Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Chitra steals the CCTV footage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Shobha to listen and stop her from leaving. Shobha turns to her. Sandhya says if you stay then we will feel good. Shobha sees CCTV cam everywhere and asks her husband if they shall stay back. Her husband says we were leaving on your insistence. Shobha pretends as if her ring is lost and gives description of the ring. Everyone goes to search it. Meanwhile Shobha asks watchman about the CCTV footage room. Aarav is watching CCTV footage and sees Badi Maa and others walking out from there after cooking Churma. Simar collides with Roma. Roma tells that she is searching ring of her mummy ji. Simar finds chandan in the box and recalls badi maa telling that Shobha applied tika on Dada ji’s name plate. She then recalls finding it on pesticide’s bottle. Simar and Reema come home. Indu says you both came. Reema says Simmy’s audition was not good. Indu says its ok. Simar says don’t know if she will get job or not. Indu says you have done a lot of hard work. Reema shows the cake and gives her. Indu says salwar suit suits Reema and says she is waiting for the pics. Simar says even me. Reema runs behind Simar and asks her to click her pics in behenji attire. Simar asks if she will take her to hell. Reema says what will I do alone there, will take you. She asks will you click? Simar says ok.

Aarav asks the guard to bring other footage tape. Watchman comes there and says someone took it away when I had gone to washroom. Aarav scolds the watchman. He sees Shobha there. Lalit says Maa came to CCTV room, to search her ring. Shobha gets relieved hearing someone took the footage already and tells that she might not have worn the ring. She says we shall go back home. Chitra is seen holding the footage and thinks it is bomb. Sandhya talks to Roma and says she likes her reflection for her son. Roma shows Reema’s pic to Sandhya and tells that she is her sister and praises her. Sandhya asks her to send her pic. Lalit comes there and asks her to come. Roma gets happy. Simar comes there and asks Sandhya about Shobha. Sandhya says they went home, as shobha had headache.

Roma tells Indu that Sandhya asked her to send Reema’s sister. Indu asks her to tell her mother in law and says she is also like your mother. Roma says you are just my mother, she is your saas. Indu asks her to think her as her mother. Roma says ok and thinks to get Reema’s pics in Indian clothes. She calls Reema. Simar picks the call. Roma says I want Reema’s pics in salwar kameez and saree. Simar says ok and tells Reema that she is imagining her.

Reema gets ready and tells that she wants to go to Devesh’s hotel for the photo shoot. Simar asks what will I tell here and says you are going to adventure trip in night. Reema says she can’t play tanpura all her life and asks her to give money. Simar gives her money saved from pocket money. Reema secretly leaves from the house. Simar writes in the diary that though audition was not good, but the puppy was saved and she saw him again. She thinks what is this feeling, which she never experienced before. She thinks who is he? She thinks if this is love, thinks love is like Maa and Papa’s love. She thinks what is happening to me.

Vivaan asks Aarav if he is still thinking about pesticide. Aarav says I couldn’t catch the person. Vivaan says that person will suffer due to the karma. They get to the restaurant and take the drinks. Vivaan drinks and tells that he couldn’t meet that girl again, as he got his call again. Just then he sees Reema coming there and goes behind her. Aarav looks at the earring and thinks she might be thinking who is having the other pair. Simar thinks who is having her other pair….

Roma prays to God and tells that she likes the boys for her sisters. She gets Sandhya’s call. Roma picks the call and says she is her bahu, says Shobha is sleeping. Sandhya asks if ring is found. Roma says she will ask her mum in law. Sandhya ends the call. Roma gets her number from Shobha’s mobile and gets happy.

Reema asks Vivesh, photographer about her pics. He asks for money. Reema gives him 15000 and asks him to show the pics atleast. Vivesh says you have to do deal with me and asks him to come to his room and see the pics. He says if you stay with me tonight then you don’t have to pay the remaining amount. Reema gets teary eyes. Simar thinks if Papa wakes up then what will I say?

Precap: Simar thinks if that guy collides with me again then I will take it as a sign from you. Sandhya shows Reema’s pic to Aarav. Later she falls on Aarav’s car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    Aarav is mistaken reema for simar because as for me simar and Aarav keep meeting each other unexpectedly and while did Roma didn’t show Aarav mother simar picture instead of reema picture because as for me Aarav and simar fit each other perfectly than Aarav and reema and also vivaan and reema fit each other better than but I know that both boys will meet the two sisters which simar and reema unexpectedly when they least expect because l know that simar is in love with Aarav already.

  2. I think that simar and vivaan and arav and reema marriage will fix and but in the marriage they both will exchange

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