Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The thugs take Roli with her. Jahnvi comes back stage to tell siamr that she has won. She finds no one there. Birju calls Juwala and tells her that I have found roli.
Juwala says roli you are responsible for this condition of my baba. Your death will bring a new life to my son. You were my culprit before and now you are my sona’s culprit too.
Siamr is out on the road and is looking for roli everywhere. She asks people if they ahev seen roli but no one has.

Scene 2
Bahgti comes to jahnvi and says You must be so happy. Don’t think that you have won ehart of bua ji and anurag. There is still time, leave anurag. Or your kid has to pay for your love. Bua ji shanti and anurag are there. They listened to bahgti’s words. Anurag says I heard eveeything. I always considered you my friend. I thought that you are happy for me. You wanna make us happy together and you were aparting us. bhagti says please listen to me. Anurag says no I am not gonna listen to you. Baharadwaj family comes in. Everyone congratulates Jahnvi. Mata ji ask what happened is everything oaky ? She asks anurag but he is quite. Mata ji asks jahnvi. Jahnvi tells everything to everyone.
Jahnvi says bhagti wanted me to lose because so I can leave my husband. SHe forgot that she was against a wife. Shanti says to bhagti you said we are your family then why you did this to us ? Bau ji saus bahgti I was always with you. I thought that you are the best lady anurag could have.But you proved me wrong. Bahgti says anurag don’t listen to then. bau ji and jahnvi plotted this all together. Jahnvi slaps her and say don’t say a word about bua ji. You should not blame bua ji for your fault. Anurag says bhagti just go away from my life. Just get out. Bahgti leaves. Bau ji says jahnvi please forgive me. I always thought that you are worng. You are he best wife and daughter in law. Simar comes in. SHe says mata ji roli is not here. Her phone is switched off. I asked people no one has seen her. MAsui ji says roli must have planned some surprise. Sid says she must have told me. mata ji says lets go in the house and look for her.

Scene 3
On the way roli roli wakes up in the car trunk. She wonders where is she ? She hears birju’s voice. SAying these sisters will now know what is the consequence of messing with juwala. SHe is suffocating. She hitting the trunk. Birju keep her doing that. Roli is successful is opening the trunk. sHe opens is. birju sees her. Roli is about to jump but they stop her. Roli says let me go. Roli shouts leave me. They hold her. Birju says its time for you to give up. Roli says ni I never will they throw her back in. She faints. They see a car coming. they sit in their car. Its sid, prem and simar. They pass by/ Birju and his men come out.
Simar is so worried for roli.

Scene 4
Roli opens her eyes. Juwala syas look your death is in front of you. Roli says why you kidnapped me ? Juwala says you should pay ro what you did ? Roli says we got back what was ours. Juwala says I could forgive you for all that but what you did to son can never be pardoned. Roli says i don’t even know your son. What can I do to him? There must be some misunderstanding. You should call your son here. Juwala says I just heard two words after two years from him.He saw you on tv and said she is the one. You are the one I have been looking for two years. I will kill you and get the revenge of this condition of my son.
juwala takes her gun out and points at her. Roli says I don’t know your son I am saying truth. You should ask simar, Juwala says oh that good. One attack will kill two enemies. She calls simar from roli’s phone. Juwala says why are you so worried ? Siamr says juwala ? sHe says yes, this is Juwala and roli is with me. If you don’t come here then you won’t see her. Siamr says please don’t kill her. Roli says please didi come here. Juwala thinks I am responsible for this condition of her son. Simar says we are coming there. Sid asks where is she ? SImar says Juwala wants to kill her. Prem and sid are dazed. Juwala points the gun at roli. She says you should nit have hurt my son. Roli says I am saying truth I don’t know your son. Juwala says I will decide what right and whats wrong. Juwala shoot a bullet.

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