Satrangi Sasural 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As granny opens the door, and arushi coems out, vihaan tensedly asks what happened, and what did granny say. priyanka taunts her that she must have been told to pack up. he refuses to believe this. He asks her to speak up, while arusi stands tensed. All wait for her to speak. she says that granny allowed her to stay here, and all are shocked, while vihaan and harpreet and relieved and happy. vihaan says that he shall go in to thank granny. Narmada asks vihaan not to believe her, and she says that she would go and find out. granny comes out saying that aruhi isnt lying. they are shocked, while vihaan is satisfied. he thanks her for her gesture and accepting arushi. The hesitant mothers are angry. Arushi says that she got granny’s blessings today, and its special for her, and wants to go to the temple. Granny asks them to go, but take manohar along. they both leave. narmada, mini and priyanka are hurt. they try to speak, but she shuts the door on their face. harepreet thanks the lord, that she knew granny would take the right descision.

Inside, they express their hesitation to granny. she says that she knows whats going on in their minds. Narmada asks how could she take this descision alone, and she didnt favour arushi earlier, and today when they are together with her on this, she allowed arushi to stay, as this is vihaan’s life after all. granny asks them to hear her side too, and that every person should get a chance and then she gave arushi this chance. priyanka reminds her of the torture that she and her family put them through. Granny says that she has thought this through. they are unconvinced. granny tells whats the deal between her and arushi, and how they too have six months to prove how arushi isnt the right person for this house. They are surprised and tensed. granny says that she wants peace and rest in the family along with its happiness, and may it be, by throwing arushi, or by arushi winning their hearts, she doesnt care. she just wants everything to normalise.

The mothers think that they shall never let arushi win this challenge, and shall bother her so much, that she runs away in a month. harpreet is tensed. they all unite in their plan to make arushi fail this test, but Harpreet and geeta doesnt relent and narmada is hesitant too. Nilima reminds her of her jail stay, and asks her to join in, while she is unable to take the descision, tormented by her jail stay, she gives in finally. Harpreet and geeta are tensed. Mini taunts them, of their choice. nilima asks them to think again, that arushi created differneces between them in such a short span. harpreet and geeta say that its a matter of adjustment. Mini says that she wont adjust with arushi at all. She says that its a choice, either be with them, or be with arushi. geeta and harpreet are boggled. They finally give in to the pressure too, and join hands, accusing them of emotionally blackmailing them. geeta says that they wont do anything wrong against arushi too, but they shall stay neutral in all this and not play for any side. nilima agrees, but clears that within one month, arushi shall be thrown out of the house, and thats her resolve, as she wont tolerate narmada going to jail at any cost. Narmada says that arushi has turned the house into a battlefield, and one mistake shall cost arushi her stay here. they start plotting that they shall prove her love petty in front of theirs, by making them a sumptuous meal, for vihaan, winning him over. the maid is surprised to know that the mothers are planning a grand feast for vihaan, for having recovered so easily. they do so, with a single motive of explaining to arushi her limits.

Outside, manhor insists that he has been asked by granny, not to leave him alone, while he pesters him to hand over the keys. Arushi hears this and is tensed, as she is seated in the car. Manohar doesnt want to give the keys, while vihaan tries to coax him into letting them go alone. Vihaan shows manohar that the tyre is punctured. he gets out to check, and vihaan sits inside and drives off. manohar is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is amused at manohar’s plight, while she reprimands him for doing so. He asks her to sit in the front seat. Arushi teases him that she is right here only. He pleads her to come front, so that he gets to spend sometime with her. He pleads insistently. She wonders how to tell him of the deal with granny and gets tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
Both of them pray at the temple, while he eyes her overwhelmingly, as she prays, and then turns to him. they both smile at each other. Then she tells him of the superstition, around a Banyan tree, that if people make a wish, and a coin sticks, it shall be fulfilled. knowing that she believes in this, he tries his luck at it too. he wishes that India wins the world cup, and it sticks. then he wishes for Vatsala Brand to be world famous. But it doesnt stick. She asks him not to fool around and be serious in wishing. Then they both wish together, he wishes that arushi and he never part, while she wishes to have the strength and power to prove granny’s challenge. they both then look at each other, and both the coins stick. They smile at their success.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Vihaan stops the car by the side of the road. She is boggled. He says that he feels very light, and like himself for the first time in a very long time, since their marriage. she smiles at him, but is tensed, when he talks about granny’s approval, without knwoing her underlying condition. Vihaan turns romantic and says that now the time has come for their relationship to reach to the next level. he leans into kiss her, saying that tonight is going to be the first night of their marriage, their most awaited and special night, and tonight he shall make this the most memorable night of their lives. She shys away and is embarassed. she remembers her promise to granny, and gets tensed.

While driving towards home, arushi and vihaan continue to have petty lover’s tiff, over the radio choice, and when their hands brush against each, they smile awkardly, with a romantic eyelock. He asks her if she called her mother that the mothers accepted her as their bahu. she doesnt respond. he insists her to call her mother, while she is tensed what to do. ut she complies, on his insistence. Arushi tries her home’s number, but it doesnt get through. She then calls the neighbour, Mrs. Sharma, saying that her home’s phone isnt going through, and she wishes to speak to Kasturi. she tells arushi that it wont get through also. she tells them that not just the phone, maybe the electricity also has been cut off, due to non payment of bill. Arushi is tensed, while vihaan is tensed to see her reaction. She says that she would go there only, and tells vihaan what happened. He gets tensed too and drives there.

Scene 5:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Kasturi is embarassed when arushi and vihaan come and find out. he reprimands kasturi and then arushi too for not calling and taking care of her family. she says that she didnt go to the bank, and couldnt collect the salary too. He says that his money is hers too, and asks her not to worry, as he would pay the bill througjh net banking. Kasturi says that this isnt right, as she calls him son, but doesnt let her be one. She is speechless. Arushi and vihaan sor this problem out through net banking. she then tells kasturi about the good news, that she got accepted as the bahu. kasturi is overjoyed, while vihaan sees them overwhelmingly hugging each other. Arushi thinks that she cant tell her of the compromise with granny. the screen freezes on arushi’s tensed faces.

Precap: As the entire table is spread out for thre grand feast, they all wait anxiously for vihaan to come back, thinking that it doesnt take this long at the temple. they call him. Vihaan receives it. mini asks where is he. He says that they came to arushi’s place, and shall leave after having food here. They are all furious and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Granny at least you let her stay but I hope she never leaves again.Why this young girl cannot even become intimate with her lawful husband.These ladies are just weird and do not have a clue of what love is really about.Writers I gave you the solution for them already.Find some raving men and take them out to a club and let these men show them the reality of a wonderful and happy life.Try it and they will divert their attention to their new found explored life.These women can ignore reality .however they cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring what is reality.The reality is what God has tied together they cannot tear it apart but try to adjus to it.

  2. this serial is so unbelievable why on earth these seven mothers like I said before do not get a man of their own and leave their son vihann to enjoy his marriage with arushi come on writers you can see clearly they are madly in love let them consummate their marriage and let arushi get pregnant I bet you they would have no choice but to accept her for who she is another thing I cannot understand why on earth arushis father do not get off his drunking lazy ass and get a job any job and stand the responsibility of taking care of his wife and the household instead of loafing off his daughter arushi is this the custom for the Indians that their daughter must give her salary to the household every month I find that wrong and way out of line take for instance his son girish he too should find a job to help out why the onus must be on arushi alone that is advantage to the highest and all this drunking father is doing is making her shame only going over to vihaans house and getting on like a drunking ass hole and making arushi shame imagine in his household nobody could pay the lightbill and telephone bill come on this is nonsense let arushi and Vihaan have a happy life and send a good man for each of the seven mothers so that they can be happy once more and then they would accept arushi and Vihaans marriage

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