Secretly Yours (Prologue)

Secretly Yours
Hello Guys! Ava here…This concept is actually taken from a novel, but I’ve written it and made some changes, hope you’ll like it. This is a triangle story between SwaSanRag. Happy reading!
I am driving the car, she’s sitting besides me. She’s looking at me, I can see love in her eyes for me. Suddenly a huge cash, I am pushed towards the staring, she’s blown on the window too. She’s still staring me, but now…it is a death stare.

Sanskar woke up with a jerk, drenched with sweat. He had dreamt about her again. 8 months back, he had found himself in an accident, with this girl, strangely all he remembered was nothing except her hazy figure and her name…Ragini.
Sanakar was in coma for 26 months, when he was finally out of it, she was gone. Sanskar was told, that Ragini was admitted her too, but she went away just a few days after.
Ever since then, Sanskar has been trying to find out who she is. To get in terms with his memory, he started writing blogs on Facebook about him and Ragini, which soon turned into a famous one. With fans waiting to know more about it.
He had a conversation with her too, but nothing came up. -:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: SOS

Hi! Sanskar here. I got to know you were in an accident with me, but disappeared soon after it. Where are you? Are you ok? I think we should meet up.
Regards Sanskar .

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: SOS

Why do we need to meet? It is over.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: SOS

I thought you wanted to talk?
Regards Sanskar.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: SOS

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: SOS

We can at least talk properly?
Regards Sanskar.

There had not been any reply from her, ever since.

Sanskar sat on the breakfast table with his family. His mother Sujata, sister Ritu, and father Ram Prasad were eating together.

‘Had dreams about her again?’, Sujata questioned him.
‘Yes mom..’,he sighed, he didn’t wanted to make her upset again.
‘That girl nearly killed you and you..’, Sujata started off only to get interrupted.

‘Bhai did you have your medicines?’, Ritu cleverly changed the topic, knowing what lies ahead.
‘Yes Puchku..’

Riyu snorted, ‘Don’t call me Puchku! My name is Ritu . Call me that.’
Sanskar puleed her cheeks, ‘For me you are always my Puchku.’

Sanskar was confused about the letter in his hand. The first thing he noticed was a deep bold lip mark on it. Someone had kissed it!
He opened the letter, no one could tell how happy he was after reading it. He had been recently getting offers to convert his blogs into a book. This one was from Jayanti Aggarwal, the famous publisher it asked if he could meet her today to discuss on this matter.

It was more than anything he ever wished for.
He had agreed without thinking for a second.
10 More Months Later…

Sanskar was sitting in a café with Swara…his girlfriend. He had hooked up with Swara 12 months ago and Swara had discovered a lot about him.

The only thing that irked her was him going all loo-la over ‘Ragini’. She hated this name. ‘It is not even a nice name!’, she always used to wonder.

She had asked him too , why did he always write on Ragini?

‘I just like that name.’, he had said or rather lied. She knew everything about his accident, more than he himself did. A layer on insecurity always surrounded her, whenever that topic came up.

Sanskar started writing on Him and Swara, after her insisting. But fans showed their disappointment, they wanted Ragini back. ‘Why! What is wrong in me?’, Swara wanted to shout and cry. She was independent, she had a reputed job and above all- she was achingly beautiful.

When Sanskar had told her about him writing a novel, she was not really happy about it. What will she tell people?

-‘ My boyfriend is a writer. He writes stories for a living.’, even thinking about it seemed strange…

Neverthelessly, she supported him in what he wanted.

‘I will just come from the washroom.’, Sanskar’s voice made her come out of her thoughts. Swara nodded.

Just when he was gone, a piece of tissue paper came flying on the table.

‘He is mine.’ It read.
Swara looked around, shocked. And she spotted a women, hazy figure, hypnotic eyes, a tattoo on her right hand, long silky open hair and bold red lips, hiding behind the tree. The girl ran away as soon as she realized Swara’s gaze on her. Angry, Swara tore the paper and threw it. Suddenly she felt a hand on her hand.
She jumped, being startled.

‘What happened?’, Sanskar asked her laughing, and she realized it was Sanskar .
‘Nothing’, Swara murmured and they started eating.

And Sanskar noticed it! A torn piece of tissue paper with a bold red lipstick mark on it…

Is she back?
How was that? If anyone has read the novel they would know who the final pair is. Please comment if you like it. Bye!

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  1. Naagin

    No i don’t know that novel can u say me the novel name ?

  2. Shrilatha

    Hey Ava I have not read the novel but guessing something hope it comes out like that…inspite of my expectations I will definitely read this ff….amazing yaar….

  3. Sus


  4. Bela

    Oh Teri! Just brilliant! I am really looking forward to this?????

  5. Phoniex

    Isn’t it based on the novel The Girl of My Dreams by Dorjoy Dutta.

    1. Arshaanya

      Phoniex plz tell who r d pairs here ??
      U knw m big swasan fan ??

      1. Phoniex

        It depends on her but most probably it’s a ragsan story.

  6. Very interesting plz continue

  7. interesting will surely like to know the final pairs

  8. Awesome dear

  9. nice but can u plz..tell me the novel name and the final pairs too..plz its a humble request..

  10. nice bt i read SWASAN..plz tell me the final pair..

  11. I think phoniex guess is right. Awsome

  12. I think phoniex guess is right. Awsome waiting for another part

  13. Jayanti

    the concept is so amazing…..would love to read this……the story matters ……whosoever the end pair is I will read it and comment…..looking forward to its first update…lovely

  14. i didnt read that novel?so dont know dear…if it is swasan…i’m in…orelse all the best…n also pls tell original novel..i’ll read it seems intresting

  15. Seebu_s

    nice writing style…but i think it is not swasan…so i may not read…all the best and…it looks like opposite in real?as swasan are real couple…and fans love to read their stories…anyways its ur story ur wish..and amazing writing style?

  16. Raina

    fans showed the disappointment??????????????
    i love to read their stories…
    whoever the pair is, this story is very much interesting!!
    i love this story.. take it ahead in your way, but hope it’s swasan!!

  17. Arshaanya

    If its swasan m in othrwse best of luck

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