Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with janvi telling dadi about roli calling simar and saying that she is not able to find birju. Then janvi says that she is not able to understand that what these 2 sisters are trying to prove by finding birju. Then janvi says that it’s good that they are trying to find birju atleast they will come to know that sujata and mataji are at fault. Then dadi says that that all is ok, but simar and roli must be finding birju to finish all the proofs against sujata and mataji. Then dadi tells her that they should keep a watch on simar as well as roli.

Scene 2:

It is night and roli is taking rest in her room after the accident. Mataji enters the room. Then she checks roli’s bruises and kisses her hand and starts crying. Roli says that

she does need to get scared as she is fine. Then roli tells mataji everything about what she did there at birju’s old house and what information. Then she also tells her about the accident. Then she tells her that they will soon get to know about the truth. Then she tells mataji that first she has to tell everything to simar and she takes her mobile and messages it to simar. Simar is not sleeping as the rest are sleeping and she receives the message. It is written that the person(shakti) whom dadi thinks is dead is still alive and that they still don’t know that why shakti is not meeting his family and what had happened to birju. Then simar thinks in her mind that to find about this truth, they have to first reach to the skeleton and then they can track some of the truth. Then simar thinks of going to find the skeleton now. She gets up quietly and she goes to the back side of the mandir.

Scene 3:

Simar is in the jungle behind the mandir. She is trying to find the skeleton. Then she sees the surface of the mud with a torch. She thinks that the surface is very loose with mud and thinks that the skeleton must be buried there. While she is seeing there someone comes and keeps a hand on simar, simar gets scared and turns, she sees that roli is there. Then she tells that she was really scared as it is late night. Then roli says that what was there to be scared in that as she was only there. Then simar asks that how did she know about the skeleton. Then roli tells her that mataji told her about that place as she had heard prem and dadi talk about it. Then simar tells that they should start their work and start digging in that loose ground place. Then they start digging but after a lot of time they do not find anything. continue to dig as someone is seeing them from a tree. Then roli tells simar that there is nothing there. Then simar says that she is sure that skeleton is there and they continue to dig as the person is still looking at them from behind a tree. Then roli and simar get up after digging and roli tells her that there is nothing there and while she is saying something else, roli sees the person and shouts that who is there? Then the person hides in a bush and simar asks what happened. Then roli tells her that she saw someone and they go there to see but do not find Anyone. Then simar tells roli that she must have seen a black cat and must have misunderstood. Then roil tells simar that what they should do now? Then roli tells her that now it is sure that it is not the truth what they are seeing. Then roli tells simar that now they should go home as it has become late night. Then she tells her that should be one step ahead the person whosever maybe behind that . Then they both go from there together. They are walking and the person behind the tree removes a snake from a box and leaves it there. Both simar and roli are walking and the snake then bites simar and simar shouts loudly and starts getting unconscious. Roli gets scared and tells simar that they should go fast and tells simar that she should put a hand on roli and walk. The person watching them now runs away.

Scene 4:

Back at simar’s home anjali starts crying and prem gets up and sees that simar is not there in the room. Even at the bharadwaj house, sid gets up and sees that roli is not there at home an dthinks that where roli must have gone In the jungle simar sits down near a tree and is feeling unconscious. Roli starts crying and then takes the torch and checks simars leg. She sees that the bite is a snake bite and she gets scared that something will happen to simar. So she tears her saree and ties one small piece of it to simars leg so that the venom does not spread. She then starts sucking the venom and spits it out until simars eyes open completely. Then by mata rani’s blessings simar is saved. Then simar thanks roli for doing such a dangerous thing to save her. Then when simar is getting up, she sees the skeleton’s part on the ground. Then simar says to herself that mata rani will help them finish the misunderstanding’s in both the families.

Precap: Prem comes down and sees dadi waked up and asks her that why she is waked up. Then dadi tells him that she heard anjali’s cries so she got up. Then prem asks where is simar. Then at that time simar enters the house and dadi asks her rudely that why she went so late outside and simar is in a bad condition. Dadi asks her continuously but she is going to fall down.


Update Credit to: Vishwal

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