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..ok shall we move to the story.. r u guys ready fr the treasure hunt…lets start..
A big conference hall is shown.. it looks like a board meeting.. the head of the meeting was sitting facing the wall.. the secretary informs that the team they expected to do their project has declined their offer..the eyes of the head is shown which boils in anger…he said ok lets check with other teams..

The projector shows the details of the all other teams and their members.. bt the talent he expected was with that one team only.. the main talent he expected was the fire to finish the work.. so he asked his secretary to ask their manager once more..
Here screen shifts to another place where there are 20 bikes, 10 on each side of the racing field.. the riders were wearing black jacket and jeans with helmet.. the bikes were continuously given rising and the smoke due to that filled the place.. all the bikes have started at the same time and reached the destination also at same time.. the new comers to that field asked about them to others..they said that they are the gang of killers who had no mercy to others..bt they are so united inside their gang no one can separate them..

Nc:why r they called killers? Does they are really mercyless
O: no they are mercyless to the ones who are with evil intentions..
The team had gone from there while this conversation..
The bikes reach different destinations like airport, office, home,..
The people who reached office and homes had received the offer letter from the kapoor archaeology to pursue a project which has been given by the government to their concern..
All looks shocked as they requested second time and also asked them nt to reject the proposal..

All decided to discuss about it at night during dinner..
Eventhough they decided to speak about it at ngt all their minds were filled the same thoughts.. the opportunity they are longing fr nearly five years was in front of them..bt someone in their gang had refused this offer.. all are confused as everyone of them has consider this project as their lifetime achievement..

At night,
Everyone gathered for dinner..bt two members of their gang were missing..
All asked about them to others..
G1(girl 1):guys where these two had gone
G2: don’t know yaar.. I thought u guys had known about them
B1: no yaar even we had nt even seen them after mrng race
G3: mmm ya..even they doesn’t come to office
B2:hey if anyone here know where are they as we decided to talk about something important
G4:ya pa.. he is correct..does anyone know were they are
B3 & B4:we don’t know guys..

B5, B6, G5, G6 in chorous same here guys…we too don’t know
Nw all look at the remaining four in their gang
B7 & B8 shook their heads in negative as they to don’t know were they are…
B1 asked girls do u know know where they are..they too shook their head in negative bt then they said something which made others more confused..
G7 & G8:guys we don’t know where they are..bt they are responsible fr this by showing the offer letter from kapoor company.. they both only rejected this deal with them..we don’t know y bt they said that they had some strong reasons fr this..
Even nw too they went to do something regarding this..

While thinking about this they received a call from them..they put it on speaker..
B10 & G10: hey guys..we both know that u guys are angry on us fr rejecting kapoor’s proposal.. bt guys believe us just fr three more days don’t accept this offer..just make them to come behind you fr the coming three days then I will tell our whole plan to u guys..pls guys..just make them believe that u will accept the offer..thats it guys..guys r u listening..sry guys fr making such decision without discussing with you with guilt in their voice

B2: hey we are listening and don’t make us outsiders by ur sry.. keep it with urself..we know that u will nt take deision without considering us..hey na guys
All: yesssssssssssss…….by shouting…
The girl 10 has a light tear in her eyes on knowing about them from their friends..
B3: so don’t worry just complete ur work and come back soon
B4: yes drs..take care of urself.. we will make that kapoor to run behind us k.so don’t worry
The girl 10 said k guys.. make sure that kapoor doesn’t know abt this..i will tell u all the things once I reached there until then take care of urself guys..bye take care..

All: bye guys..take care…
Please TU update this story in the name of “a search for treasure island”

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