Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2013 Written Update

all at dining table and mataji asks simar how the girl is and simar says she has been betrayed by a person who she loved and roli says such man are not to be forgiven but punished. roli forcefully puts more food in his plate and he gets up and walks away.

he goes to the terrace and all worried thinking what have i done. one mistake and my life is bad. i keep thinking about naina and then roli …when she comes in front of me i cant face her. on one hand u ruined a girls life and the other hand u finished my lovely home. and then she sees simar’s shadow. he turns and simar says whats the matter…and sid says nothing. simar says sid i have seen urs and roli’s worried faces …pls tell me what the matter is. i can help. and sid syas simar and then he stops. and thinks it is roli’s right to know the truth first. and simar says say…and sid says it is office tension..and is about to leave and roli comes and smiles but sid leaves. simar says i m worried about sid…he wants to tell us something but he is not able to. roli says one year is going to finish for our marriage but we havent left each other. as we trust each other. sid is listening to all this. and sid says my one truth will break u. i cant tell u the truth. NO i cannt do this with u.

naina on hospital bed and simar comes. and simar gives lecture again… (not going to type this)

prem is rejected for the loan as the finiancial state of the company is very weak. simar and naina in the car…and stop at a red light. sid also stops at a red light. and naina sees him. and she points to sid and simar is looks in the direction and sees sid. and simar is shocked!!!!

and naina rants about how sid means in her life. simar has flashbacks of roli and sid and has tears in her eyes. and simar asks r u sure it is him…and naina says YES…siddhant.

prem goes to another bank for a loan. but manager says no to loan. but as he knows his family he will give him the loan on his personal guarentee. and manager says submit all ur imp. docs in the bank and prem says thank you and leaves.

naina comes to her house with simar. naina syas thank you to simar and simar says r u sure sid is the one. and naina says u dont believe me…one min. see i will show u..and she shows her the pic of sid standin with and dancing with naina. naina shows all the missed calls from sid and she says i know he loves me a lot but doesnt want to admit it.

naina calls sid and puts the phone on speaker. and sid says where are u? cant u talk to me once. and simar says this is sid…means sid is the father of naina’s child.

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