Savitri 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 22nd April 2013 Written Update

In the forest:
Its full moon night, deep inside the forest – the wolfs are howling. A gigantic army (naag devta’s army) is seen to be chanting continuously. their chief signs them to stop & addresses them.
He asks them are you all ready for the big day? They answer in unison – YES. He says finally those 4 days have arrived when the Goddess of the Kamroop temple where R-K’s hands are kept will go to rest, once the hands are free, they will relieve us of our curse. It will happen only when she comes. Its full moon, but the moon is covered wih clouds & since last few days both the sun & the moon have been under the clouds. This indicates that he is back to life & since he is back, she too will come. Even the Goddess guarding the temple can’t stop her & we shall be finally relieved of our curse.

At Kali Bhumi
Satya shouts for R-K. The servants ask him what happened, Satya says he wants to meet R-K, the servants ask him is he insane, why does he want to invite trouble for himself, it seems as if his body is used to the tortures R-K gives him. Satya says i they don’t take him to R-K, then he will hurt himself, saying so he knocks his head in a big boulder.

At RC house
Ashish is listening to a song on radio, once the song ends the RJ announces that this was requested by Ashish Roychowdhury for his son Satyavan Roychowdhury Leena comes in, hears the announcement & asks Ashish as why does he again & agains requests for this song. Ashish tells her you all have pictoral memory of Satya, you can recollect the moments spent with him. I have only feelings. I can only recollect how his voice was, how it felt when he hugged. he tells Leena when he heard this song for the first time on radio & learnt that I had requsted it – he was so happy, he hugged me tight. Leena feels sorry. They hug each other & mourn Satya’s loss. Savitri comes in. Leena sees her & she looks pretty disturbed. Leena asks her what happened, she starts crying. Savitri is shattered. Leena thinks she has finally accepted Satya’s death & she lets her cry at the same time consoles her. Leena tells her to cry her heart out as it will ease her pain & help her face the reality. Leena makes Savitri sit & offers her water, Savitri drinks water & composes herself to break the news of Dev’s death to her in-laws. Ashish senses some thing wrong & asks Savitri what is the matter, Savitri replies she has one more bad news. Lena asks is it about Satya, Savitri says no its about Dev, he met with an accident & he died. Boh Leena & Ashish are shocked & devastated to hear this.

In the corridor, Savitri is walking towards her room, she hears Dev call out to her. its Dev’s spirit – He says he is sorry for not believing her. He says she was right its R-K behind all this. Satya has been taken away by R-K only. Savitri is so happy to here that Satya is still alive. Dev says she should not stop because he is not there anymorre, she should continue her fight against the evil, against R-K. he says R-K wants you to break down & he will leave no stone un turned to do so, you have to be strong & fight him. Dev makes her promise him that she will continue her fight against evil & win her Satya back. He says only you can destroy R-K, you have to go on your journey & he goes.

At Kali Bhumi
The servants bring Satya to R-K they tell him that Satya wanted to see him, so they had to else he would have hurt himself. Satya keeps staring at R-K & questions him, why did he kill Dev? R-K tells him it is a lesson for every one. Dev had dared to touch his Damyanti & got punished. Satya is frustated, he shouts that how many times he has told R-K that they (Satya, Savitri) are no way related to Veer & Damyanti. R-K blows him away, Satya falls & stands up to realize he is standing on the edge of the volcano. He starts to provoke R-K that you call yourself brave, you are infact a coward who uses black magic for his own benefit, a brave always hhelps others & never misuses his powers. Dev’s death wont go futile, he brutality that you killed Dev with shall come back to haunt you. R-K is furious & flies towards Satya. Satya moves R-K falls near the edge of the Volcano &stands up to face Satya.
Satya says for Savitri to live, you must die & for that you need to b killed. I shall kill you even if I have to die, saying so he leaps towards R-K & both fall inside the Volcano. Gulika arrives at the scene & screams for R-K.

Savitri arrives at airport & heads towards the Kamroop temple. A voice over “during these 4 days leave alone humans even birds or animals don’t go in the temples direction. The naag devta’s army is seen rejoicing Savitri’s arrival

Update Credit to: poppins

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