Satrangi Sasural 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan and Arushi’s residence
Vihaan asks devika, who is the love of her life, and when she hesitates to name him, vihaan sees through her lies, and asks why did she lie. she says that she had no othwr option in front of her hoepful mothers. He trries to speak, but she distracts him, to talk to his mother. He says that he hasnt even confessed it to the girl. she is shocked. Devika asks him to get ahead and propose her today itself, as he shouldnt delay such things. she thinks that she couldnt find her love, but she hopes that her loves finds his love. She leaves. He is hopeful.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Arushi’s residence
Gattu says that girish would have to be saved, and he has an idea. He says that he can arrange for the drugs, and then giving it to Bhairon, in lieu of girish, even if he gets implicated in all of this. Meanwhile, arushi gets vihaan’s call, and declines it. vihaan is tensed, wondering what happened, that she isnt even picking up the phone. He hopes that he isnt too late. she asks gattu that they could have talked this at home too, then why was she called here. Gattu tells arushi, that he saved girih, at the risk of his own life, and wants a relation with him now. she is boggled and asks what. He leeringly asks her to be his, and that he shall become Girish’s brother in law. She is distraught, while he says that only he can save her out of this problem. He takes out a rose, and says that he loves her, and he shall always keep her happy. she is disgusted and slaps him instead. But he smiles, and still asks her to agree. She slaps him again, and he gets tensed. She says that he said it now, but next time, he shouldnt even think about it. she storms inside the house. She gets vihaan’s call, and angrily picks it up. Arushi tells him that when she is disconnecting the phone, that means she cant talk, and that she isnt in the mood. Vihaan is surprised. She realises her rudeness, and apologises and hastily adds that she shall talk later, as she cant talk right now.

In the house, prahlad wonders what happened to girish, and thinks that even gattu isnt picking up the phone. Arushi comes and says that gattu was doing this for his selfish motives, and explains what just happened. They are all shocked. dadaji is enraged, saying that this cant happen. Prahlad asks what did she say. She asks if he really wants to know, and asks what should she have said, and tells that she slapped him. While all are happy, prahlad takes an emotional tangent, saying that in all this, girish shall die. He gets the kidnapper’s call. He puts the phone on the speaker. girish starts pleading saying that he isnt at fault, and begs to be saved. She tries to talk, while he continues to beg to her too, to do anything but save him, as he doesnt want to die. All are shocked and apalled. Prahlad tells Arushi and instead begs her, to do whatever gattu asks her to, as only she can do what has to be done, as only she can save girish, who loves her immensely. she is shocked and apalled. dadaji asks whats she saying, and if she should die, to save girish, and asks him to stop reaping benefits from her. Prahlad emotionally blackmails her, saying that she wont be able to forgive herself, if girish dies. Arushi goes inside, distraught. Girish’s screams hautn arushi, as she sits dazed in her room. Her mother comes and says that she knows girish is in danger, but still she wont let her become gattu’s life, as girish would be saved, but she would be suffocated and her life would be worse than death, and she is prepared to bear the taunts of being stepmother, and that there would be some other way other than gattu. she says that she wont let arushi sacrifice anything, and that she wont let it happen, come what may. Arushi is shocked. Her mother asks her to think again, maybe vihaan might help. She is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s and Arushi’s residence
Harpreet is snubbed off by both Priyanka and Nilima. Priyanka asks harpreet where’s the magazine, and she says that she is in nilima’s room, who doesnt allow her to get inside, as she is doing business work. Priyanka goes herself to nilima’s room to find out.

Meanwhile, Vihaan is shocked, to know that her brother is involved in drugs, as she meets him on the road. Arushi tells this that girish has been tarpped, and that he is innocent. He says that he hasnt seen a bigger fool, as she still believes after knowing about girish’s past. He starts lecturing her. she says that she didnt call him here for this, as her brother is in danger, and asks him if he can help her. He refuses, and asks why has she come here, as he wont get down to this level of drugs and crimes, for the sake of her brother, and that he wont side with a criminal, and asks her to even not take advantage of their freindship. He drives off, while she keeps screaming his name. Screaming, she wakes up and realises that this was just a scary dream. She gets Vihaan’s message, who says that he is apologetic that he called so late today, as he was just tensed for her, and asks her to call him when he can, the next day. She thinks that everything would change tomorrow. Vihaan too thinks that tomorrow he shall propose, and then everything shall change. Both vihaan and arushi are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi and her family comes out to find Band Arrangements, and then find girish with gattu. They are happy and relieved too. Girish faces them tensedly. Arushi is relieved, but apalled as to what this implies, as gattu leeringly eyes her. Prahlad is happy. Arushi along with her family rushes to girish, and prahlad profusely thanks gattu. The men go inside. gattu asks arushi to come in too. Arushi is apalled. Inside, girish pleads his innocence and tries to convince them, that he didnt do anything wrong. dadaji angrily eyes gattu. girish praises gattu for saving him, or else he wouldnt have come home alive. Arushi is tensed. gattu reminds her, what he had said. He says that fulfilled his promise, and now its her time to fulfill her share of the promise. Arushi is apalled. Her mother is boggled, and asks arushi, how could she say yes, after she advised her against it. Vihaan, meanwhile, enters her colony, and says that he is coming for her. Outside, the neighbours find huge band arrangements and are surprised, that somebody came with much grandeur, to see the girl. Vihaan comes surprised, at the arrangements, and is shocked to know that its all for arushi, prahlad’s daughter. He thinks that he got late once again. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces.

Precap: Dadaji asks arushi who did she take permission from to ask this and asks why should a girl sacrifice herself, for the sake of her family. Gattu asks dadaji why is he interfering, when he and arushi are both ready. dadaji says that arushi wont agree to this. Arushi stands up saying that she is ready for the engagement. gattu smiles evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. This soap is getting worse plz make it better don’t let aarushi marry tht goon gattu

  2. its just leading no where how is she going into the satrangi salural with bewada dad drugist brother n gattu like people.why cant these people show some relaxing n happy things.better to see tarak mehta it relives mood atleast

  3. This show is getting too stupid you know what all of these show is getting stupid n boring

  4. princess akeela

    I beleive the mother will call vihaan and tell him everything and he will marry arushai without his family knowing and without anybody knowing but arushai mother

  5. Crap… i wont see this shit again…

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