After three days…..
A car is shown waiting in signal

In the roadside stall a small girl is shown licking the ice cream of her mother by saying mom even if I had enough icecreams the taste of licking yours is nt there ma..her mother smiled widely hearing this and placed a kiss at her forehead…

A small fb is shown..

A little girl getting panipuri from her di’s plate says di hw come ur panipuri is so tasty?
Di: mmm bcoz my princess had tasted it so it become so delicious
Lg: no di.. it is bcoz u tasted it…and I love to have everything from ur hand..
Di smiled hearing it and placed a kiss on her forehead by saying Love u a lot princess…

Fb end
The eyes of the girl in the car is shown which had a small layer of tears in it..

A voice was audible which is of a male..his face is nt revealed.. he said that r u crying.. don’t let the past to collapse ur strength yaar.. you need to be very strong both mentally and physically..

G: I am nt becoming weak by remembering the past.. it gives me more strength.. I am doing all this to recover my past.. don’t forget it.. nw move, the signal fr us has come both in traffic and in life.. the car is shown moving..

On the other side a big conference hall is shown where there was a tender is going on.. the teams who wants to achieve this tender gave their quotations to the authority..the time fr giving quotation has finished and nw the authority was analyzing about the final result..
Everyone in authority was surprised as they had expected about 50 proposals fr the tender.. bt there were only three and in that one was already had this project “kapoor archeology” and the other two was from “khanna archeology” and “mehra archeology”…

The owners of the concern are
Kapoor archeology: Mr.Abhay kapoor.. archeologist by profession.. had discovered many unknown treasure and secrets.. very greedy.. mostly keeps the treasures which has to be given to the government.. at present very much keen to get this project by the government.. hates killer team to the core as they had achieved more to his level in a short span of time..

Khanna archeology: purab and aliya… archeologist by profession.. had discovered many unknown treasure and secrets..had grown in a short span of time.. best buddies to killer team..loves them a lot.. co partners of this concern are , Dev – Sona, RANVEER-ISHANI, ARNAV-KHUSHI,GURU-ARU…all are equally talented in the field of archeology.. willing to get this project…

Mehra archeology: Bulbul, Tanu – Nikhil, Vijay, Arjun – Saanjh, Rithik – Shivanya…. Main technical support to khanna archeology… very much talented in inventing new gadgets used fr discovering some hidden treasure.. archeological base bt mainly talented in gadgets.. willing to get this project…
Khanna and Mehra archeology are the concern of the killer team..it was well known to the authority of issuing the tender.. nw they got confused as both the concerns(kapoor and killer) have given the acceptable quotations.. so they decided to speak to them to explain abt the process of project..
The authority had announced their decision and asked the concerns to be ready with the presentation in half an hour.. aaliya and bulbul had been getting prepared to do their presentation.. on kapoor side abhay himself decided to do the presentation as he doesn’t wish to loose the tender…
Kapoor had arranged someone to note down the points of killer team.. bt to his dismay they doesn’t practiced there anything..at the last minute the presenter of the killer team has changed..
A girl wearing a black jean and a white sleeveless top with a black jacket is shown entering the building.. in conference hall all set to start the presentation.. at that time she entered the conference hall and her face is revealed it is none other than pragya.. followed by her a handsome guy entered… on seeing kapoor his eyes filled with rage..bt he controlled himself..his face is revealed it is our abhi..he went and sat near ranvi..

Pragya went towards the presenting area.. bulbul says “meet pragya…one of the best archeologist come technition of our team..she will represent our team..”
Kapoor secretary neha said ”mr.abhay kapoor will represent our team”..

The authority asked about the details of the project
Pragya shows the slide where a island is shown surrounded by some thing.. it was nt a real pic.. it was some kind of map..

P : gud noon to all present here.. this tender was to give the map of the treasure island to a concern to find it.. according to the map which was nt known to anyone clearly the island was surrounded by something which was nt known and the concern has to take this project at their own risk.. we are ready to take the risk of finding the island..the island will have many different treasure as it is considered as a treasure house fr all the empires.. the last empire who had went there had left this map fr his generation..bt it is nt sure whether they got there or nt so in this we can either get treasure or nthing
We had a well trained and well prepared team fr this project..if we got this tender means we will definitely make sure to know whether there is treasure or nt.

Aut: ms.pragya tell us abt ur team details

P: arjun will explain it sir

Ar: gentlemen can i

Aut: ya sure..

Ar: myself arjun..my team consists of two field specialist.. one is archeology and the
other is gadget technology..

Abhi: know to read all the old languages centuries ago…got a special training in gadgets specification and had a special team in that field consist of Bulbul Tanu Nikhil Vijay Arjun Saanjh Rithik Shivanya and purab…

Ranvi : very famous archeologist known fr his discoveries..had best team in archeology..his team consists of pragya aaliya dev sona ishani arnav khushi guru and aru.. all are specialized in the field of archeology..

Aut: thank you Mr.Arjun… Mr.Kapoor do u have any Team to do this project bcoz we know that u know a lot about this project.. and already u had the map fr three years and ur team which had went in search had nt return yet ..

Kap: No sir at present I am nt having the team bt soon I will make my team..

Aut: sry Mr.Kapoor we cant wait until u make up ur team.. so we had decided to give this
tender to killer team..

Ms.Pragya u can collect the map from our organization by Monday and you can start ur project,.. bt remember only the first part will be given to u.. after achieving that u can get the next part from us..

Abhay face is shown with much anger..

Pragya went to him

A: u had crossed ur limits pragya.. u have to answer fr this

P: I will Mr.Abhay… bcoz of ur carelessness and fr ur greedyness I had already given a big price.. nw I will nt let u win over this

Abhi: prags lets leave.. we are having many useful works to do.. we have to find the missing treasure of our life..

Purab & guru: haan prags come..lets leave..

All left from there with an anger burning inside them..

A: u cannot find the treasure u are searching fr abhi..i will nt let u succeed…
Pls tu publish this in kumkum bhagya, beyhadh,kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi,yeh hai mohabattein,madhubala,and all the shows of the character sketch…

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