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Episode 6;

Scene 1:Parking lot of the hospital.

Neil:Avni,the doctor said that Neela Ma will get discharged tomorrow so I think that we can keep our engagement ceremony day after tomorrow.


Neil:Avni ,are you really fine with that.

Avni:Yeah Neil.

Neil:Ok ,but if you feel that we should change the date then please tell me.

Avni:Ok .

Neil:Let’s go ,I will drop you home.

Scene 2: A banquet hall.

(Engagement day)

Neil makes Avni wear the ring and Avni does the same ,everybody applauds for them.

Neil: Avni ,give me a kiss.



Avni:But,so many people are here.

Neil drags her to a corner.

Neil:So ,now kiss me before I kiss you in front of everyone.

Avni places a soft kiss on Neil’s cheeks.Then they both go back.

DD:Neil,what is this.

Sunehri:We are asking you about the lipstick mark on your cheeks.

Avni,starts blushing.

Reha:See,how our madam is blushing.

Ali:Ya and see see ,Mr.RJ is smiling.

Neil:W..who sa..said that I …i am smiling.

Avni:A……not Blus…..Blushing.

Neela:Then ,why are you both stammering.

Shweta:You both know when someone stammers it means they are telling lies.

Prakash:Yeah,Shweta Ji is right.

Bebe:See ,now they both are blushing.

Ali:Ok now enough of teasing now we should enjoy the party.

Scene 3:Pareikh Mansion.

Neil:Neela Ma,is Avni Ready we have to go out for dinner.

Avni:Ya,I’m ready.

When Neil saw Avni wearing a black coloured cold shoulder top and a blue coloured skinny ,rugged jeans he started staring her till Neela Ma said come on lovebirds stop staring each other and go, you both will get late.

Scene 4:A restaurant.

Neil and Avni sat at a table and Neil was staring at Avni but Avni was staring at a girl who was staring Neil as if she will kiss him just now .And finally that girl stood up and went to the washroom and Avni excused herself from Neil and went after that girl to see what she was upto,when she went after her she saw her talking to her friend.

Girl 1:Did you saw that guy,he’s so cute.

Girl 2:But ,I think he was with his girlfriend.

Girl 1:Than what,don’t you know who is she ,she’s the illegitimate granddaughter of Dayawanti Mehta and Karan Kapoor’s ex -fiancée,and he’sRJ Neil he might be playing a prank with her ,so I’m gonna make a move on him .

Avni goes to Neil but before that that girl reached there and said You’re RJ Neil right ,can I please have a dance with you.

Neil:I’m sorry but I came here with her .

Girl:She,won’t mind if I steal you for a dance.

Saying this she took him away with her but he was not concentrating on her he was concentrating on Avni so the girl got pissed up and kissed him when Avni saw that girl kissing Neil tears started welding in her eyes and she ran away from there thinking that she doesn’t deserve love while Neil pushed away that girl and started searching for Avni.

Girl:Thank good she ran away ,now you’re mine.


Saying this Neil went away from there.

He tried her phone but it was switched off ,so he called Neela MA and told her everything.

Neela:Neil,you know now she will think that she doesn’t deserve you ,go find her please.

Neil:Ya Neela Ma.

Scene 5:Sukoon ghar.

Neil tracked Avni’s phone and came to know that she’s in sukoon ghar,so he Reached there and found that Avni was about to leave from there but Neil held her hand from behind and said I am sorry,but,

Avni:Go away from here ,saying this she threw her ring on him but Neil catched it .

By the time rain started and Avni and Neil were fighting ,on the road a high speed car was coming and Avni went and stood in front of it but before the car could hit her Neil pulled her towards him.


Avni:I would have died right,but what do you care you would have married that girl right.

Neil:Avni, I am really sorry but that girl kissed me forcefully,please forgive me please,saying this he hugged her.

Avni:Leave me.

Neil:First you forgive me.

Avni:Ok I forgave you.

Neil kissed her forehead.

Avni:(wiping her tears)First lets go home ,then I will tell you ,I forgave you but I am still angry with you.

Neil fell to his knees and said first wear this ring saying this he made her wear the ring .

Neil:So,now this Romeo is ready to take any punishment given by his Juliet .

Avni:(smiles)Oh Neil,you know me too well ,ok so your punishment is that you will stay at Pareikh Mansion tonight.

Neil:What a sweet punishment.

Avni:But,we will sleep in different rooms.

Neil:What ,hey how could you do this.

Avni:It’s you punishment Mr.RJ.

I hope you all like this episode and please comment on haw do you all fell about the ending of Naamkarann.


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  1. Beautiful episode di. Eagerly awaited for next update. And naamkaran should not have ended. But yet at least they gave happy ending.

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks,Btw in which class do you study.

      1. Class 8 and u

  2. Hasinasoghra

    It was a very nice episode and still I Can’t believe that Naamkaran has ended

  3. Nice episode

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