Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Sonia says I have called the ambulance till then jhanvi try to get her eyes open. Jhanvi tries and says I can’t do anymore. Sid says she will open her eyes and talk to me. Simar shouts and cries and says you have to open eyes look we won. Roli takes a breath. She makes a little movement and opens her eyes. Simar is crying. Prem hugs her. Everyone is relieved. Mata ji says thank God she opened her eyes. Sid laughs. Sujata says we got out daughter, Roli we have got everything. Sid gets her up.He asks are you okay Roli ? What was all this ? You know you killed me almost ? She hugs her and says she is fine. i love you. Mata ji says you proved once again Roli that good always triumphs over evil Very good my daughter. Smiles spread over everyone’s faces.

Scene 2
Sonia asks inspector that he has to investigate against Meghna. He says we have to record their words. Mata ji says please let Roli and Simar rest. Verma aunty says rest at my place. She gives her keys to Simar. Simar and Roli start moving. Roli says w won’t be able to look for our family if maa didn’t tell us that Meghna was talking to mirror we won’t be able to figure out where our family is. Simar says Maa ? Where is she ? She said she will be in Verma aunty’s house bu Verma aunty just gave her keys and said there is no one at her house yet. Where is maa and Anjal then ? Simar calls maa’s number. its Meghna on the other side. She says what you thought I will lose that easily ? You will win that easily ? Simar asks where is maa and where is my daughter ? Simar says there are here with me. They are okay by now and situation will change if you don’t come here. your death is waiting for you here and your mom and daughter are here to see you dying, don’t bother taking and telling anyone else.
Maa asks to leave her. She says I will kill them who killed my brother.
Simar says to Roli that she is angry at her lose. Roli says but whole family is here and they won’t let us go.
Sonia says to inspector that she wants him to search Meghna’s house. My detective has so many proofs about her. Prem thanks Sonia and says you are a true friend.
Simar goes in and says we should thank our God as well. Roli says yes i have to go to the mandir. Simar says yes i have to go as well. Sid says okay the me and Prem will go along you two as well. Simar says we both prayed let us go we will come soon. Mata ji says no Simar you both won’t go alone anywhere. If you wanna go temple then whole family will come along you to thank God. The cops leave. Sonia says okay lets go in my car. Verma aunty says okay then let me take my car as well. Mata ji thanks everyone.

Scene 3
Whole family is in temple. Mata ji thanks her God for saving them. She says please kee my family blessed. We are all so grateful. Roli and Simar are worried how to go. Simar says whol family thinks that Meghna is out of our live but Maa and Anjali are in trouble. We have to go to save them.

Precap- Simar takes out a rod and says this is too much now Meghna. Meghna is about to shoot her. She falls on the floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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