Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 26th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Roli wakes up surprised in the hospital. The nurses get along talking, where lata goes gaga over viru, who he describes as handsome and an efficient husband. The head nurse reprimands her for daydreaming and not concentrating on her work, when she finds that roli has woken up. She reprimands her to go and call the doctor. after checking her up, the doctor asks her to rest, and tells her, that after the accident, she sustained a serious injury on her head. He says that he would ask her a few questions as their routine inspection. The doctor asks roli her name and her address, and asks her to take her time in replying, as there’s no hurry but she cant remember anything and asks the doctor why cant she remember. she is distraught at finding this out. she says that everything’s feeling blanked out, and asks the reason for it. She breaks down while the doctor is shocked. she asks how can this happen. the head nurse asks her to relax, and gives her water to drink. The doctor asks her not to worry, as it might be due to the injury, and the aftermath shock. he asks her to relax, saying soon everything would be alright. He asks the nurse to take care of roli while she rests. The head nurse tells her that her husband is here, and maybe after seeing him, he would remember everything. Roli is surprised that she’s married and doesnt even know it. She asks roli to relax, while lata goes to get her husband.

Viru thinks that now that roli is awake, and that he left her alone, she might tell the doctor everything. He says that he wont let anything happen like that, and decides to go to roli, but is stunned when the nurse asks him to come along. She tells him that roli is in the ward only, and is waiting for her husband. He is surprised to hear this. He walks along with lata. As viru enters, roli sees him
Roli says that he isnt her husband, as she would have remembered then. Viru is surprised as to why is roli not screaming at him, and why is she behaving as if she’s not recognizing him. Roli goes berserk saying that this isnt her husband. After asking roli to rest, the head nurse asks him to come out, and leaves. Viru thinks if this isnt another new drama of roli’s.

when he comes out, He asks what has happened to her, and why isnt she recognizing him. the nurse tells him, that roli has had a memory loss. Viru is stunned to hear this.

As the doctor approaches, viru asks if roli got her memory back. The doctor asks him to relax, as any unnecessary strain can harm her, and they dont need to stress her out. He says that they would have to do it cautiously, and with his help, as he’s the only one who knows everything about her past life. Viru asks him how long would this take. The doctor says that the time varies, and it can vary from one day to years. But whatever be the case, he asks viru to be very supportive of his wife, if he wants her to revive. He tells viru that nothing is for sure, after he’s givcen her a sedative that would wake her up only in the morning now, and that roli might wake up remembering everything or nothing. Asking him to have patience, the doctor leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house
in her room, naina is thinking that according to khushi, she has to stay anyhow in the house, to make sid hers. Hearing footsteps, she lies down. Simar enters and finds naina sleeping. Naina looks at her and sits up, and apologizes for what happened down, saying that it wasnt her fault. she says that she had just come to meet her, and she doesnt know how she got dizzy, as she didnt want anyone to know about her or her child. she says that she would leave right away. simar stops her saying that she isnt well, and she needs to be taken care of, and hence she cant leave. Naina askls her to think of the society. But simar says that its mataji’s descision. she again helps naina lie down, and saying that if she needs anything else, she shouldnt hesitate to call them. After she leaves, naina is happy at her plan working.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital.
Viru is disgusted with this new found development in his life, as it spoils every plan that he had for roli, as he had planned to take her very far away. Then a sudden realisation engulfs him. He says that now he didnt want this, and even roli didnt ever want to see him ever again, but now she’s stuck with him for the rest of her life. He says that the doctor was right is saying that he knows about her past. He remembers how roli had first pretended to fall in love with him, and then betrayed him. Viru thinks to himself, that whats gone is done with, and that he would let bygones be bygones. He says that now he would create a whole new past for roli, and that would be the beginning pf viru and roli’s new life. He laughs his heart out at this new prospect. The screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: Looking at roli’s photo in the house, simar thinks that she knows that her voice would definitely reach out to roli, as she has the firm belkief, despite everyone telling her otherwise, that she is still alive, and wants to get back to them. Roli, in her hospital bed, thinks that someone is trying to reach out to her, but wonders who.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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