a ff or ss(short story) 🙂 btw,this story is so cite.continue it.

    1. AnjanaRahul

      I didn’t enter that os part…I guess moderator mistook it to be a one shot….

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