Savitri 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 24th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Savitri still on the horse chariot…The Driver was going on asking her question infact a kind of frightening her.. He was saying about the Old King who was cursed by Devi and also that no one visits the temple at those 4 days when devimaa is taking rest.
He adds that he don’t speak this much usually( thn don’t know why did he???) and he was talking then to reduce savitri’s fear.. He asks her why was she visiting the temple(for what reason) then…Savitri who was pissed of answers him harshly that why do he want to know all these.. The driver stops the chariot and replies that its bcoz she is visiting the temple the temple during the prohibited day..
All this time some1 was shown following them( DEV’s brother)…


at choudhary house

Leena and Mrishti googles and gathers info abt kamroop temple.They will get to know that the entry to temple is restricted then and wonders why would Savitri go there…


On reaching the temple she moves forward and ri8 at the entrance a sadhu was sitting with lantern… He asks her to go back and she over rules that..He said she will have to face a lot of hurdles at each step inside. He adds her suhaag marks is her shastra and she should safeguard those and that he will wait for her return there at the entrance…Savitri didn’t understood sadhu’s words but then folds her hands and moves up …There was a some steps and following a door which marks entry to the temple.

Savitri moves up and is about to open the door that it opens up itself..Savitri relieves with her first step and enters the temple…the follower(dev’s brother) also rushes in b4 the door closes.


At zombie world..Zombie king announces that she came and its time to fi8..He asks if the soldiers are ready to fi8..(the chariot driver is a zombie man)


RK and gulika watches all these through the magic mirror but then they cannot see anything after savitri enters the temple.RK was worried for savitri…
savitri walks through the meadow and there is no sign of temple..She is worried as the place was weird and wonders how she will find RK’s hands.just then some zombies comes around to attack..


AT Kali Bhumi
Satya asks what happened to savitri and then RK says that he need not show concern as his kaali shakti will always protect his Damyanti


At temple:
Dev’s brother comes on time and fires at zombies…Further he points his gun at savitri and accuses her for killing his brother Dev..Savitri says she haven’t done anything and that Dev had promised Savitri to help her in finding our Satya, so why would she kill him.. And that if he doubts her thn he can readily shoot her… He asks then who killed his brother to which savitri replies that its those people who took Satya.. By then more zombies starts attacking and they almost captures Dev’s brother..

precap: wasn’t that clear to me…as much i understood its like…

Savitri asked to sign a paper with blood by zombie king and then leena(RK’s mother roop) came ..actually didn’t understood was it a flashback ya rk’s mom is still alive as leena.

Update Credit to: snowdream

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