Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji asks prem to stop, she says its not just a ritual to make your wife wear this wed locket, every single pearl in the locket represents all the moments you live with her. this thread of trust binds them all together. when trust breaks the relationship between a couple breaks. A wife prays for long life of her husband so husband should always pass the test of her trust. you are lucky to get a new chance to save you marital life prem. If you make another mistake like this in future then i will forget the difference between son and daughter in law, simar is my daughter and i will punish you. Prem says if i ever hurt her again i will accept whatever punishment you have for me. mata ji says i hope no differences ever come in your life again. Prem makes her wear the wed locket. They touch mata ji’s feet mata ji says stay happy. she hugs them both.

Rajveer slaps aryan. He says the slaves have to do as the master asks, they dont ask questions. have you forgotten that you are my slave, keep your gaze and voice lowered down. Maya says to sid, you are sid not aryan. He has captured you mind. try to recognize me. he has takes my maani, he has weakened me. rajveer comes with a knife and says this is too much i have no other reason to keep you alive, he is about to stab her. sid withholds him. Rajveer is shocked. Sid says one minutes, maya said what bharadwajs did. That i am sid not aryan. when they said this they had tears in their eyes, and you have anger in your eyes. this only means that they were right and you are wrong. Rajveer is bewildered. Sid shoves his hand. Rajveer says this should be your last mistake cause you wont be alive for mistakes anymore. He says girjesh get me my riffle. Maya says sid come with me. she takes him to her room and locks there. sid says i will break his face. maya says you can’t face him he is so powerful. We have to get the maani, you will get your memory back as well.

Amar says what can we do to make sid believe that he is sid. How can we brainwash him? Aryan comes in the room, maya and sid are not there. rajveer says where have they gone? maya is hidden behind a curtain. She grasps his hand from back, rajveer says leave me. Sid comes as well. He has dagger in his hand. aryan says you can’t harm me. Aryan is about to stab him, ajveer says you can’t do this aryan. Aryan tears his shirt and coat, he sees the maani stitched there. maya says sid this is the maani we have to get this. Aryan is about to stab to take the maani, girjesh comes and takes the dagger from aryan. He grasps aryan and takes him out. Aryan hits him.
Rajveer release himself, he comes out with the dagger, maya says sid watch out please. Aryan is busy in hitting girjesh. Maya comes out and takes a vase, rajveer is about to stab sid. maya places the vase amid. she wants to hit rajver with the vase, rajveer slaps her. He grasps aryan my neck and slaps him hard. Aryan hits him back as well. Maya grasps girjesh by neck and throttles him. She shoves him away.

Amar says we should go to rajveer’s place. sid maya are there and he knows they deceived him. I don’t know what he must be doing to them. anar says prem we should go right now. Prem says you are right, mata ji says take care of yourselves.

Rajveer is hitting sid badly. he throttles both maya and sid and picks them up in the air. he says you both will be finished from my hands. Prem looks in from the window. He sees rajveer throttling them both. Prem says leave sid, aryna and calendar also look in. calendar says be careful he is very powerful. amar says but we have to go in. The jump in from the window. Prem takes the riffle and hits rajveer with its back. Rajveer’s head hurts. he falls on the floor.

Precap-Sid is sleeping on sofa and roli on bed. He goes out of the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This website should get the precaps.

  2. Hmmmmmm..what a drama!!!

  3. yes gud drama after sns

  4. in the upcoming episodes rajveer takes signature of prem on the property papers belongs to bw family and he make villainous entry into bw family and prem goes to registration office to figure out property and rajveer welcomes bw family for be house for a vacation as bw house belongs to him.and Aryan makes roli captive and Maya sends simar along

  5. He sub rajveer ki chal hai

  6. Wat???? Then aryan tat is Sid beat Lal bahadur na is tat their plan????

  7. Akshu..i too think so.
    .thats the plan of aryan
    He looks suspicious in precap

  8. yaar yeh naagin wala track abhi tak band nhi kiya

  9. Kaha that na maine

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