Secret prince & an angel – Episode 1

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So sorry i am very sorry for late come but you know that my schedule is very tight .
Miss you all dear?.

So i come back with my new imagination so sorry but i lost interest in it but know i come back with new refreshment and with new idea.
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My story start with.

A little boy sleep in his room on the bed and then a shadow seen in the door shadow come near to him, and a lady is shown,she touch boy’s forehead and start pressing it with lovingly.
And kiss him on forehead .

Lady- good night dear

And she walk forward door,after went out she once move back and look at him and place a smile on her mouth in her eyes a love ? is shown and she move back and gone.

And when she gone.

Suddenly boy open his one eyes,he stand and give a smile his smile is magical and it look likes mischiefing smile.he take a mike like headphone and wear it on the ears.

Boy- hello hello 64894 reporting ready for the mission hope our mission get success (he is only 7 year old and it look like that he playing a game and then he took his bag, basket and start going forward towards the door and he suddenly stop)

Boy- oh i forgot something .

He run and take a mask of back colour like we wear in party in which everyone have to wear mask.

Boy-now no one recognise me.

He start walking slowly (his room is on second floor his house is like a palace and out of his room is balcony and a stairs going below, there dining table are there and kitchen is near it) he goes down to stair and suddenly some one walking below floor he sit and when person gone he slowly go down and a one another person come he hide behind dinning table and slowly go to kitchen .

Boy- finally i reached.

He looked here and there and took a stool and place it near slap of kitchen and stand on it and there are a window there near stock he open it and there is a great distance from top of window to below of ground but he is not like to give up .

Boy- so what i do(he think)idea! Yes .

He took out rope into his bag and tie it on window handle and tie it. And with it he finally come out to house but not so .

Boy- (holding his wireless mike )64894 reporting so our part 1 completed now the turn of part 2.

He walk and finally part 2 of his mission came and it is not so easy he have to cross the guard .
And if he get caught all things get vanished, walls are big for him to cross.
He go slowly and hide behind wall and what he saw guard watching him he get scared.

Boy (bending)- sorry sorry i don’t mean bad i just…
And then he notice guard don’t give any expression he get confused he only sitting in his chair staring at him he go near to him .

Boy- hello, hello, hello!.

He shake his hand forward guard eyes but nothing reaction , he hear sound of snoring

Boy- what he is sleeping ! With open eyes can it is a joke! It is very bad to sleep on the time of work . hey! But it is good for me.(he smiles)

And then he goes out from here.

Next scene ⏩

Boy is standing on the gate at some other house it is also look like palace and a girl came out of it.

He slowly came out to door .

Girl- hey hy bihaan.

Yes he is and i know that maybe you also guess it.

Bihaan- hy rosy.

Sheena- where is it?

Bihaan- here (he open basket and a sweetest, cutter kitty are in it)

He start patting kitty.

Bihaan- oh i miss you! And kiss kitty on forehead.

Rosy- i know it is very difficult to get separate to a pet.

Bihaan- yes(making a sad face)

He hold kitty smoothly and gave it to her but kitty don’t want to go.

Bihaan- kitty i also don’t want to give you but you know that i am a prince i don’t allowed to take a pet.(Rosy make a sad face) but i know she is very sweet girl she take care of you.(she smile)

Bihaan pass kitty to her.

Rosy- oh this kitty is so cute it’s hair.but you know one thing bihaan.

Bihaan- what?

Rosy- that you are more cutter .
Bihaan smile shyly.

Rosy kiss him on his cheek .
Bihaan get confused .

Rosy- thanks for it.kitty is very cute and don’t worry i take care of it.

Bihaan smile- thanks take care of kitty & bye.

Rosy- bye (slowly and lovingly).

He last time pat kitty and went .

He reached to his palace and still guard is sleeping he stare at him and then an idea came to his mind bihaan’s idea.
He take paper and pen into the his bag and after something writing paste it on the back of guard and pass a smile and goes.

He climb roop and reached to kitchen.

But then what he saw stoll was missing .

Bihaan-now what i do?

He use his cleaver mind.saw here and there and then his eyes gone on bag full of sacks.

Bihaan- idea!

He take out fishing roop and throw it to it and pull it and when it come near he jump and he get success .

Bihaan- yay! no one are cleaver like me.

He slowly start going and finally reached to his room.

Bihaan- yay 64894 reporting because of our cleaver agent bihaan panday mission get success . hope we also gone to othet mission.
64894 out.

And after placing all items he went to sleep.

Preacap- Entry of an angel. Two boys are raging of one girl and then a girl come girl- oye!(with loud sound)

Me- oh your kitty are cutter bihaan.

Bihaan- yes i know(with sad voice)

Me- oh you missing kitty.

Bihaan- no!

Me- ooooooo so sweet strong bihaan pandey sad for one kitty so sweet.

Bihaan- hey i don’t forgot i am only 7 year old.

Me- uhhhmmm ok.i already forgot (LOL)

Hope you like it.
Please comment and encourage me.
Miss you all dear.


    Slam .sister its nice and different .plzz keep writing i m waiting ok bye tc.

  2. nice…but dear cmplte thiss ff till th end ….t.c

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice idea Garima n things look intresting to of luck..

  4. Simrank

    Good job garima m dyng to read more..plz update soon


    Yeeeee…. a Yuppiee Nachoo !!!!
    Garima Didi come back..
    Good job Didi..
    Now please try to update soon ☺️
    So I’m waiting ?

  6. Hey!
    Its a good start ,great going.i m w8ing for nxt part.

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