Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 7)

Recap – Virat and Bua happily goes to Sayi who was smiling at them.

Chapter -7

Advay rushes to Pulkit in confusion.

Advay – Pulkit, there’s something wrong with Sayi.

Pulkit – Sayi is awake? Why didn’t you tell me that ?

Advay – 10min back she opened her eyes. I checked her reports back to back.

Pulikit – Everything is normal right? Then why you worrying yourself?

Advay – Everything is not normal Pulkit. She remembers everything till date, do you realise that?

Pulkit – That’s actually goo…Oh no, that shouldn’t have happened.

Advay – Exactly. What shall we do now?

Pulkit – oh God. Now there are more chances for her to lose her memory.

Back to ICU

Sayi – Shivani bua, when did you come?

Bua – That doesn’t matter. How is that you are still smiling even after getting hurt very badly. You don’t know how much I was worried.

Sayi – I’m sorry bua ji.

She tried to lift her hand and whins out in pain.

Sayi – Ouch…Aahhh..

Bua – Sayi, don’t list it. You fractured your left hand.

Sayi looks around and finds herself in bandages. She also finds Virat standing close to her.

Sayi – Virat sir..

Virat – Yes Sayi. Do you need something? I’ll call the doctor?

Sayi – No, not needed. Come closer, I need your help

Virat (sits at the side of the bed) – What do you want me to do?

Sayi – Can you remove this?

Sayi pointed towards the Mangalsutra.

Virat (teary eyes) – Sayi, what are you saying? How can I? I won’t do it.

Sayi – before all this happened, remember the conversation we had? The one in the auditorium?

Virat – Yes Sayi. I remember. But I never said anything for you to ask me to remove your Mangalsutra.

Sayi – You said sir. You absolutely said. Didn’t you ask me to take my own decisions, since it’s my life? You said I shouldn’t enter Chavan Niwas after what I did right?

Virat – Sayi please, please try to understand the situation. This is not the time to discuss such things.

Sayi (ignoring his words) – remember what you said before our marriage? You said you won’t love me, because you were already committed to paakhi didi. You considered me only as a responsibility. And also, asked me not to expect anything in this marriage. Right Virat sir?

Virat – Yes Sayi, that was true. But not now….

Sayi – Bua ji, where’s Advay?

Virat – Sayi, I still have something to tell you.

Advay and Pulkit entered the room. They looked very worried and panicked.

Pulkit – Sayi, how are you?

Sayi – Pulkit sir, sorry, Pulkit Jiju, I’m good.

Sayi glanced at Virat and saw his temper rising again.

Advay – Sayiiii, you don’t know how much I got scared. (He moved closer to her, (closer than where Virat was, Virat temper was again increasing) he touched her face and sat near her).

Sayi – I’m sorry Advay. I didn’t know a lorry was coming, else I would have moved to your side.

Shivani signs Virat and he nodded accordingly.

Advay – Sayi, are you able to remember everything that has happened in your life? You don’t feel any gap right?

Sayi – No no.

Pulkit – Are you able to see everything clearly?

Sayi – Yes Jiju. I can.

Pulkit (smiling) – How can you be so strong Sayi?

Sayi – I’m always strong and independent.

She couldn’t lift her hand. She kept moving her fingers, straining herself. Proving that she’s strong and she doesn’t need anyone’s support.

Sayi – Virat sir, I have something to tell you.

Virat (elated) – what is it?

He moves closer to her.

Sayi – This is Advay, Advay Singh Joshi. He said I’m his cousin and he’s my fiance. Advay, this is Virat Chavan IPS, my Aai’s son and my husband.

Virat glared at Sayi feeling very elated.

Virat – Very nice to know eachother Advay. What do you do?

Advay – Same here Virat. I’m currently a chief surgeon in neurology department. Anyways, happy to know that Sayi remembers all of us. This is actually a miracle. Most of the time, the patient loses her memory.

Sayi starts losing her conscious and doesn’t bother much.

Virat – What about Sayi?

Advay – I’m doubtful Virat. Sayi’s case is complicated. Though she looks normal, she’s not. There are more chances for her to forget the recent incidents because I can see that she’s pressurizing herself in remembering us.

Virat – How long will it take for her to recover?

Advay – A lifetime or maybe within a month or two with proper medication. Then she’ll be normal.

Virat – I just hopes, she doesn’t have any problem.

Sayi – Virat s….

Virat – Sayi, what happened?

Sayi – Sir, I’m not able to see things clearly. Where’s Advay?

Advay – I’m here sayi. Don’t worry, I’m there. Virat let her sleep now. I’ll have to again take her reports.

Virat nodded and left Sayi with Advay and few other nurses. He came out to find Shivani bua talking to someone in phone.

Virat – Bua, whom are you talking to?

Bua – I was discussing Sayi’s case with one of my friend in US.

Virat – What did they say?

Bua – She’ll be fine. But she’ll keep forgetting things in minutes, but then immediately she’ll remember.

Virat (distressed) – Advay said something similar to that.

Bua – Sayi’s sleeping now?

Virat – Yes bua. When are you going back? I’ll stay here with her.

Bua – I’ll go now to bring food and clothing for both of you.

Virat – okay bua.

Bua – Aren’t you going to search the person behind this?

Virat – Of course Yes bua. Someone has tried to keep Sayi away from me.

Bua – Okay. I have a small plan. I know you don’t doubt Patralekha, but still, for my satisfaction let’s do this.

Virat – What’s the plan?

Bua explains the plan with him and he nods. Shivani bua left.

Chavan Niwas

Shivani bua enters the house and saw no one. She goes to her room and freshens up. She called Virat and asked him to proceed the plan after 10min. She packs dresses for Virat and Sayi and left the room. She reaches kitchen only to find Ashwini and Usha Mausi doing the work.

Paakhi – Ashwini Mami please come to the lawn, Virat wants to talk to everyone. (Glaring at Shivani bua) even you “Bua ji”.

Ashwini – Patralekha, I’ll come. You go.

Paakhi – okay.

Everyone comes to lawn.

Paakhi – Virat, everyone has come to the lawn. What do you want me to say?

Virat – Put the call on speaker.

Shivani bua starts recording the video of paakhi.

Paakhi – Virat, the call is on speaker. Everyone can hear you.

Virat – Everyone please don’t react to what I say. Try your best to control yourself.

Ashwini – ohho Virat, bada tell it out.

Virat – Sayi met with an accident. And she’s not fine. Currently in ICU. Doctors doesn’t have much hope.

Everyone was shocked including Bhavani kaku except Paakhi.

Paakhi is seen grinning.

Shivani bua is also seen grinning.

Virat – Aai and Bua please don’t try coming here. I’ll stay here.

Ashwini and Bua starts crying.

Paakhi – Virat, do you want me to bring you food? You must be tired right?

Virat – Paakhi, just now I told everyone not to come here.

Virat cuts the call.

Paakhi – Sayi deserves this punishment.

“Patralekha” shouted Ashwini.

Ashwini – you have no right to talk about Sayi.

Shivani bua sends the video to Virat.

Bua – Vaini, I’m going out. I can’t stay here anymore.

Ashwini nods and left to her room.

Precap –

Virat – I didn’t expect this.

Advay – I guess it’ll be better if you take this matter as a police officer and not as a lover or best friend.

Virat glared at Advay.

Samrat is seen coming to the same hospital.

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