Savitri Devi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Ria frames Veer to bring out Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s truth

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Savitri Devi 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant telling Dr. Malhotra that it seems Priya don’t want to stay with him, and says he will leave. Dr. Malhotra stops him and says Priya will apologize to you. Dadi says she will not apologize. Priya thinks if Vikrant came to know about my plan and thinks she has to apologize to him, as without proofs nobody will believe her. Vikrant says he can’t let her cry and hugs her. He thinks her game is over.

Kusum gets admitted in the hospital for surgery. Dr. Kabir assures her that nothing will happen to her. Kusum asks him to promise that he will keep her happy always. Dr. Kabir promises her. He thinks Sanchi has done so much for him, he can’t let her rusticate from college.
Pragya comes to Veer and asks where was he last night and tells him that Dr. Malhotra rusticated Sanchi from hospital. Veer says she would have thought before loving him. Pragya tells him that they were acting to save Kusum aunty. Veer is shocked and is happy. Ria sees the video which Madhu and Bala took and says this was act. Nurse tells Sanchi that they will miss her. Sanchi says even she will miss everyone. Veer asks Sanchi why she is risking her career for Dr. Kabir and asks if she loves him. Sanchi asks him to shut up. Veer says he won’t let her go from hospital.

Dr. Kabir comes to Dr. Malhotra that there is nothing between him and Dr. Sanchi, and tells that they are acting so that his mum agrees to get her treatment. Dr. Malhotra says your acting is good and says you knows that your girl friend is rusticated and that’s why you are saying this. Dr. Kabir asks did you see me getting involved with any doctor or intern, and says if Sanchi goes from this hospital then I will resign too and gives an hour to think.

Dr. Malhotra thinks he can’t let the best doctor go and thinks Sanchi trapped both Dr. Kabir and Veer. Peon comes to Kusum and gives parcel to her saying Veer sent. She reads the letter stating Sanchi and Kabir are acting to be a couple and asking her to check the video. She sees the video in which Pragya tells Veer that Sanchi and Dr. Kabir don’t love each other. Kusum gets shocked and comes out of ward. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir see Kusum outside the ward. She says they don’t need their help. Dr. Malhotra comes there. Kusum asks Dr. Kabir to stop acting and don’t show fake concern. She asks how could you lie to me about Sanchi and your relation.

She tells Sanchi… could you do this. I thought you are different from others. She says I wouldn’t have known this if this letter or video haven’t reached me. They see letter and video. Sanchi is shocked to see Veer’s name. She says Veer sent this letter and video. Veer checks them. Kusum collapses and falls down. Dr. Kabir asks ward boy to bring stretcher. Veer is shocked and tells Sanchi that he didn’t do anything and is innocent. Sanchi says she don’t hope anything from him and says you are just like your father, selfish, can go to any length to reach your aim. Veer thinks how did she know that I am Dr. Malhotra’s son. Adarsh asks Dr. Malhotra what to do. Dr. Malhotra says they can’t rusticate her now and lost good chance.

Khushboo is standing outside. Ashok asks Jaya not to fall in her trap. Khushboo thinks you all will be on my foot. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that nothing will happen to aunty. Veer comes there and says how is she? Dr. Kabir says you can’t understand mum and son’s relation and says you don’t have a mum. Veer says yes, I don’t have a mum, but I had a father whom you have snatched from me. Sanchi asks him not to do drama. Ria looks at her and thinks now she can’t think of coming close to Dr. Kabir.

Vikrant is leaving from the house. Dr. Malhotra tells Priya that she made him feel bad and tells that Vikrant’s house is hers only and she is just a guest there, who can come for a short time, and asks her to go with him. Priya says Papa..Dr. Malhotra asks her to go. Dadi says let her stay here. Dr. Malhotra asks her not to interfere and let her go to her home to make her relations fine. Vikrant thanks Dr Malhotra and says lets go to our house. Vaidehi and Gayatri smirks.

Isha tells Pragya that Veer is trapped without his mistake. Pragya says she remembers well and says there was nobody there. They hear the video and hear Ria’s voice. Some other doctor comes to Dr. Kabir and says he will do his mum’s surgery. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir not to worry and says she will be with him. Doctor Awasthy is operating and his hands start shaking. Sanchi asks what happened? Dr Awasthy tells that he forgot to take insulin and now he can’t do surgery. Dr. Kabir thinks who will do surgery now. Veer comes and says he will do surgery.

Dr. Kabir says he is not fool to give his mum’s life in his hand. Veer goes to Dr. Malhotra. Dr. Malhotra asks why I shall help you, and says I will do her surgery as she is my best doctor’s mum. Dr. Malhotra tells Dr. Kabir that today he hurt him and asks him not to leave hospital. Dr. Kabir says he is ready to sign lifetime bond with them. Dr. Malhotra says ok. Sanchi asks Nurse to call senior doctor and tells that she is losing blood a lot. Dr. Malhotra asks Veer to assist him. He comes to the OT and asks if there is no intern to assist me. Sanchi says she knows the case and tells about Kusum’s problem. Dr. Malhotra operates on Kusum and says why she is not reacting to procedure. Veer is also there and tells that oxygen supply pipe was loose, so he fixed it. Dr. Malhotra says she is stable now. He finishes the operation. Sanchi appreciates Veer and asks him to do stitches.

Isha comes to Madhu and Bala that Dr. Kabir came to know that Ria made the video and she is going to put blame on you. Madhu and bala tell that they have done according to her saying. Isha goes. Pragya and Garg see Ria coming. She tells Garg that Dr. Kabir came to know who has sent that video to him. Garg says Dr. Kabir will become her fan now and asks who is she? Pragya says she got Madhu and Bala do that work and now they are going to tell truth to Dr. Kabir. Ria gets shocked and panics.

Dr. Malhotra tells Dr. Kabir that Kusum is fine now. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that oxygen pipe was loose, but Veer noticed it and fixed it at right time. Dr. Kabir says Veer. Veer says you don’t need to say anything and says I don’t have a mum and I knows her value more than you.

Dr. Kabir tells Kusum that he thinks Sanchi is right girl for him. Kusum gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really want to see Kanchi as lead….especially Sanchi falling for kabir..,…if that does not happen then I can’t watch the show further

  2. We are watching this serial only for kanchi..if they are not couples,i will stop watching this serial

  3. We want Kanchi as lead……else we will stop watching the show….this message is from the Kanchi fans of my locality

  4. Story should be like swardha(sanchi) firstly drama in which she love her teacher
    It was a marathi drama

  5. Oh kabir will realize his feelings. Saanchi please don’t break his heart. I hope Kaanchi ek ho jaye. Love u both saanchi & Kabir

  6. Guys plz join sanbir fc on twitter and instagram. The makers need to know that there are lot of kabir and sanchi fans. My whole group of friends love kabir and sanchi. We all love Veer as an individual character, but with sanchi we love only kabir. We need to keep tweeting rashami mam and colors for sanbir pairing, otherwise they will butcher kabirs character or sideline him

    1. Richa1496

      Yes please join kanchi and sabir fc… Because in instagram and Twitter sanveer fans are more…

      1. yes sanveer will be the best couple …………….. we want sanveer ………… we love sanveer alot……………

  7. Does this show remind anyone of balika Vadhu season 2…. Where there was a triangle bet 3 doctors…. The senior doctor Amit fell for Nandini… And Nandini n Krish loved each other…. Then Nandini was to marry Amit but on the marriage day Amit unites Nandini n Krish… I think this show is also going in d same route…wat say guys?

    1. I wish that happened.

    2. Anee

      Nia dear to wo show bhi nhi chla tha

  8. I really liked the episode BT the one thing from kabir side he will sign life time agreement to them pls don’t do that ever pls make kanchi pair even I feel for veet BT I really want kanchi veer and saanchi can be a good friends ….

  9. And one thing I restart to read the episode update and saw the serial when I heard that kabir also going to play main male role so pls pls make kanchi pair…otherwise I will definitely stop to see this and not even the update…

  10. No i just want kanchi otherwise no sdch n guys one things u noticed 18 may ist scene kanchi 18 july 2nd scene of kanchi n when kabir realise love or anything the day is 18 august then may be 18 sapt kanchi marrg or sanchi loves kabir too:*:*:D i hope this come true i reallly love kanchi

    1. Negisanyukta

      Ur observation is too gud dear.

  11. Big fan of kanchi……if the lead is not kanchi I will stop watching the serial….. Love kanchi

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    I don’t understand one thing there are so many kaanchi fans here on this forum
    Majority are kaanchi fans but when i see instagram YouTube or other social media there are actually more sanveer fans (maybe cause of Varun’s huge fan following) I really don’t understand, and social media can play a huge role maybe this is one reason why makers may make the lead pair Sanveer instead
    But I really want it to be kaanchi from the bottom of my heart, cause if it’s sanveer high chances it will be dramatic Sasur babu, saas Bahu bahu saving nanand and all that , I don’t have problem with the pair but it will be nothing new if this is the case and I also realise kaanchi has a better chemistry, Veer looks younger than Saanchi that’s the only problem if not it would have been perfect like Kaanchi
    And yes I realised one thing there are so many romantic scenes for sanveer but not much for kaanchi (anyways it would have been awkward at the same time if they had romantic scene since kabir or Saanchi neither have any idea of romance, serious types ? but now they can add in romance for kaanchi since kabir has fallen for Saanchi ???) idk but that’s my opinion ???

    1. Same problem here guys teel us where in instagram we have to vote for kanchi plzzzzzzz answer yaar

    2. Same problem here guys teel us where in instagram we have to vote for kanchi plzzzzzzz answer yaar

    3. Prettypreeti

      Yup i m too seeing a great fanfollowing of sanveer on social media but here in tu its rs i think social media pr zyada dyaan degi…
      I also like kanchi coz isme ek nayi tarah ki story hogi..
      Pr sanveer isliye kyunki yaar vk will make us go crazy with his acting..i think jo vk is second actor after my namik which i m liking alot..yaa aur bhi bhut aache haa mere namik ki jagga koi nhi le skta and nikita is always there

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Exactly namku Ke Baath this Varun is my fav. Shravan Malhotra Aur Veer Malhotra Ne Meri dil Chin Liya ??? did u see veer’s hairstyle uff ???

      2. Anee

        yaa we also know about his movie calender girls,Vodka dairies he also appeared in Movie Kaabil but in Televion this is debut of his and I’m big fan of vikaram Sakhalkar and I really want Kanchi.

      3. Anee


    4. Anee

      Yaa RANdomfANCreation dear i’m totlly agree with u but if we see the presence of both vikram and varun in industry varundoing so many show and its vikram’s first show and than compare we find vikram has more fan following than varun

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        In that case ofc yep Vikram has like one third of what Varun has whereas Varun did 3 shows already so this shows they both have equal fandom given if they had equal opportunities
        And I like both Varun and Vikram but a bit more Varun ?
        And my Mom actually likes Dr Kabir more than Dr Veer as both the characters and actors
        Actually vikram did a Bollywood movie named calendar girls I was stalking about Vikram online few days ago ???

      2. Trisha139

        Stalking ???????

      3. Richa1496

        I like Dr. Kabir more then Dr. Veer…. I have seen his movie calendar girls… He was looking so hot…. But guys there is one thing I need to say vikram is more handsome and hot then varun… I mean varun is cutie pie type… And he is good actor then Vikram….. But I like Vikram more…. Because it’s his first television show, and that to he is gaining so much popularity and trying his level best to act much better….

  13. Plz make the pair of Sanchi & kabir….don’t break the heart of kabir…love kanchi

  14. Please pair kanchi

  15. If kabir and sanchi are not paired l will stop watching sdch because their chemistry is far better than sanveer.

  16. plz make the pair sanchi and kabir and don’t the break heart kabir plz rasmi mam kabir and sanchi ko ek kardo plz more scene kanchi update bcz I m kanchi fans I hope kabir is perfect for sanchi..

  17. Can u please tell that where we have to vote for kanchi in instagram

  18. Please CVS make

  19. Please CVS make kanchi pair.i watch schd only form them

    1. Anee

      u can comment on msrashmi2002 insta acount

  20. guys i am sanveer fan they r nice and understanding b/w them is marvellous and i like their nok jhok very much these small small nok jhok b/w the couples makes strong relationship b/w a couple so i hope it turn out to be sanveer in this love triangle

  21. I Want Only Kanchi.Please Make Thier Pair.Don’t Make Sachi Close To Veer I Hate That.

  22. Richa1496

    Pls make kanchi pir…. Can’t see kabir heatbroken… Because our Khadoos first time falling for a girl…. Pls dont beak kabir’s heart…. ?

  23. Prettypreeti

    Personally i will be satisfied with both the characters but agar mai rashmi sharma ki soch se chalo aur uske purane serials ko dekho she can bring any twist and turn in the track…kya pta dulla koi aur hoo aur shadi kisi aur se hoo jaye but now the serial has come on track where i m confused about the couples.i started watching sdcah for sanveer coz of veer’s acting..he is a pur gold in terms of acting and after watching him in tgis serial i have fell for vkk????he is love…and agar hum acting ki baat kre so doubt vk is fav of everybody coz no one hates veer.
    Kanchi is matured couple in terms of this serial and yess a plus point…but agar show ko lambha keechna hai toh i m feeling the pair would be sanveer but aajkal ke epis ke baad jb hm dekha toh pehle kanchi ka nakli pyaar and now i think ut can change to asli wala…
    Pr jo bhi hoo i m not worried about couples i will keep continuing it as a good spirit and yesss only for vk…i think swarda and vikram acting looks better when varun is there but the limelight goes to varunn..
    Epis best dialogue was when vk saying yess i dont have mum but a dad which u have stolen but i felt bad for kabir and veer both at that moment..
    Last moments were breathtaking..i m loving it but i hope ki agar sanveer ya kanchi pair mei se ek pair nhi banta so hope their fans dont get upset…
    And yess one more thing yaar priya ko ek aacha husband la ke doo.
    Also i like veer and priya bond alot…
    Love sanveer and like kanchi too…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Exactly Varun Kapoor acting is just amazing swaragini I didn’t watch much I knew he was a good actor but I didn’t know he was amazing!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes ekdam right to drag serial it would be sanveer if not it will be kaanchi
      But last 2-3 weeks Savitri ratings have drastically improved, it got double trp from what it was last month 0.8 from 0.4
      So maybe high chances of Sanveer also cause colors Walo won’t end this show if they are going to drag then pair will be sanveer since so many things can be shown already I got to know spoiler Savitri Devi is alive. And also so many tracks related to veer’s Sister and stepmom. I actually love the music track of Sanveer. Dr Veer Malhotra and the music track for sanveer is what I love the most in this show. Jodi wise I like kabir-Saanchi a bit more as I said many times. But I maybe wrong too.
      Rashmi Sharma Kuch Bhi Kar Sakta Hain
      For now I can say let’s enjoy both sanveer/kaanchi scenes both Jodis are good.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        The shows that are gonna end are devanshi and bakool (I saw bakool a bit it’s actually funny I like it ???) but currently myfav is Savitri Devi and Preeti bigg boss 11 coming Yaad Hain ??? and yes for now savitri Devi is safe as kasam and dil Se dil tak will be shifted to devanshi and bakool’ s time slot

    3. i toooooooo love sanveer pls yaar enki chemistry ko aage badhana pls we love sanveer a lot……………

  24. I don’t understand one thing agar Dr anand malhotra and gaytri ki shadi KO 15 yrs hue hai to ria ka age kya hai? I mean she is intern in how cum she is just 15.. or there is sum thing which I missed..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Riya is not Malhotra’s Daughter.

      Dr Malhotra said in one episode,
      That despite not being my Daughter she knows what I want unlike veer during priya’s marriage

    2. Lila

      She isn’t Dr Malhotra’s daughter. She’s Gayatri’s daughter. Dr M mentioned in one of the eps that Ria isn’t my daughter but still wants to be like me

  25. I like kanchi.
    Make them as the lead pair please.

  26. we want veer and sanchi as the main lead couple pls…………… we love veerchi we love them soooooooooooooooooooooooo much we want them to be lead couple ………. they are perfect for each other……………

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