Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli enters the room and hides the camera there. Shaureya gets in the room. She hides it behind a vase.
Jhanvi is in simar’s room. She tells jhanvi that shaureya gave me this dress. Simar says let me do the hair. Shaureya asks roli what is she doing there. Roli says I am here to shpow your real face to the family. Jhanvi asks simar to make her hair ready. Simar says let me turn on the music. It will make you mood better. She turns the tv on. Roli is saying to shaureya that you thought i will get afraid of you. And this time i will find a proof against you. I will show everyone that you don’t lovce jhanvi you are just playing with her. Simar’s tv is not opening. Jhanvi says leave the tv i am not in mood to. She turns the tv on. jahnvi asks what is shaureya

doing on tv? Simar says watch his reality by your own. Shaureya is not saying anything. He says yes you are right. I don’t love jhanvi this sis all a lie. I am deceiving her and this bharadwaj family. You insulted me and my sister. What do you think i am playing with her? Yes. I hate her. Jhanvi is in tears. Simar says jhanvi take care of yourself. Jhanvi goes running out of the room. There shaureya is saying to roli are you happy now ? i have said all you wanted me to say. When will you trust me. I was an evil and that was my past. Roli says stop this drama. Jhanvi shouts roli bhabhi top it. You are doing the drama and stop it now. I am so lucky that i have shaureya. You guys want us to be separated from shaureya. i never expected this from you. You guys recorded the part you wanted to see me. You dont wanna see me happy with him. Why are you spoiling my life. Jhanvi says to shaureya please forgive me. Shaureya says no jhanvi i can understand its not your mistake. Jhanvi hugs him.

Scene 2
Shaureya is taking jhanvi with her eyes tied with a black covered. He thinks keep believing me like this i promise i will fill your life with silence. Jhanvi asks shaureya where are we going and till when i will have to close my eyes. Shaureya says I am taking you to place you have never seen before. You will remembers this night forever. He stops the car at a very dark place and gets jhanvi out of the car. They’re moving forward. He removes the cloth from jhanvi’s eyes. Its all dark everywhere. She asks where have you bought me ? I thought you are bringing me to some restaurant. Shaureya says my style and choice is so different. We have no one here. He says this is your surprise. He opens the light and its the whole place decorated with lights and flowers. There is just a table right in middle. Shaureya says to jhanvi that i wanted to wish you before time. Give me your phone.

Scene 3
Roli says to Simar how did he know about our plan. Simar says maybe he saw the camera. Roli says that now jhanvi won’t believe us. Simar says we have to win her trust once again. Roli says there is just one way that i apologize her. Roli calls her and jhanvi’s phone is off. There shaureya smiles with his evil thoughts.

Precap- Shaureya says to roli and simar on phone that i will stop jahnvi’s aging once its 12. only you two can save her if you gee here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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