Savitri Devi 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir plans honeymoon at home

Savitri Devi 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri takes Sunny’s name. Dr. Malhotra says how can Sunny be related to Dr. Kabir and Sanchi’s marriage. Ria says Gayatri is right and she tells that Dr. Kabir sent Sunny to US. She says she will call Sunny and inquire. Dr. Malhotra says ok. Pragya and Veer come somewhere. He tells that Dr. Kabir is left with no option now. Pragya asks Veer to move on and forget Sanchi. She says it will be good for you. Veer laughs and says my love is not weak to accept defeat so easily. He says Sanchi is just mine forever irrespective of Dr. Kabir’s conspiracy. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that Veer got his villa booking cancelled and punctured all cars. He says we can’t go out now. Dr. Malhotra and Savitri come there. Dr. Kabir tells that Veer has ruined his plan to go out and that’s why he has decided to celebrate honeymoon here itself. He tells them that he got their hotel room booked and asks them to go. Dr. Malhotra refuses. Dr. Kabir says we are celebrating here because of your son else we would have gone. He asks them to go and says your son’s stupidity can’t stop us from having honeymoon. Sanchi gives him an angry look.

Dr. Kabir gets the house decorated. Sanchi asks why did he do this and says they can’t be together. Dr. Kabir says I will not force you, but I can spend some quality time with you. He says we can talk, laugh etc. He says lets play a game and says they shall look in each other eyes.

Savitri, Dr. Malhotra and others come to the hotel. Ria dislikes the hotel. Dadi asks her to take Gayatri to room. Savitri calls Veer and asks where is he? Veer says he is having food at the dhaba and asks her not to worry as he is with Pragya. Savitri says yes. He hears room service guy coming and asks Savitri. Savitri tells him everything. Veer says Sanchi and Dr. Kabir are together at home. Savitri asks him not to think. Veer ends the call and asks Pragya to come. They leave. Ria sends friends request to Sunny. Sunny accepts it and asks how is she? She writes that she wants to talk to him about Dr. Kabir. He gets tensed and goes offline. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri why she is not remembering anything. Gayatri says you have to search that letter.

Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that what seems to be irritating now, might become need after sometime. Sanchi looks on. Watchman stops Veer from going inside Malhotra Mansion. Vee asks how can you stop me and says this is my house. Watchman says now I work for Dr. Kabir and calls him.. Dr. Kabir asks him not to search that letter. Dr. Malhotra takes gayatri to Malhotra Mansion and asks her to think and give him letter. She says she is hungry. Dr. Malhotra asks her to think. She tells that letter is there. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she has learnt so much from him and says you was my mentor and doesn’t know when you became my good friend. Dr. Kabir gets touched. Sanchi turns to him and says this is not the Dr. Kabir I know and calls him monster.

Dr. Kabir hears Gayatri shouting and goes upstairs. Veer comes and takes Sanchi from there. They both enjoy the rain. Sanchi smiles. Dr. Kabir comes in his car and gets jealous. He gets down from his car and starts beating Veer. Sanchi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Are yaar kuch toh intresting dikhave v all know that sangeet will again get par chup but ha I need kaanch forever

  2. Lol?? now where r the people who were saying Veer will not be behind other’s wife……come on see ur Veer……and that’s good every time Veer starts the fight and now beta it’s payback time…….trp has also increased but they r still some people who believe that trp has increased bcz their alcoholic baby has shown his rondu pan……rondu pan nh talli pan kehna chahiye?? and monster Kabir is monster then what ur alcoholic puppy is……..rondu ya talli?

    1. BaBa ji thullu???

      ????your right where r ppl Tommie fans who said our veer sachi ki taraf dekha bhi nahi after sachi kabir marriage. What is differences between kabir and veer nothing .They said kabir pysco but VEER is pysco lover from starting. He always force sachi for love. ?? Forcefully hugging and desperate kissing ?.Tommie always want pysical relationship with sachi before marriage .???usse to kabir monsters achha vo sachi conditions accept karke shadi ki .

    2. Vahi to…..even some people were saying Kabir has lust over Sanchi?? agar lust hoti to us ki condition ki value nh krta……psycho Kabir nh Veer h……He has done things like a psycho….forcing someone to commit suicide with him fighting with others bcz his wife is not valuing him lol?? and Sanchi Mata ke kya kehne she said Kabir was her best friend….seriously trust is the base of every relation whether that is love or friendship then why she didn’t show trust on Kabir sirf rondu baby dikha usko Veer kare to hero Kabir kare to villain wah……

  3. Trp is increased bcoz of veer really? Good to know but if they will continue degrading Kabir and trp will decrease tab dekhenge ki rondu baby kitani trp lata hai. I just hate sanchi she said you were my best friend really? But friendship to hamesha Kabir ne hi nibhai jab Teri bari aai bhutani to tune to pyaar ko chuna dosti pe Jara bhi bharosa nahi Kiya. So the real monster kaun tu aur Tera would bewada.

  4. Actually trp sirf Kabir ke track ke Karan ho raha hai veer se jhada Sahil of aap ke aa Jana se serial ka hero awesome hai veer Uske comparison mein nil hai Kabir and sanchi ki pair better hai aur jab se kanchi ki Shaadi hui hai tab se sanchi Ka look better kiya hai Varna pehle bahut Bura style tha uska hope rs Mam kanchi ke Saath story continued rakhe

  5. guess I’m the only one who’s hating this track ? lol… veer is so amazing can’t even think about kabeer with sanchi…
    and moreover, it’s perfectly fine that veer and d sanchi is still together… come-on kiddos.. they loves each other.. unlike kabeer who’s like a kabaab mein haddi.. TRP has increased bcz everyone’s loving the villain Kabeer and the problems between veer sanchi… hah

    1. Then accept it here villain is much better than your hero that’s why people are loving Kabir.

  6. BaBa ji thullu???

    Actually iss show ka kabhi kuch nahi ho sakta hai ???? flop crap show hai vahi rahega .kyoki iss CV AND WRITERS t ke paas dimag hai hi nahi .story is so slow. Kuch ho hi nahi raha bas chewing gum ki tarah ek baat pe atake hai . .Last one month’s se same thing SACHI with KABIR doing natak .and Talli Tommie ka tamasha .before SACHI KABIR marriage and after marriage. Abtak 50 times sachi se puch chuka hai tum KABIR ke paas kyu gayi ????aur sachi ne harbaar dhutkara hai phir bhi Tommie ke paas self respect naam ki koi cheez hai hi nahi .aur Tommie fan usse hero kahte hai .KABIR ka chodo vo to ab villan ban gaya hai uss se kuch achhe ki exception hai nahi .Abhi sahi mayane me VEER KABIR SACHI hi ka Tommie ban gaya hai ?????jaise uss waqt (Aayesha track me ) pic dekhaya tha . VEER hero aur SACHI dono ko selfrespect aur pyar ka matlab nahi pata jo villan Aayesha ko pata tha .PYAR KE BADALE PYAR NA MILE SAMAZ AATA HAI PAR PYAR ME SELFRESPECT BHI CHALI JAYE YE NAHI HONA CHAHIYE.

  7. Sahi kaha iss show kA kuch nahi ho sakta. CVS ko pata hi nahi hai ki would dikhane Kya chahate Hain. Pahale sanveer ki marriage Kara di theek par free fund main Kabir ko villain bana diya. Ek side scene dikhate Hain agar aaj Maine ye shadi ki to ye Meri patni nahi banegi par veer ka adhura pyaar ban k rah jayegi . CVS shown Kabir as a man who can sacrifice his love for the happiness of his beloved and now they r showing a man who forcefully married sanchi just to take revenge as if he doesn’t understand love at all. Itana confuse writers to Maine kisi show k nahi dekhenge. And after watching today’s episode I must say Kabir’s character is still much better than sanchi. Sanchi is the most cheap character in the show. When she getting married to Kabir she ditched him for veer again she ditched veer for sunny and now married to Kabir playing withboth Kabir and veer feeling. And RS is compairing this cheap lady with sita mata if sita mata Will come to know about this to work bhi dharathi cheer k aa jayengi aur gusse main RS k sar pe tandav karne lagengi.

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