Second Chance To Love – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Chapter- 9)

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“Baby Shower”

Rajput palace jodhpur

Whole palace was decorated like a new bride extremely mesmerizing there were pink and blue balloons all over there was written girl or boy . It was looking extremely amazing .

Everything was perfectly arranged
Devika and Bani were making ridhima ready .
Now it was time for the entry of guests .

Time skip
Most of the guest were present till now . All the big shot personalites buisness men were present there .now raisinghanias were going to come

Vansh’s POV
Today is baby shower of my business partner come friend Rehaan’s wife so me and my whole family are going to Rajput palace . I have shifted sia to the best hospital of India which is here in Jodhpur. She would get her treatment under the best doctors. I want her to wake up as soon as possible now I can’t see her like this lying lifelessly on the bed from past 5 years . I have never met Rehaan’s wife but I have heard that she is a heavenly beauty and she is also a buisness women but no Ridhima se zyada iss duniya mein aur koi khubsurat nahi hai . Jo bhi ho, usne mere saath jo bhi kiya but vo aaj bhi meri hi hai . With a jerk car stopped and ya we reached .

All raisinghanias made their way inside the mansion.

Ishani- ohh my god it’s such a beautiful house or I say palace woww ..

Ahana- haa Ishani such a beauty

Chanchal- hayeee mai marjawan kitna khubsurat hai Ishani dekh kitne antique aur expensive cheeze hai yaahan wah . Mai to soch rahi hu ki Rehaan ki koi behen vehen ho to aaj hi Aryan ki baat chalungi.

Ishani- not again chachi we are here for the baby shower of Rehaan’s wife.

Two ladies were talking

Lady 1- are pata hai Rehaan ki biwi itni khubsurat hai ki chaand bhi sharma jaye

Lady 2 – haan ekdum malai jaisi gori hai.

It was listened by the three chudails ( you guessed it right)

Ahana- btw Ishani have u ever met Rehaan’s wife. I mean I have got to know she is a heavenly beauty.

Ishani- suna to maine bhi hai but let it be today will meet her. Let’s enjoy.

On the other side vansh and angre went to meet Rehaan and their other buisness friends.

Vansh- hey man how r u?

Rehan- vansh hugged him . Breaking the hug. How r u yar long time.

Vansh- sorry yar was little busy with work btw congratulations haan u r going to be dad soon .

Rehaan- yes yar while blushing heavily. Thank you.

Vansh- so someone is blushing hard hmm in a teasing tone . Btw were is ur wife I think it’s her baby shower right?

Rehan- ya I know but u know wives she is getting ready and as she has entered her 5th month she has started feeling tired whole day so that’s why she is just taking much time.

Vansh- hmm can understand bro . He gets a call and goes to answer it .

There came chauhan brothers on the stage.

Chauhan brothers- hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the baby shower of our beautiful talented sister . So guys now we will call Aur one and only sister and Rehaan’s wife and to be mom one and only Mrs Ridhima Rehaan Rajput give a great round of applause.👏👏👏👏

Ridhima came down from the stairs with Bani and Devika and boom some people were shocked to the core .she was looking a heavenly beauty she was looking so mesmerizing in beautiful golden rajputi style lehenga adorned with mang Patti, nathni, and other Rajputi jwellery.

Imagine something like this

Imagine something like this

She was looking like a goddess and her 5 months baby bump was adding a cherry on the cake.

Everyone was clapping and joyful and welcoming to be mom to the stage .
Meanwhile Ridhima and Rehaan were continuasly staring each other with happiness and love.

Where as few people were totally shocked jaise unke pairo tale zameen khisak gayi ho and one pair of eyes were staring her with thousands of unknown emotions in which jealousy and rage were clearly visible.( Sahi soch rahe ho ). He angrily went towards bar corner and again started drinking like devdas.

Devika and Bani made ridhima sit on the beautifully decorated Swing/jhula rehaan forwarded his hands towards her they both sat .

Vansh’s POV

Everyone was waiting for the entry of Rehaan’s wife and then I saw chauhan brothers what they doing here then they said that lets welcome aur sister wtf they only have one sister and which is ridhima. One minute kahin ye Ridhima ki baat to nahi kar rahe no how’s it even possible. My chain of thoughts was broken when I saw ridhima descending from the stairs she was looking totally mesmerizing and her Tommy was increased a little … And suddenly I remembered her belly fat no no it was not fat it was baby bump ohh god that mean what I was thinking was true how can she do this to me she married someone was not enough that now she is pregnant. And I saw Rehaan forwarding his hands towards her wtf how dare he touch my lady love and I left from there in anger towards bar and started drinking.

Everyone started giving blessings to the newly to be parents.

Sonalika and Devika started doing all the rituals.

Now it was time for some masti and dance bani Devika and Sonalika performed on (ek nanha sa mehmaan aane wala hai from yrkkh)

Ridhima danced on ‘tak taki niharu’

Ridhan were talking
Rehan held her hand with love and affection
Rehan- thank you so much mishti

Ridhima- kis liye keeping her hand on his hands.

Rehaan- muje iss duniya ki sabse badi khushi dene ke liye thank you.

Ridhima- thank you mujhe mat bolo rey hame bhagwan ko thanks karna chahiye ki unhone finally hamari prarthna sun li hame parents bana diya.

On which rehaan smiled

Then whole family and Sunil  danced on dhiktana excluding ridhan.

Now it was Ridhan’s turn

Rehaan- so mrs beautiful will u like to dance with me.

Ridhima- why not mr handsome .

They came on stage all were looking at the most beautiful couple present
They danced on

They both were literally singing each word with true love and emotions and both of them meaned it.

Everyone was clapping continuously and were praising them . Then suddenly two ladies started talking

Lady 1- dekh yeh dono kitne pyare lag rahe hai.

Lady 2 – u know that Rehaan is her second husband

Lady 1- what seriously?

Lady 2- yaa itna hi nahi vo Rehaan ke sath shaadi se pehle hi maa banne wali thi

Lady 1- kya baat kar rahe ho sach?

Lady 2- sola aane sach shaadi se pehle ek accident mein uske bachche ki jaan chali gayi thi jiske baad Rehaan ne usse shadi kar li

Lady 1- wah kya khabar di hai aaj kal ke bachhe zara bhi sharam lihaz nahi hai .

Lady 2- aur nahi to kya yeh bhi nahi socha ki bahar wale kya bolenge

Lady 1- chod na hum to yaha maze karne aye hai khana kha ke chale jayenge 😂

This was all listen by a person who was now shocked when he heard about ridhima being pregnant before her marriage with Rehaan.

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