Second Chance To Love – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Chapter- 11)

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“Sia Wakeup?”

Vansh went towards his family he informed everyone about sia gaining her consciousness and after informing Rehaan’s parents they all leaved towards hospital.

Whole raisinghania family reached hospital and went towards sia’s ward
Sia was chit chatting with the assistant doctor when everyone came.

Vansh rushed to her and hugged her tight
Vansh-sia how r u I was longing to talk with you he bombarded her with his questions and talks

Sia- bhai bhai am fine now and hugs vansh again.

Vansh- sia am very happy for you being alright.

Dadi- yes sia thank god he returned aur sia to us

Ishani- sia u don’t know how much we waited for you

In all this sia’s eyes were searching for someone vansh noticed sia’s curiosity to meet someone

Vansh-sia what happened

Sia- bhaiya bhabhi kaha hai ( where is ridhima bhabhi?)

Ishani- sia here is aur bhabhi Ahana bhai’s wife

Sia- Aaryan bhai u married without me that’s not fair…….

Aryan- sia she is not mine but vansh bhai’s wife.

Sia was dumbfounded she was shocked to the core she was not finding words to say but gaining some strength she spoke

Sia-stop this joke everyone . Bhai ridhima bhabhi kaha hai ?

Vansh- sia ridhima is not ur bhabhi anymore I divorced her as she was the one who was responsible for ur condition then vansh told sia everything which he and his third class family did with ridhima and listening all this sia’s land slipped from her legs like the world shked she was feeling disgusted listening her so called family’s deeds

Sia-bhai u all r disgusting I mean how can you do this with that innocent soul.

Ishani- stop it sia kya ridhima bhabhi- Ridhima bhabhi laga rakha hai she was the one who was responsible for ur this condition and you r searching her.

Sia – what did you say ridhima bhabhi was responsible for my this condition?

Ishani-yes sia she was the one who killed ragini and planned against she a blo*dy gold digger a blo*dy b*t*h… And thuddd..

A flying slap landed on ishani’s cheeks

Ishani- sia u slapped me ur sister for that..

Sia-not a word more Ishani not a word more ridhima bhabhi is innocent she never did anything and my this condition’s responsible is Anupriya not bhabhi . Everything was pre-planned by Anupriya and Kabir
Then she told everything to the family that how ridhima used to talk to her
She was not able to speak but she had the ability to listen. She told everything that how Kabir forced ridhima for marriage to saving their family. She was crying bitterly.

Here a person was totally dumbfounded as he was not getting any words to speak. Vansh ke pairo tale zameen khisak gayi ho aise lag raha tha use .

Whole family was now feeling very guilty where as now it was vansh’s turn to be get slapped by dadi

Dadi moved towards vansh and made him stand and gave him a tight slap

Dadi- vansh I thought you were right that’s why I supported you in ur sins I always felt that am doing wrong somewhere in my heart I was feeling that am too doing wrong and I was right including you am too her criminal Chee vansh am ashamed today to call you my grandson infact am ashamed on myself too .

Vansh was still in shock tears felt  from his eyes  then he saw sia Trying to getting up

Vansh-aaram se ..

Sia- please I don’t need ur fake concern

Vansh- sia please atleast you understand

Sia- what should I understand bhai haa you all tortured that innocent soul only because she loved you all she always considered all of us as her own family? Tell me she was screaming and crying. From today you are dead for me am going

Everyone- no sia please , Don’t go

Sia- ok if you want my forgiveness you have to get bhabhi’s forgiveness bhabhi ne aapkaaf kiya to mai bhi kar dungi I want my bhabhi back otherwise forget me too.

Ishani-sia ridhima has got married

Sia- what….

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