Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamiya says to simar can you give this notice to my sponsors in this hotel? Simar says yes I will go with Prem. Kamiya says to sattu and mata ji all set. Sattu says yaay. Mataji says prem and simar will have good time together.

Prem and SImar enter a room. Waiter says this room is booked for you sir. Have a good evening. SImar reads the note, I am sorry I had to fool you but I really want you two to spend time together. Prem says we should have got this was her plan.
Kamiya says if I had offered directly they would have said no so I had to fool them. Mata ji says you are such a nice girl. Prem calls her. Prem says I should have gotten this was your plan. Kamiya says go enjoy with Simar. Mataji says consider this a gift from us. Simar says this decoration is so pretty. Prem says doesn’t it remind you of something? Simar says no. Prem hugs her from back. He says now? Simar says no. Prem says when you are shy you look like a newly married bride. I was thinking we should stay here. The room is so good. The weather is.. Simr says romantic. Prem says yes and we shouldn’t waste it.

Mata ji gets a call. Its baba’s companion. He says baba ji is not well. He wants to talk to you about simr. Mata ji says what happened to him? he says baba can’t even speak properly but he wants to talk to Simar. He was saying simar and puran masi night. Mataji says okay I am coming. Kamiya says what happened? Mataji says I told you about baba. He wants to tell me something related to simar. I should inform simar and prem. Kamiya says we shouldn’t disturb them. Relax. We don’t even know yet what baba wants to say. Lets meet him first. Mataji says you are right. Kamiya says I will drive. Mataji says no you should rest. Kamiya says I am fine.

Prem hugs Simar. He kisses her hand. the song ‘labon ko’ plays in background. Prem comes close to simar. he kisses her face.
Mata ji arrives at baba’s place. Kamiya says I will stay here. You should go and talk to baba. Mataji says okay. Mata ji goes inside with baba’s apprentice.
Prem picks Simr up and takes her to bed.
Baba is not well. Mataji says what happened to you baba. Baba says simar.. Mataji says what are you trying to say about simar?
The witches are doing their dance in front of baba’s photo. Baba can’t speak. MAta ji says please say something. Baba points outside. Apprentice says you should call simar and ask her to be careful. Mata ji says I am bringing phone from car.
Mataji comes out and tells kamiya that baba is not well.
Mata ji says tell Simar that she shouldn’t go out. Kamiya says her phone is out of reach. I will go to her myself. Mata ji says take care of yourself. Kamiya sits in the car and is about to leave. Someone stops her steering.

Prem kisses simar on neck. She steps back. Prem holds her.
The witches are doing their dance. Mahamaya paints baba’s eyes. Baba’s eyes ache. Mata ji says what is happening to baba. Mataji says is simar okay? Mataji says let me ask kamiya? I don’t have my phone, she has left. Baba says simar.. Mataji says what baba? Please try to speak. Apprentice gives him water.
Prem picks simar and takes her to bed.
The witches bring Kamiya to their place. Kamiya opens her eyes. kamiya is scared. SHe says who are you people.Please let me go from here. Magmaya laughs. Kamiya says don’t come near me. Kamiya is crying and sobbing with fear. Kamiya says i have not done anything let me go. Who are you people?
Mahmaya says I can’t leave you. A mother can leave a daughter? No? Mahmaya laughs. Kamiya says don’t touch me. Mahamya hugs her. Kamiya and mahmaya both laugh.

Precap-Prem and simar are asleep. Kamiya says in a few moments Kaal will be in your womb. Mahmaya says you have to take care of kaal in her womb and then you will bring him here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What nonsense

    1. ne nonsence nu nanasa comment panata

  2. Oh now simar need a now that that kid also want to fight with dayaans.

  3. What a sister. Thank God roli dead. The only thing I worry is roli gave her life to the one who is so selfish and not even remembering her. ..

  4. Simar u r a drama queen. ..when your sister was alive you told that she is ur life.but now see. ..I am not telling that you should always mourn over roli’s dead.but at least u can think of her. I hate ur character but not u.roli I miss you .use right the best sister.

  5. I like simar than roli.but actually speaking simar is now zero as a present simar is not like the one in 4 years back.

  6. Now I started hating simar.roli u r the best

  7. this is excellent trk….loving premar romantic scenes a lottttt

  8. worst….simar deserves tis kaal as her baby…

  9. nice episode more premar scence

  10. Its a utter nonsense. Plz stop this.

  11. Thank God that b*t*h Roli is dead! Simar has every right to spend time with Prem.

  12. Thank god my roli is dead…that utter wrst simar doesn’t deserve my roli….n dumb family…let that wrst simar n her kaal son n her witch frnds can enjoy…..its d simar who always comes btw rosid…nw no roli no sid…so rosidians free frm torture…waste simar waste ssk …nw its out of 10…soon it vl b out of 20…

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