Savitri 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 2nd August 2013 Written Update


Episode starts Maharaj saying that whatever he decided its for Damyanti’s well-being…
Damyanti is all shattered and runs out to the garden.. She sits their and talks to herself that she can’t let king down and theer should be a way out to show off her capability to win back king’s heart.
Just then senapati comes in his horse and asks Princess what she is doing outside Mahal. He adds that she is not safe there and must go inside mahal… Just then a sainik comes and informs senapati that there is a news of Kaali shakti presence in uttar region of forest…
Senapati nodes and says that he will go himself to check..Senapati leaves while DAmyanti stays back thinking a way out. Finally she decides to discuss with naki and uttara for finding a way out in winning king’s

heart. She was about to move in to mahal that some1′s voice captures her Damyanti…Damyanti come to me
She is hypnotised by the sound and hence moves on in the way of sound…

At guha..
Rahukaal is calling out Damyanti with saadna… Gulika walks in and ask what RK is doing to which he replies that he is doing his last way to bring up Damyanti to him. He can’t enter Mahal but then Damu can easily reach him by his powers and once she reaches she shall not eave unless he wishes the opposite…
Gulika asks wouldn’t it be danger as what if some1 especially angrakshak follows damu out there.. RK replies back that nothing will happen as its only she who hears him and if she arrives then she will be alone or else she wouldn’t come.. He adds she is in his spell and now she will not be out of it until some havoc bigger than his spell affects Damyanti.


Damyanti is at forest moving in the direction of rahu’s call. But then just on path her legs hit a stone ans she falls off… While falling she senses two blood drops on her hand and hence rises her head to check what it is…She is hell shocked to see the sight in front as its Senapati cut head hanging. She is shocked and also out of RK’s spell..She stands on her feet and wonders who did it…She realises that its important to inform king egarding same and rushes to mahal…

Reaching back mahal she goes to king calling aloud but then just near king she is shocked to see Senapati with mahamandri by side… She talks to herself as how is it possible …She doesn’t know what to believe and what not..King questions as if everything is fine as to why she called out him so frightened to which damu says nothing and she just came in as such..All the time her eyes is looking at senapati while he feels uncomfortable…

At Guha

RK is angry as what happened making damyanti come out of his spell. What wonders what would be that big thing which was more powerful chatka to damyanti breaking his spell. He says who is that another person who has eye on kingdom and trying to harm damyanti..Gulika interrupts and says they must return fast as Damyanti came across something strange at forest there is possibility of sainik and rajguru to come and check over…RK agrees and replies they shall be back with proper planning then.

At ashram

Sugandha takes in Chandu forcibly while he refuses to enter… She says him if he wants to be a king then he must come with her to guru… Chandu says he is not going to stay back at ashram as guru is all useless who made him took off his shirt and all… Guru says sugandha that as he said earlier chandu is not good to learn all these siddi’s…Chandu is frustrated and asks what can the guru do rather than ordering..Just then he raises his fingers and gies electric shock to chandu making chandu fly in air…He is all frightened and calls out sugandha…The guru makes chandu fall on feet..He praises the guru’s arms while guru replies its all his mind will power…and adds if chandu wishes to learn all these he has to stay back

At Rajguru ayyari school

Damyanti comes in a rush to meet rajguru but then there she sees Rajguru teaching students that how a ayyar should be capable to transform themselves in to a person they wishes to and says its an important part of ayyari learning. He himself then transforms in to a student and shows it to students. Damyanti si shocked and realizes that perhaps senapati at mahal is a ayyar and can harm king and kingdom

Back at mahal

Veer comes and meets Senapati who is having a talk with mahamandri. Seeing veer mahamandri walks off and senapati stops..He asks why senapati asked him to meet …Senapati stammers and doesn’t know what to answer..he question me… Veer says yes senapati did told him about talking abt finding the people who intended to harm Princess… Senapati smiles and stammeringly says its not important and now veer shall be send to learn warrior skill as he himself can manage things at mahal.Veer is suspicious and moves out…

Damyanti is at her room and wondering as what is to be done..Just then Uttara enters joyfully..Damyanti soon decides to ask her a suggestion and is about to speak that naki enters …Damyanti all of a sudden stops her words. Naki asks where were the two as she searched all mahal..Uttara says she came up to damu to ask the same but then before asking damu came up with a matter to discuss…Naki asks what it is…Damu is about to say but then stops recalling words of Veer regarding naki not trustful.

Damyanti says nothing important and moves up hiding her face. Naki asks again what it is, but then uttara says its just damu’s plan of not answering their question…just like she used to do before…Damyanti makes it a way and agrees congratulating Uttara…Both leaves and damyanti is all confused and questions herself as what should be done and whose help she should take..Just then her reflection comes out and replies Veer..Damyanti says she will never call that ghamandi ahankari man no matter what if she has to do it all alone…Her reflection says she shall be safe with none else other than veer. Damu replies that what if Veer rejects to help her and adds how he always over-ruled her orders. Reflection says how can she decide veer’s reply without even asking him. She says no matter how he is but he is the only loyal man for damyanti’s help and adds damyanti has not less ahankar compared to him as in how she hesitate to talk to him. She says to remember that by delaying she is putting kingdom and perhaps king’s life at risk…

Reflection disappears and damu decides to talk to Veer ..But then she doesn’t know way to veer’s hut . A thought of asking uttara naki comes to her head but then soon she rules out realizing that she can’t take any help from a third person.

At veer place

Veer is constantly looking at mahal caressing badal(horse)..While mahal pulls his leg as why veer is worried as in now he is gonna have his dream job of warrior..Veer says he is conspicuous abt Senapti’s weird behaviour remembering how he replied to veer back at mahal. Vidhu says why he is thinking for no purpose and adds that veer and damu is same..If near then problem and if far then too a problem.. Veer says that he is not thinking of Damyanti but its just kingdom’s safety he is concerned off.

Chandu at mahal and discussing about a investigation..he says in between that king wasn’t their at mahal to discuss with..King is amazed and asked how chandu knew he was not at mahal


Update Credit to: snowdream

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