Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
vikrant says I was the main root of all misunderstandings between simar and prem. I will show you something that will prove that sunaina’s phantom was here between us all. He turns on the TV. Its of the day when karthik and baa got arrested due to sunnaina. sunnaina made baa hold the pistol on her head. He says look at it carefully. baa is so scared and she is trying to get the pistol off her head but she can’t. people laugh. Vikrant says you all think its a joke? So many lives have been affected due to this. Vikrant says I have brought this video here to prove that sunnaina captured simar’s body. We asked pandit ji to arrange a pooja for peace of suunaina. He says in heart why are baa and karthik not here? They’re very important for our case. Vikrant says I wanna ask prem some questions. vikrant asks how many years have been passed to you wedding with simar? He says 5 years. Vikrant says that means 3k days. did you even feel like simar can betray you? or she can lie to you. he says you spent three full years with her did you ever felt like she did something that was wrong for you or your family? why are you quite? You accused her. but you have no answer of my questions. vikrant says he knows very well that simar never made a mistake. she fulfilled all her responsibilities. She is a lady who always put her family first. She always thought about others. in our country all the rights are given to husbands look at him he has no answers of my questions. simar says don’t insult prem like this vikrant. He says I am handling your case that doesn’t mean that you will tell me what to say and what not. You should only talk when you are asked to. Prem says vikrant you have no right to talk to her like this. Vikrant says what a relationship? they still care about each other. They’re lovers not only husband and wife. A love band that can never break. This is what I wanted to prove, and about sunnaina’s phantom I am waiting for my witnesses they are about to come. Simar looks at prem with hope. Judge says we will continue the session after lunch. Everyone is tensed in the break. Archna says to the lawyer we are giving you payment to win this case. He will ruin my daughter’s life if they win. pari says don’t worry mama we will do something. Prem recalls Vikrant’s words that they still love each other. They stare at each other. They recall all the old moments. The lawyer asks prem to come with him. the session starts again. vikrant says simar lets go. Vikrant wonders why are karthik and baa not there. He sees them coming with cops.

vikrant says to baa I will give you both the same place I did if you say the truth today. I will forgive for stabbing me, for killing sunnaina. This is for simar’s life. He life is ruined due to me. This case is based on your words now please say the truth.

Karthik and baa come in the court. Baa comes to vikrant and puts her hand on him. She says I will vow on him rather than on holy book. I will say truth. vikrants says tell everyone what you know about sunnaina’s soul. Baa says respected judge I am very bad lady. I did a lot of sins in my life for money. I killed my own daughter in law but simar stayed in our family as sunnaina and fulfilled all the responsibilities of sunnaina. I never heard about the phantom of sunnaina. I know nothing about it. Everyone is dazed. Pari smiles. Baa says vikrant I know that you wanna win this case but don’t say all this rubbish. vikrant says what are saying baa. Simar says please baa say the truth. Judge asks simar to keep calm. baa says in heart you sent me to jail I will make your life hell.

Precap-Simar says to prem yu are in all these miseries due to me. I can’t see this. I always listened to you how can I say no. For your happiness I am ready to divorce you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. no i didn’t want to see surbhi with prem
    prem simar made for each other

  2. prem ur just good for nothing.i dont get y u always keep quite.y dont to u do something yaar.may be ur doing for surbhi phir u should understand that even simar has a heart its hurting also.and even anjali need her mom.perm plz do something naa.and anyways perm v dont have any hopes from u phir bhi plz dont do this.

  3. Hai re hai, I guess we’ll have to see what happens in the Hong Kong episode

  4. Hong Kong? ?

    1. U seen da promo yet his mom is such a bych wat she playin @

    2. Whos mum? Prems. What did she do?

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