Savitri Devi 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir becomes CEO of SDCH by cheat

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Savitri Devi 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi telling the staff member about his hospital CEO. One of the man tells that he is out of city. Sanchi says she wants to meet him before signing the deal. Man asks if you don’t trust us. Dr. Malhotra asks Sanchi to come out and asks what is this misbehavior? She says this deal is a big opportunity for us, and says it is not about you or me, but of SDCH. Man calls someone and tells that Sanchi wants to meet you and says if she meets you then she will not sign on the papers. CEO says she has to sign anyhow. Man comes to Sanchi and says I can make you talk to our CEO through video conferencing. Sanchi says it is great? Man acts to check the laptop and says video is not clear. CEO is behind the curtain and asks her to sign. Sanchi says she wants to meet personally and sign on it. CEO asks if she is doubting on them. Jaya asks her to sign. Veer asks her not to doubt. Dr. Malhotra says you wouldn’t have understood if done any hard work. Jaya asks her to sign. Sanchi says as you all are convinced so I am signing. She signs. Man says CEO will come in the evening.

Jaya says we shall welcome him. Man calls CEO and tells that papers are signed, you can come here as way is cleared. Pragya and Isha hears him. Pragya asks about his preference. Man says he wants his cabin in northeast direction. Isha tells jaya that Dr. Kabir’s cabin is in that direction. Jaya asks them to get Dr. Kabir’s cabin cleaned and give to CEO. Vikrant asks Priya to make coffee for him. Priya goes to kitchen and thinks of his torture. She dips his finger in the cup and threatens to tell everyone that he is bankrupt. Jaya and others wait to welcome CEO. Electricity goes. Jaya says electricity never goes in our hospital.

Sanchi lights the lamp and gets shocked seeing his face. Jaya drops the aarti plate shockingly. Dr. kabir asks what happened? Man introduces him as their CEO. Sanchi says he is not CEO, but a fraud. She says she will cancel the deal. He says if she does then she can get jailed. Veer says you have betrayed us. Dr. Kabir pushes him and warns asking him not to touch his collar again. He asks everyone not to forget that they all are under him now, and announces incentives etc to staff. Dr. kabir tells Sanchi that same hands are clapping for me. Sanchi says they are not respecting you, but pleasing you. Dr. Kabir says whatever and says I have power and can do anything. He tells her that you have done two big mistakes, one is marriage with Veer and other is today. He says you will be punished.

Dr. Kabir tells that he don’t need anyone now and will do everyone alone. He looks at Sanchi’s pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Whoever is the author for the written updates,plz change your title. Kabir has not become the ceo by cheat. Hehe.? I was laughing at saanchi foolishness. Can someone tell me who signs the documents without reading the CEO name. She was insisting that she wants to meet the CEO,but she didn’t bother to find out his name. What can kabir do if sanchi is so foolish ?. Actually she never deserved this post.

    1. Dhruti

      sahi me kabir ki kya galti he jab sanchi ko ceo ka name padha hi nahi to!!!she is such a foolish without reading how can she sign in paper…………..he he he……….

  2. Actually thinks herself oversmart. So CEO ka name padha hi nahi. Kabir ko fraud kahti hai khud ko bhool gai hai ki she herself is a fraud. Malohtra ki bahu banane k bad sanchi ko amnesia ho gaya hai so wo past ka sab kuch bhool gai hai. Wo aaj jo kuch bhi hai usaka credit kabir ko bhi jata hai but nahi according to her whole credit go to her mummy and her so called true love. Now the stupid cvs will show whateverkabir has done in the past was for a selfish motive. Anyways let them show whatever they want to show i’ll love dr. Kabir only. I can never hate him. And ofcourse what kabir did today sanchi made him to do. He was never like that. Selfless banke use kuch nahi mila to selfisg ban gaya. Akhir sanchi bhi to selfish hai jo sirf logon ko use karna janati hai.

  3. Yesterday when veer and sanchi were sitting beside each other i was continuously watching them amd thinking kya soch k makers ne inaka pair banaya hai veer is so cute and looks like a baby in front of sanchi. Agar inka pair banana hi tha to sanchi ka accident kara k plastic surgery karake kisi aisi ladki ko laye jo veer k sath acchi lagati aur unaki chemestry bhi acchi hoti. To shayad kuch log sanveer ko accept kar sakte the but here they were like an eyesore to me. I don’t care if anyone don’t like my comment bcoz its completely my opinion.

  4. Yesterday i was looking at sanchi and veer sitting beside each other and thinking kya soch k makers ne inaka pair banaya hai veer is soo cute nd looks like a baby infront of sanchi. Agar sanveer pair banana hi thato sanchi ka accident kara k koi aur ladaki le ate jo veer k sath acchi lagti nd unaki chemestry bhi achhi hoti. To shayad kuch log sanveer ko accept kar lete. But they r like an eyesore to me. Not at all acceptable. I don’t care if anyone don’t like my commnt bcoz its completely my opinion.

  5. Anonymousaa

    Khud ko badi intelligent,responsible aur smart samajhti thi na Sanchi…badi aayi CEO ka naam jaane bina CEO se milne ki koshish karne wali….but Sanchi should get to know that Kabir was innocent so that she will apologize but Kabir directly says-I will anyway ruin you now!

  6. Ohh yeah Kabir is the fraud then what is Sanchi a foolish who can’t even ask the name of CEO hahahahahah???? wow……Riddhi is right Sanchi is suffering from amnesia and I think no doctor in the world can cure it and CVS how much u guys try these siblings will never be accepted and yeah the author of written update Kabir didn’t became the CEO by cheat okay……….but again they r going to show their 3rd grade true love winning……can’t they see we r bored seeing their so called true love and moreover Veer didn’t care that if someone is dancing with his wife He just once said that we’ll call police and Sanchi said no and he agreed wow this is their true love……just go to hell???

  7. Nobody can hate dr kabir dear. Every one will only love him. Riddhi you have a good memory. Plz tell me saanchi has done in the past. I want to give the cvs a piece of mind.

    1. She used fake identity, used truth syreum on ayesha that was completely illegal. She is calling kabir a fraud just bcoz she thinks kabir was culprit of kidney theft. But madam bhool gai hain ki kabir ne use har bar save kiya hai- jab usane bina permission veer k patient ka operation kiya , she got investors bcoz of kabir, kabir dislike veer but he helped sanchi in bringing out ayesha’s truth so that ayesha should not ruin veer’s life. I do remember the scene where veer was making kabir to eat sweet after getting engaged to ayesha then kabir said ki veer tumhe waqt aane pe pata lagega ki tumane life ki kitani badi galati ki hai. One more thing when sanchi broke kabir’s heart for first time and after that sanchi asked kabir to help her in stopping veer to tell her truth to malohtra after lie dtector test then also it was kabir who stopped veer. If cvs think that we audience r idiot and they can show anything irrelevant to the things that they have shown in just to show kabir evil and to justify so called love of that siblings then i must say they don’t know anything in the name of creativity. @ delops these r the things that make me love drkabir’s character. I can never hate him.

      1. U forgot one thing dear……u should have written that how Sanchi begs infront of Kabir to come back to hospital just bcz of her selfishness bcz SDCH is nothing without Kabir

      2. RuCh23

        So true!! They don’t understand when audience accept a character nothing CVs do can make us hate him. You really have a very good memory. I’ve forgot some of those things Kabir did. First they show us how good and honest was Dr. Kabir and now they’re trying to show him in a cheap shade to make us hate him and realize how perfect sanveer is for each other. Perfect my foot!! The blunder they created when they got Sanveer’s marriage can’t be covered if they make Kabir negative. And turning this on to a saas bahu drama was even worse than sanveer!! Here Kabir’s anger is justified though. He want recent not just because he love Sanchi or hate veer. But because of how everyone took advantage of his goodness. Besides when world treat you bad… why should you be good ???.

      3. There r more kabir ne sanchi agrwal ko hospital mein admit karwane k liye bhi sanchi ki help ki. Jab sanchi and veer k beech misunderstanding thi and wo food test k liye council members aaye the and uss time bhi kabir ne un sabhi ladies ko jinhe sanchi hospital ka food banane k liye lai thi unhe hospitl ka food kaise prepare hota hai btaya tha tabhi sanchi ne food test pass kiya tha.

  8. I think the fraud sanchi did was that she had taken the name of sanchi agawal and had joined the hospital for internship

  9. Uss kidney theft case me uss intelligence ki dukaan sanchi ne ek bar bhi nahi socha ki agar kabir culprit hai to evidance gayatri q remove karwa rahi hai (as she has seen gayatri asking the ward boy to remove all the evidances) she forgot all good deeds of dr.kabir and only remember one thing that he does not like veer thats why she is calling him culprit nd fraud. Gadhi kahin ki. I want kabir to sweep off this arrogant lady sanchi.

  10. Whatever happens but now it will be interesting otherwise itne dino se ghisi pitu saas bahu drama chal rha tha… aate hi sabke pasine chuda diye… makers had anmesia n they are blind we all know but seems the writer of the written episode has also gone crazy ….that’s why she has given d tiltle that kabir become cEO by cheat..???? or ab to sayad twitter pe b kaw kaw suru ho gya h… now if kabir stoops low also then also then I will be super happy afterall what he got till now… selfless tha tab koi value mili nhi to thik h na selfish hi shi…. Go ahead kabir destroy them all…. now I’m waiting for that episode when kabir’s truth will come out n then jaya n sanchi mata will beg n apologise him… show ka charm to ab lauta h ….. 3rd grade romance se ghanta ukhad legi cvs…. or hasi to tab aayi jab kabir dance kar rha tha sanchi ke sath or wo pehchan b nhi payi ki wo veer nhi h… so called true love ???

  11. I love Dr sanchi, I can’t hate her , I hate dr kabir, he is bad ,he wants veer wife ,

    1. Yeah Kabir is bad or Sanchi to dhoodh (milk) ki dhuli hui h na

    2. Ohhh hello if u tell kabir is badtohiswear mein tumahara mu tohdugi

  12. Sachi ke paas dimag tha kab .uski problem ya pragya esha ne solve ki aur save her aur always kabir save him. Vo always GADHI thi ???aur kal epi me bhi gadhi hi nikali .sath me bhi sab gadhe hi thye??? jo use sign karne ko kah rahe thye beakkal kahi ke .??? Sirf CEO se baat karao name nahi dekha Gadhoki barat ne paper pe??? CEO ya phir baki logose name nahi pucha CEO ka??

  13. On Twitter some idiot fans said kabir ne khud ko innocent prove karna chahiye tha kyu bhai .Means vo Sachi Gadhi aur uski dum kum Naukar gulam husband dono gidgidake kabir se mafi mangte bas ?? iss se achha hai kabir take revenge and destroy sachi and hospital after that he proved innocent in kidney case then gadhi b*t*h sachi and jaya realise kabir pr blame karke usne kitani badi galati ki. Goa se to darkar dum dabake bhag aaye sannomi. Clown man kon hai ye bhi pata nahi kiya idiot .

  14. Sachi ke paas dimag ki kami hai .??apne aapko oversmart samazti hai par hai Gadhi .???CEO se baat karni hai par CEO ka name bhi nahi dekha Gadhi sachi ne ????? and sath me sare gadhe ko team jo usse sign karne ko kah rahe thye.????? Gadhi sachi aur uske husband both brainless every time pragya esha help them or save .ya phir kabir always save sachi .

  15. I think there r so many favours that kabir did for sanchi. We don’t even remember many. If i m not wrong it was kabir only who stopped sanchi sighning the paper of leaving the deanship of hospital that veer kept in her file. And ofcourse that photomagzine shoot where he arranged dress for that cheapadi. This cheap lady forgot all his favours to her and only remember one thing that he does not like veer. Shadi k mandap me jab use chodkar kabir kisi aur se shadi kar leta tab us chipadi ko samajh me ata ki kaisa feel hota hai and family pe kya bitati hai. Bas wo khush ho gai veer se shadi karke to matlab sab khush hi ho jayenge. She even broke the promise that she made to savitri for her own happiness. She is the most selfish character and shows as if she is very naive.

  16. First of all it is not SANVEER ‘s fault that kabir turned negative.Mrs malhotra is at the fault.So blame her not them.If u don’t understand then…..???

    1. No one said its veer fault .its all Gadhi sachi fault Gaytri fo it right she is villan from starting its her work but problem is that How sachi believe kabir do sach a thing .she know him very well .she know very well gaytri said wardboy to throw medical garbage where they get surgery knife .Gadhi sachi believe in only fingerprint report jo koi bhi plant aur change kar sakta hai .

  17. oh my god. its oki. this is just a serial. the makers are well aware of their characters. All characters can not be good, so just accept the fact that your favourite character may be turned into villain

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