Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says i feel ashamed to call you my friend. The amar i knew used to respect women. Amar says i am still same amr. going out of this house was a plan that i and simar made so we can find that green eyed woman. Please simar tell everyone that i am saying truth. calendar says please simar ji tell them that you made this plan to find shurti’s reality. Sid says its too much now. amar says do you think i can do this? this woman is playing games with you all. you all think she is roli. she is that green eyed woman. mata ji says in heart this must be the truth. amar says she killed daksha and leela. She did that to sattu bhaiya. She forced mausi ji to take her balme. mata ji says in heart this means my sister is innocent. CAlendar says she has warned simar that is why simar is quite, simar please say truth, cops are here. she will be sent to jail. Don’t be afraid. fake roli says you made mistake and now you are blaming me. stop it. my family know i am roli. you cant take advantage of my changed face. please didi tell them truth. Simar says inspector whatever amar said is a lie. i slapped him and he came here to attack me as revenge. when roli came to save me he tried to rape her. calendar says we helped you to save your family. this is what you made this plan with amar for. simar says i never made any plan with him. i slapped him because he blamed my sister. mata ji says in heart i believe she is not our roli. how has she forced simar to say all these lies. Sid says take them with you inspector. calendar says we are innocent. inspector says now say what you want in court. they arrest them. Amar says i have proof of all i am saying. I recorded it all in my phone. she accepted that she is fake roli. amar looks in pocket for his phone. He says where is my phone? He looks for his phone everywhere. Prem calls on his number. it rings from behind the sofa. amar says no everyone will know who is lying. he opens the video, but its of roli screaming mata ji, sid save me please. amar is shocked. its of amar attacking fake roli. She says its in front of everyone now. amar says she must have deleted that video. she was threatening siamr. I can’t find that video.

Cops arrest amar. calendar says don’t be sad boss, i will talk to lawyer and will get you bailed out. simar makes an apology sign to amar in the van. he says in heart i know you were forced to lie. you could never do this. she must have forced you. they take him to jail, simar says 8in heart please pardon me amar, i had to save roli’s life. Fake roli says to simar lets go didi its all over. simar sees shurti standing there in street.

Sujata says i don’t believe he was never like that. prem says it was my mistake i brought him here without investigation. i treated him like a family member. simar says in heart i am so much helpless that i cant hug my sister and call her roli when she is in front of me. shurti says in heart her sister is in front of her why is she staring at me like that? mata ji says forget what has happened. uma clean the hall. I am going to temple, i want to stay there for some time. sujata says should i come with you? mata ji says i feel upset i want to be there alone. dont come there to pick me up, i will come by myself when i want to. pari gives her shawl. mata ji leaves. uma says simar and roli please help me in cleaning the hall. Sanju comes crying downstairs. simar says what happened? sujata says she is ill. simar says dont cry. She takes her upstairs. simar says i have to save mata ji from that woman, i have to tell shurti that she is roli. she is the only one who can break this circle. but how will i go out? Please show me some way God.

Precap-mata ji says to shurt, i know your unrest. i will send simar to you she will answer all your questions. simar comes out to go to mata ji but shurti runs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice title card..happy to see roli again with simar

  2. If I am right there is someone else in the house helping sara….who recorded the video otherwise? Might be jhanvi…. Avika looking good in the new attire.. :*

  3. jhanvi also hypnotized by sara…

  4. But actually truth is not out as still v donno knw Sara intentions

  5. I couldn’t get a clue about precap. Yup someone is helping Sara.

  6. Roli (avika)must hav com to meet amar as they had planned… she wanna know the truth and why is she panicking and running away from mataji… noticed ?lol….wen sara called out for help in the was avika’s voice…creating silly bugs 😉

  7. amar recorded the video

  8. Nw what wl happen is dat mata ji will run to simar room n wl ask many things… but it would be fake roli in room. …

    1. Really.? Hw did you know that….

  9. Is it true sangi?

  10. yaa its true I think its jhanvi because before knowing sara’s truth they showed some fear on jhanvi’s face andaybe she tries to warn sanju not say anything about that night 50% true 50% not true let’s hope for the coming up episodes

  11. but shruti her mother is just acting be mother and alo her dad

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