Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 30th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna comes there an says I have not fires any case against Jhanvi. Inspector says you manager Attul has fires the report. Meghna says he didn’t know the reality. Sujata says now leave my daughter. Inspector says we have to take her to the station still. Court will decide if it was an accident or murder. Prem says but you know the reality now. Meghna asks driver to be on a side with her. She says him something. He calls someone. Then he comes and says that leave jhanvi. Meghna says to Mata ji that I am never with the injustice. I tried a lot to save him from the wrong path he never listened to me. Look how far has he gone now. I lost him forever. Everything is my fault. I consented to everything he said. If I was right he would have been right too. How will I

live without him. She says to Jhanvi I can’t forget my brother but I want you to forget him and start a new life. You have a lot of time and there is no mistake of yours. It was the consequence of his deeds. Jhanvi hugs her. Sujata says Jhanvi will take sometime. Mausi ji says lets go in now.

Scene 2
Everyone is in the living room. jhanvi says i am tire di am going to my room. Masui says she is not out of all that i said before that we should plan something. Sujat says I am saying we all should go to Devi maa’s temple. We should thank her. Sid says me and prme will arrange all for the trip. Mata ji says we will go tomorrow.
Roli says to simar thanks di you are the only one who trusted me. We could never make it through if you didn’t trust me. Simar says I told you before i will trust you no matter anyone else does it or not. We should thank our God for all this she has saved us all. We just have to make sure that jhanvi starts a new life everything in her life is good. Now go to sleep we have to wake up early and start a new day. Roli says it will new beginning for all of us.

Scene 3
Pari looks at her dress and brags why am i worried I am still the beautiful young miss chandni chook. Suddenly arrav starts crying. Achna says give to me. Smart granny’s smart grandson. i have to go to chandigarh. Pari says how will i manage with aarav on the trip. Achna says this is my best friend’s daughter’s wedding. Achna says i will take aarav with me. Its just about one week. Pari says but I don’t think family will allow this. She says i will say to mata ji that everyone in chandigarh wishes to see him.

Scene 4
Next morning all family gets together for the trip. They sit in the bus. Mausi ji says to roli that look whole family is together but it fells like we are just seats. Mausi ji says let me do something. She goes to mata ji and says that I am so hungry why not stopping a car on some good restaurant. Sid says as you wish mausi ji. He asks driver to stop the bus on a restaurant.
The bus stops and everyone gets out. Jhanvi still looks down and prefers sitting alone.
Mausi ji ask her to have the lunch.
Jhanvi says I am not in mood. Simar says okay but at least come and sit with us we are all together after such a long time. They all enjoy the lunch. Mausi ji says to Rajhinder book my taxi I am going home Mata ji says isn’t the food okay ? Mausi ji says what will God says if we go to him with faces like this ? Mata ji says give a little time its not that easy. Mausi ji says its not that difficult too. Sujata says she is right we have to start from ourselves if we want to see jhanvi happy. Jhanvi is leaving simar stops her nad the music stars. Song ‘haste haste’ is playing. Everyone is dancing with jhanvi. Mata ji, sujata, prem, roli everyone sings for her.

Precap- Simara and Roli are ringing a bell. Some lady open the door. Simar asks maa are you okay ? She says yes i am fine what will happen to me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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