Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Badimaa and others support Simar on stage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Judge Ms. Manini announces Simar to be winner. She appreciates Simar for not accepting her defeat and standing on the stage even after wardrobe malfunction. She appreciates her for gracefully handling the situation and cheers for her. Abhimanyu says round 1 finishes and now the second round will start. He says round 2 theme will be revealed by Ishita Oswal. Ishita announces that Round 2 will be swim wear round, as it is an important round, it will be hot and happening. She shows the swim wear on the stage worrying everyone. Later Ishita asks Pallavi if she saw Simar’s face. Pallavi says I can’t forget. Indu tells Badimaa that how dare she to compromise with Simar’s clothes and now this round.

Badimaa asks Ishita to apologize to Simar. Sandhya says you have tried to ruin our respect and slaps her. Indu asks how dare you to play with her respect and slaps her. Badimaa asks how did you think of playing with her respect. Ishita apologizes to Simar. Badimaa says you shall be punished rigorously and blackens her face. Everyone is shocked. This turn out to be Chitra’s imagination. Pallavi asks what happened? Chitra says nothing.

Badimaa says I know what to do. Simar says there is no use of talking to Ishita. Badimaa asks what do you want that I shall permit bahu of my house to wear short and torn clothes. She says it is Ishita’s trick. Simar says she can’t back off and wants to do this for her family. Badimaa says she will not give her permission and asks everyone to come home. Simar asks her to trust her and give her permission for the next round, and assures that she will not do anything wrong. Badimaa asks how to give the permission. Aarav asks her to give her permission. Badimaa asks them to do as they want and goes. Simar asks Aarav what to do. Aarav says I learnt from Badimaa that the ones who try never fails and they never lose. He says you shall try surely.

Ishita says Simar bhabhi is so sanskari that she will not wear swimming costume alone in washroom. She says Reema bhabhi has left her. Chitra says Simar has won the first round. She asks where is Reema? Ishita says I gave her such a gift that she will be on my side always. Sandhya asks Simar to try. Indu asks what are you saying? Aarav says Badimaa’s hand is always on her head. Sandhya says if we have to walk on the stage then we will walk for Simar. Indu asks if in this age? Sandhya tells about Geeta Prakash whose patient encouraged her to become model. She says she started her modeling career at 60 years, she is so successful and says age thing is just mental block. Indu says we are with you. Aditi says I am with you. They keep hand on each other’s hand. Reema comes there and says even I am with you. She says I got diverted for sometime, but didn’t leave supporting you, now I am here, where I belong. Vivaan looks on and nods his head. Reema says Simmy I…Simar says justification later and says we have to prepare for second round. Aditi says second round is swim wear round.

Ishita tells Pallavi that she will win even if she wears an ordinary swim costume. Pallavi says she wants to see illiterate Simar in Swim suit. Simar, Reema and Aditi call the tailor and designer. Vivaan asks what is going on? Aarav says they are planning something.

Abhimanyu calls Ishita on the stage. Ishita comes on the stage. Everyone claps for her. She does the ramp walk and stands there. Abhimanyu calls Simar on the stage. Simar comes there wearing beach costume. Ishita tells Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells Simar that she has misunderstood this round, and worn beach wear instead of swim wear. He says you can get disqualify for this round. Ishita asks what did you think that you will fool everyone, not in your dreams. Ms. Manini asks Simar if she was not clear about this theme or if there is any other reason. Simar takes the mic from Abhimanyu and thanks Judges for giving her a chance to keep her point of view. She says I have clarity about this round, I know my costume is giving beach wear feeling and I am wearing swim wear too, and if I wanted then I can come in it. She says I am quite comfortable in it, and says swim wear is intimate wear and where to wear it, shall be my personal choice. She says fashion makes you comfortable and that’s what I am trying to do. The judges appreciate Simar for her thoughts. Just then Aditi comes on the stage and does the ramp walk, followed by Reema, Indu, Sandhya and Roma. Aarav asks Abhimanyu to continue the function. Abhimanyu says he has become statue seeing their unity. He asks everyone to clap. Ishita says this is cheating and asks who gave them permission to come on stage. Sandhya says we don’t need anyone’s permission to support Simar. She asks if I am right. Simar, and others walk on the ramp. Just then light goes off from the stage. They see Badimaa in beach wear and gets amazed. Giriraj tells Gajendra, bhai saheb. Badimaa does the ramp walk as the show stopper. Everyone applauds for her. Gajendra tells Giriraj that he always say that nobody is like their mother, she is the best and can do anything. Pallavi tells Chitra that they have sidelined Ishita, like keeping the house fly away from milk. Ishita says what did I think and what they have done in swim round. Badimaa continues to walk on the ramp with others.

Precap: The Judge announces that round 2 winner is Simar Oswal. Simar receives the trophy of her victory. Badimaa praises Simar for making the impossible thing as possible and asks Ishita to apologize to Simar. Ishita apologizes to Simar. Kavya meets Reyansh at the fashion show and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Simar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    If kavya is really pregnant with reyansh child she needs to go to the hospital immediately to proof that she is really pregnant with reyansh child because truly no one in the oswal family will believe her if she says she is pregnant with reyansh child because without the test results from the hospital and also the doctor saying that she is pregnant no one will believe her but if she has a test results from the doctor stating that she is pregnant reyansh will be exposed right in front everyone in the family because right now lam tired of reyansh, ishita and kavya matters completely they should end it reyansh be exposed right in front of everyone and then focus on sirav and reevan lives because they are main leads l don’t pity reyansh at all because he is stupidity and foolishness has put him into trouble reyansh was foolishly warned by Aarav not to go near kavya and because he is getting married to ishita but because he wanted to revenge the slap kavya gave him he foolishly took her to an hotel room during his tilak ceremony only God knows that he did with kavya and now he is in trouble and now reyansh this time will have to deal with this problem by himself without telling anyone in the family because he and kavya made simar look like a liar but now they both liars and now they both have to deal with the problem themselves and as for kavya she needs to bring proof from the doctor stating that she is pregnant once she has gone to the hospital immediately to do the pregnancy test because without the test results from the hospital stating that she is pregnant with reyansh child no one in the family will believe her because it’s only that pregnancy test results from the doctor stating that she is pregnant that the oswal family can know what to do. because without the test results from the doctor no one will in the family will believe kavya when she says that she is pregnant with reyansh child. because now will want sirav and reevan lives to be focus on and not reyansh ,ishita and kavya matters that will should be focusing on because lam tired of reyansh track its should end completely because now will want a child entry into the oswal and the narayan family immediately pls soon after reyansh expose track ends and go competely.

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