Savitri Devi 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri conspires to present Sanchi and Veer in bad light

Savitri Devi 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with travel agent coming to SDCH. Gayatri asks him to go to conference hall and says Veer is there. Agent sees Dr. Kabir and Sanchi and thinks him Veer and his wife. He thinks if Mata ji will decide seeing Jaya. Dr. Kabir asks Agent to show catalogue. Agent asks them to lock Shimla. Jaya thinks patients will get better there. Sanchi asks about area. Travel agent tells that beaches and everything is good. Dr. Kabir says so soon. Travel agent tells that monsoon is good here. Property agent goes to Veer and tells him about commercial plot. Jaya asks Agent to tell about the commercial advantages. Agent thinks if mata ji is also going and asks Dr. kabir to get romantic pic clicked with Madam (Sanchi) in the garden there. Dr. Kabir asks are you mad? Agent calls him Veer sir and says why I will send you to wrong place for your honeymoon. Sanchi tells him sorry and says Veer is not here. Veer comes there. Dr. Kabir asks what is this misbehavior and says he will not bear this childish acts. He asks Sanchi to ask Veer to be in limits and says his life is joke and he wants others’ life to become joke.

Veer says I didn’t do anything. Sanchi tells Dr. kabir that you can’t blame Veer, and asks him to forget everything. Jaya tells Sanchi that her personal and professional lives are colliding and asks what about exams. Sanchi says I will go after exams. Gayatri thinks this is just start, just see what I do in next 6 days, you will not go anywhere.

Sanchi thinks to prepare for exam. Veer comes and asks Shimla or Kerala. Sanchi says Kerala. Veer says I love mountains and says I thought to go to shimla. Sanchi says Kerala is far and beaches and house boats are better than mountains. Veer says there will be very hot there, lets go to Shimla. Sanchi says what we will do in mountains. Veer says we will get bored even on beaches. Sanchi asks do I make you bored. Pragya hears them while they are in the library. Librarian asks them to be quiet. Sanchi writes on the paper that they will go to Kerala. Veer writes that they will go to Shimla. They argue on Paper. Pragya says even I like Shimla and asks them not to fight. She says she will asks everyone’s opinion. Veer holds Sanchi’s hand and pulls her closer. Sanchi says she is getting late and goes. Someone takes their video.

Priya thinks what to do, I didn’t steal even a pencil, how to steal Maas necklace. Vikrant comes and calls her. He tells her that he saw a dream and saw Police coming there to arrest her. Priya checks and says there is nobody here. Vikrant panics her. Priya thinks Vikrant is hallucinating because of phone call. Vikrant says we will go far away from here. Priya hugs him to calm down his fear. She comes to Savitri’s room and opens her almari. Savitri asks what you are doing here. Priya gets scared. She takes a saree and asks shall I take this saree. Savitri asks her to take it. Priya feels bad and goes.

Pragya takes all doctors’ opinion in canteen. An intern asks Dr. Kabir to tell where Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Veer shall go. Dr. Kabir asks what and is upset. Jaya hears them. Dr. Kabir asks Jaya if she is seeing what is happening and asks if she is sure that you didn’t do any mistake by giving chance to Sanchi. Jaya says she is sure that Sanchi will handle everything. Dr. Kabir says I really doubt it. Veer performs surgery and is going to his locker room. Ria opens Veer’s locker and sprays itching spray on his clothes. Veer comes and sees Ria there. Ria pretends to open her locker and goes. She calls Gayatri and tells her that work is done. Veer finds her locker open and thinks he might have kept it open. He takes his clothes and wears it. He comes to Sanchi and asks her to come. He feels itching and removes his shirt. Sanchi says she will check him. Someone takes their video in bad light and gives to Gayatri . Gayatri gives him money and thinks tomorrow Sanchi will be humiliated.

Jaya prays and hopes Sanchi will not break her trust. She reaches hospital. Gayatri shows her newspaper in which Veer and Sanchi’s pic are posted in bad light. Sanchi and Veer are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Please don’t create misunderstandings between Sanchi and Veer and see that gayatri gets punishment for playing such cheap tricks.

    1. Iss bakwaas show dekhna ke liyagat off yeh show jad hioff air calijaye

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