Savitri 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 1st April 2013 Written Update

The first five minutes or so of the episode is from yesterdays maha episode.

Rahukaals head surrounded by black smoke is floating he says the dialogue from yesterdays precap, flashbacks of him with Damyanti are shown. He roars in laughter. He flys from one place to another with Gulika staring in amazement.
He says the other dialogue of how time has changed, all the while thinking of Damyanti. Gulika laughs evilly, pleased. RK laughs and says “Damyanti”.

Meanwhile Dev and the police officers surround the tribal people. They are ready to fire when Savitri shouts out to them to stop. Dev pleased on seeing Savitri well tells her nothing will happen to her and to come to him. She walks towards Dev and tells the police to stop and put down their weapons.
she tells Dev they are not bad people and didnt harm her. Dev asks then why did they bring her here? She tells him it was a misunderstanding and asks about Satya and if he is ok. Dev tells her he is also looking for her. Savitri tells Dev to take her to Satya which he agrees.
They leave the jungle and Satya also comes in the jeep. Both are happy to see each other. Satya runs to Savitri and they hug.
Satya asks if shes ok and if the tribal people harmed her. He apologises for leaving her on her own and asks for forgiveness. He tells Savitri not to cry and wipes her tears. They hug again and Satya tells her he loves her.

Gulika tells RK she is very happy today as she got him back after 1000 years. She tells him she will only be completely happy when she gets the rest of him alive too. She touches his face and tells him she was yearning to see him. RK seems unfazed by all this. All he can see and think about is Damyanti. He asks Gulika where Damyanti is. Gulika tells him he can talk, see and hear today. RK says “I asked where is Damyanti”.

Back at the resort in their bedroom Savitri is thinking of what the tribal lady was telling her about her being their princess and to protect them. Satya comes with a glass of juice. He tells her to say something. Savitri says she was very scared and thought she would lose him and she doesnt want to. Not ever. Satya tells her she wont ever lose him. He admits he was scared too when he couldnt find her and realised how he cant live without her and he loves her alot. He promises to never leave her, not even in her dreams.

RK asks Gulika where Damyanti is. Gulika not pleased replies, “she cant be yours. She was not yours then and she cant be yours today and to forget her”. RK asks why should he forget her and orders Gulika to tell him why cant Damyanti be his.
Gulika laughs and reminds him he still desires the one who cut him up into pieces. She cut him into 52 pieces, flashback of it is shown and had him buried. He not only lost his body but also 1000 years. RK answers he might have waited 1000 years but not anymore, he wants HIS Damyanti now, he roars out.

Savitri is in Satyas arms, all of a sudden she gets up and asks if he heard anything. Outside there is lightening. Satya asks what noise, Savitri replies nothing. Satya tells her its the weather, looks like its going to rain. Savitri tells him, since they arrived weird things have been happening, cant they leave. Satya tells her it happens when on honeymoon, the weather changes, a bit of fright, hesitation and a lot of love. He tries to get romantic. Savitri, afraid, tells him he doesnt understand, nothing is right. Satya calms her down and tells her to think nice things and give him a loving smile, which she does. He goes to get a shower.

Gulika is trying to make RK understand that his love takes him towards death. She sometimes think she should take the life of the one whom he gave his heart to. this angers RK. He says this means Damyanti is alive and she, Gulika knows where she is.

Savitri takes the Mayavi book out from the suitcase and tries to open it. It doesnt open, she remembers what the angel had told her about when the book would open. Savitri thinks the tribal people think of her as the princess, the book has got her here and until the book doesnt open she wont why they believe her to be their princess and what relation she has with this place.

RK again asks where Damyanti is. Gulika affirms that she is alive and she knows where she is. Only Damyanti knows where the rest of RK body parts are and for this she is needed but she wont tell him, ever. Even after 1000 years she is still his weakness. Once she, gulika gets the rest of his body parts she with her own hands will cut her up into pieces. This enrages RK who leaps towards Gulika, who turns in to a hawk and flies away from him. Both stare at each other. RK orders Gulika to tell him where Damyanti is. He was quiet for 1000 years underground and now he wants Gulika to talk to him.


Update Credit to: FIZK6

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