Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with simar entering her room and remembering her sweet memories in that house. She looks at her and prem’s wedding photo hung on the wall. She starts crying which are happiness tears. Then roli enters with anjali in the room. Anjali starts clapping and roli and simar see at her. Roli says to anjali that is she happy to come back in the house? Anjali smiles. Both sisters are speaking regarding the family’s happy comeback.

Scene 2:

In the hall, everyone are sitting and talking and having sweet talks. Then uma comes and tells brings sweets made by herself for them. She fist gives it to mataji and then mataji gives it to Shobha. She breaks the sweet into two and shares it with mataji. They get happy. Then uma offers it to mausiji

who takes it. Then janvi tells her that she will distribute ro the rest of them as when youngers are there, that time elders don’t need to work. She offers it to everyone and then sid , she gets a little nervous then sid takes it and smiles. They all get happy. Then prem tells that they should find shkti dada as if he is alive then he should be brought home. Then he says that they also have to find the person who tried to attack simar and roli and if the person is caught, though it maybe shakti they will punish that person badly. Someone wearing a blanket is looking from the window. Then on listening to this dadi gets a little uncomfortable and so matji looks at her and she changes the topic and tells them that they should talk about that tomorrow and then tells them that it is late night and they should go to sleep and everyone go.

Scene 3;

It is late night and everyone are sleeping in the bharadwaj house. Shakti is peeping in the house through the window. A person comes down wearing a blanket through the stairs and then comes out of the house. That person comes and puts a hand on shakti. He turns behind and tells the peson that they have made very late and all their plans are failing one by one. The person tells that they have to change their plans and that he is right. The person removes the blanket from over the head and the shocking thing is that the person is dadiji (Shobha) herself. She tells shakti that their plans have failed and they should make new plans. She then tells that she has made prem their family member with very difficulty and they should not do such things that prem will not believe them. Then she tells him that because of his stupidness, roli and simar have got to know half the truth and before they know the whole truth they should turn all the property which mataji has made on her name on their side. Then she tells that this house should be theirs as her husband and shakti have worked hard to put up the house. Then she says that roli and simar are very clever and get to know everything so they should change their plans. Then up there roli gets up as she is feeling a little suffocating and uncomfortable and so she comes down to have some fresh air. She gets up to go down and reaches half the stairs. Down dadi is talking with shakti qbout the plans and then she tells him to go away from there for some days abd not come there. Then she sends shakti with a blanket and when he goes roli comes and stands behind. There she sees Shobha and gets doubted that what she is doing here. Then she says that she came to have some fresh air as she is tensed with her son shakti’s problems. In the hall, simar and prem come down to find dadi and tell each other that she must be tensed with shakti’s problems. Then dadi and roli enter inside and dadi tells prem about her problem and roli is looking at her doubtingly. Prem takes dadi and goes. Simar looks at roli and tells her that why is she looking at dadi like this/ then she tells that she is doubting dadi and tells that what dadi is trying to show by her behaviour is not the real truth and that she is hiding something about shakti. Simar and roli are thinking hard on this topic. The screen freezes on roli’s face.

Precap: janvi is going for her nurse job and then simar tells her to have some breakfast before going. Janvi tells that she cant as she is in a hurry as she is having a morning shift this time. Then janvi informs dadi and goes. Dadi gets a call of shakti on her phone which is seen by roli and then dadi disconnects the call. Roli is watching this but dadi does not know that roli is seeing this.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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