Savitri 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 8th August 2013 Written Update

At The Palace

The queen enters Damyanti’s chamber where Uttara is pretending to be the princess. Nakshatra sees Damyanti coming and warns her about the queen’s presence in the chamber. The queen leaves the chamber and Damyanti tells Uttara and Nakshatra that she had gone to the market to meet the people of the kingdom. Nakshatra leaves while Uttara pressurizes to Damyanti to tell the truth to her, on this Damyanti confesses that she had gone to meet Veer.

At Veer’s House

Vidu still wonders that he has seen the bangle seller somewhere while Veer doses off saying that he would go to meet the Senapati in the morning to ask where to get himself admitted in the army and in which regiment.

At The Entrance Of The Kingdom

Rajguru, Chandal Singh and the

fake Senapati are walking towards the main gate of the kingdom when the Senapati praises Rajguru about the protective cover near the gate only to receive weird looks from him. Rajguru tells both of them that the protection cover would alert him if anyone from the Kalibhoomi would enter as the Jugnu’s would turn black when they get sticked to a person from Kaalibhoomi.

In Rahukaal’s Cave

Rahukaal tells Gullika and Vishkanya that he would not leave this land before meeting the princess and if they wish then they can leave him alone. Gullika puts on some tears and says that if he wants he can stay there and so would she too not leave him alone, but she would be killed as she doesn’t possess the powers of Rahukaal. Raahukaal agrees with her and tells that they would leave this kingdom tonight itself.

Rahukaal, Gullika and Vishkanya are going out of the kingdom when Rahukaal gets trapped in the Jugnu’s and Chandal Singh with the fake Senapati approaches the three and Rahukaal is struggling while Vishkanya goes forward to help him. Vishkanya starts to take him out of the kingdom when Chandal Singh grabs him and then Rahukaal does some black magic and the three of them vanishes leaving the three in perplexed situation.

Next Morning At The Palace

Damyanti and Uttara spot Veer entering the palace and then Damyanti teases him saying that her informers have told her that because of being her bodyguard he has become famous and girls have started visiting his house. Veer denies at first and later accepts it stammeringly. He tells her that he has to ask the Senapati that in which regiment did he had to live on the borders of the kingdom, saying so he leaves. Damyanti is upset with the thought of him leaving and thus she decides to talk to someone about the matter.

Damyanti finally talks about this to her father who assures her that he would look into the matter.

At The Court

The king asks Senapati about the matter, on this Chandal Singh taking the blame on himself says that he had thought Veer to be more useful on the borders than the interiors. The king disapproves the fact that Senapati was allowing Chandal Singh to take decisions on his behalf. He also orders Senapati to make Veer as the Head Security Officer of the Palace. Chandal Singh thinks that he made Bhondu the Senapati because of his face but he would also have to train him now.

Precap : Gullika embraces Vishkanya and tells that after seeing her bravery last night she ios convinced that she would be the most trustable person to do the job in Champanagar. Rahukaal asks the reason for this to which Gullika replies that, If she becomes a maid to the princess then Rahukaal would get a safe and easy door to enter the palace.


Update Credit to: catty2000

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