Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th April 2013 Written Update

veeru sees roli talking to her friend and gets tensed. Her friend keeps on talking and roli sees veeru and gets tensed. and her friend says what happened? where are u lost? and veeru says vidya..what are u doing here? doc told u to rest. and u know that maid came today so we cant leave the house and veeru takes her…and her friend wonders…she is not vidya..she is roli..and this man is not her husband and she looks like roli. veeru is draging roli forcefully and closes the door. and veeru yells at her saying why did u leave the house when i told u not to..and roli says why cant i go outside this house…and that woman knew me very well. and u forcefully got me here. and veeru tries to hold her but roli doesnt let him. and veeru says if ur house members find u then our lives will be in danger again. u dont know anything…u cant even recognize danger in front of u. so stay in this house in front of me…safe!! and he sends her off to rest and roli leaves.

Veeru thinks thankfully i reached on time. if that woman said anything to roli it would be a mess. now i need to keep an eye on roli. maid comes there and asks how roli is..and veeru gets mad at the maid and says i told u to be my wife’s shawdow or else…and maid gets mad at him says what!! i m not ur slave…i work here…and i know what u r doing here. i m not blind nor am i stupid. i know what u r doing. and veeru says no need to think too hard…go and work and she leaves.

pari’s hubby shalu consoling pari as she feels like vomiting. and pari is getting irritated. pari says i dont know how i got pregnant and shalu tries to explain and she gets irritated more and throws a pillow which hits masi and she gets mad. and pari says shalu is irritating me. and shalu is being stupid. masi consoles her and says i will make kada for u to change ur mood. and pari says no to kada. but masi goes!! masi gives kada to pari and pari says i m ok now. no need for kada. mataji gives her lecture on kada…and pari drinks it. naina comes there and pari sees her…and naina sees pari. and masi goes to make kada for naina. and naina says no i will drink later. khushi is seeing this smiling. naina takes the glass and pari and naina both drink it. naina looks at khushi and khushi smiling. and thinking congrats billo this plan in working. and niana says i was drinking disgusting kada and u were standing there laughing…and khushi laughs more and says naina u r weird.. i was laughing but not at u…but at BW family. salla everything is happening like i planned. and u dont worry naina..u drinking kada wont go to waste. 1st step to getting into BW family heart was today. and naina smiles.

prem in his room thinking of naina n her antics and khushi. his phone rings..and he answers..saying its prem..her name is naina and i want full info on her…he thinks naina i will know the full truth about u. simar comes there and asks whats wrong what are u thinking. and prem thinks without proof i shouldnt tell simar. and says nothng. simar says u know prem…now everyone will look for roli. newspaper is going to run a missing person ad in it. and simar says thank you for supportting me. and prem says i m always with u. so dont thank me. and they hug.

roli is sleeping in her room and veeru comes in drinking alcohol and looks at her. he goes near her bed…sits close to her and looks at her. roli’s eyes open and she finds veeru close to her sitting on the bed.

precap – simar in news paper office and talking about roli’s missing ad to be posted in the paper and along with that 5 lakh rupees to who gives info about roli.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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