Savitri 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 25th April 2013 Written Update

At the Kamroop Temple compound:
The Zombies again surround Vikrant & Savitri. Vikrant tries hard to fight them, Vikrant finds it difficult to sustain them. Savitri is very scared seeing those Zombies attack Vikrant. She flees from there to find help for Vikrant. She suddenly finds a small house, she runs towards it. It seems like an office cum residence, Savitri finds a man sitting there. The man is surprised to find her there, he asks her who she is, and what is she doing here – that too during this time of the year, is she aware of how dangerous this time of the year is to be present here at Kamroop?
Savitri tries to speak but finds it difficult due to exhaustion. She somehow manages to ask for water to drink. The man gets up from his seat & pours water from the earthen pot into an earthen glass & offers it to Savitri. The water seems to be very muddy, Savitri is reluctant to take. The man says it is jungle & here water is like this only. Savitri takes the water & drinks it & suddenly screams! There is a zombie standing just behind that man. As the man turns around to see what is behind a few more zombies crawl up to Savitri & surround her. This time the man fights the zombies as Savitri hides behind something. The man manages to throw them out & shuts the door. Savitri comes out from the hiding & asks the man who are these wandering souls & why do they want to harm her? The man replies that they are not actually souls of dead people but they are half dead kind of, they are known as “Pisach’s”. They are dead but their bodies still wander in hopes of finding life again.
At RC house:
Leena is desperately trying to reach Savitri on her mobile, but Savitri’s no. is not reachable. Ashish asks her is she is again trying to call Savitri, then he tells just a few while ago Mishti told you that Mobile Signal is not available at that place where Savitri has gone to. Leena is still worried, she surfs the details for Kamroop temple on internet & comes to know about the 4 days of closure etc. & realizes that Savitri has gone to the temple during these 4 days. Leena tells herself now it’s time!
At Kali Bhumi:
R-K is pacing & his desperate to know what is happening at the Kamroop. What is happening with his Damyanti, Gulika tries to pacify him, R-K says what if something happens to Damyanti, and what if Nag Raj tries to harm her as it is his area. He has to do something. Gulika tells him they can’t do anything except for waiting for Damyanti – as they neither have the power or the permission to go to Kamroop. There is only one power that can. Suddenly R-K freezes!!!
R-K tries to avoid Gulika, Gulika says see even today he is so scared of. She has just mentioned & he froze. Gulika tells him not to think about Damyanti. R-K says he has to! He says Damyanti is the reason for his survival, he says he survived death for Damyanti, he lived death for 1000 years just for Damyanti. He has to think for Damyanti as she is in Nag Raj’s area, she has gone there to fetch his hands & Nag Raj will try to harm her to take the hands from her so as to relieve themselves of their curse. Gulika tells Savitri will, because she wants her husband back.
At the Kamroop Temple compound:
The man asks Savitri about her name & address, he seems to be noting them down. Savitri tells him, upon realizing that she has come from Kolkata, he tells she has come from long way. Then asks her what the purpose of her visit is; that too during this time. Savitri tells him she wants to go to the temple, he says visit to temple that too when Goddess is resting.
Savitri pleads him to help her cross the jungle to reach the temple. The man says he shall surely help her provided she tells him the real purpose of her visit or else he will hand her to the Pisach’s. Savitri is reluctant to divulge any further details – as the priest outside the compound had told her to be very alert, she says she is here for a special task, she wants to collect something from the temple. The man says you’re still lying now I have no option but to hand you to Pisach’s. Savitri tells her husband has been captured & I am here to take something that can free him. The man says so you want to take R-K’s hands. Savitri is shocked!!!
At Kali Bhumi:
Gulika ask R-K to wait as they have no other option. R-K says they do have, Gulika surprised. R-K tells someone whom Gulika likes & he hates – Brahma Rakshas!
R-K asks Gulika to call for Brahma Rakshas & ask him what the other options Gulika is reluctant but agrees are.
At the Kamroop Temple compound:
Savitri is shocked upon hearing R-K’s name from that man. She asks him if he knows R-K? He replies in affirmative. The man tells he will accompany Savitri in her task for her safety throughout the journey. Savitri asks what if R-K comes. He replies R-K doesn’t has the power to come here, only one person possesses the powers whom no one has seen ever. Savitri is thankful to him for helping her.
The man gives a piece of paper to Savitri to sign, he tells her this is a document proving that she had come here & he helped her in tracing R-K’s hands. She has to sign them in order to get him along on her journey. However she has to sign the paper with her blood even I drop would do.
Savitri doesn’t understands anything but agrees, the man gives her a blade, she cuts her finger & it pains. As soon as blood oozes the man seems to be delighted. As Savitri bends down to sign someone appears & holds the man on knife point. She is Leena’s look alike. Savitri is shocked to see her, she blasts Savitri for agreeing to sing those papers. She tells her this man wanted you to offer your soul to him. He is Nag Raj – the chief of Pisach’s. he was here to stop you not help you; saying so she kicks outs Nag Raj & warns him not to bother Savitri again.
She takes Savitri away & tells her to do what she is here for –Savitri is here for her son, & Savitri should concentrate on her task as they are running out of time. Savitri address her as Ma, & asks her how come she is here. The look alike tells her to keep on doing what she is here for & not to believe anyone blindly. They reach a dead end, the look alike tells her to go inside the wall. Savitri wonders how. The look alike tells her she can & she disappears. Savitri is confused & baffled, she thinks was it Leena, but how can Leena be here?

Towards the other side of wall – Savitri finds a girl – all dressed up who suddenly changes form & turns Savitri’s look alike. Here R-K has chained up Gulika as she has failed to find out from Brahma Rakshas what they can do. Satya looks at them. R-K flies to Kamroop & kills the priest outside the compound.

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