Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhami burns the proofs

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhami stabbing Simar in her stomach. Everyone gets shocked. Simar looks at the blood on her hand and faints. Aarav asks Simar to open her eyes. Vivaan pushes Reema shouting Dhami’s name. It turns out to be Vivaan’s imagination. Dhami gets alerted and hides the knife. Vivaan tells Reema that Dhami has the knife. He asks Aarav and Simar, if they are fine. Immigration officers come there. Dhami thinks why did they come here? She asks Aarav if they can go to doctor, as she is feeling pain. Vivaan asks Aarav and Simar to dance. Dhami sits down and gets the knife. Officer asks if you are sure that Dhami has done this. Reema says when you see the paper and photos, you will believe, how dangerous she is. She comes to her room to get the papers. Dhami hears her. Reema finds the file empty and gets worried. She thinks where did it go? She sees the almira open and walks towards it. She picks the sandal and throw it. She closes the almira and finds her sandal in Dhami’s hand. Dhami gets inside and closes the door. Simar worries for Reema and tells Aarav that she will go and see her. Dhami asks if she is searching these papers. Reema asks how dare you to come to my room and take my stuff. She says very soon you will go out of India and asks her to wait and watch.

Dhami asks what papers and photos, this is waste papers and its real place is this. She puts the papers and photos in the dustbin and burns it. Reema is shocked. Dhami keeps knife on her neck and says you are scared today. She says see Simar and your dreams burning, and says problem is that you are changing, you was selfish and ambitious, but now family ethics. She says since when you are helping Simar, this is not good. She says look at your face, you are scared. Reema says she is still ambitious and she values her family and will save them. She says I will not get even a scratch to Simar. Simar is about to knock on the door. A guest lady asks her to take her to washroom. Dhami says you don’t know even the 5 percent about me, you don’t know the real Dhmi. Simar comes there and gets inside. Reema says Dhami has burnt all the papers and photos. She says what we will do now. Simar picks the dustbin and asks Reema to come. The guests leave.

Simar and Reema come to the hall. Dhami is there already. Simar pours the ashes of the papers on the floor. Badi maa asks what is all this? Simar says this was proofs against Dhami. The officer asks how we will investigate now? Badi maa asks them to say everything. Dhami says they are lying. Simar says we are not accusing you falsely. Reema says this girl is dangerous. Simar says first she burnt her house, and also her parents. Badi maa and others are shocked. Simar says when she was caught for her heinous crime, she proved herself as mentally unstable. Reema says when the doctor who was treating her, came to take her, she murdered him. She says Simar and I have seen his dead body and asks them to check. Dhami tells Aarav that they are lying and trying to trap me. She says they don’t know what trouble, they are inviting in their lives and asks him to make them understand. Simar tells that they know how evil you are, and says Aarav was agreeing to your sayings, for his family’s safety. She says the authorities will take the right decision. Aarav says truth comes out infront of everyone eventually. Vivaan tells Reema that he is proud of her. Simar requests the officers to get info about Gaurav Kapoor, Aruna Kapoor and Dr. pankaj. Dhami asks Aarav to say something to stop her. She then asks Badi maa, ifs he is supporting Simar who betrayed her with Yamini’s help. Badi maa tells that she trusts Simar and asks officer to investigate about this girl. Dhami says mark my words, this girl will destroy everything. Aarav asks where is your parents? Badi maa asks do you have an answer. The officers ask Dhami about her parents.

Just then a couple enters there and smiles looking at Dhami. Dhami says I am so happy to see you. She hugs them and asks the officers to meet her Mom and Dad. Simar, Reema and others are shocked. Her father asks where are the guests, if we got late. Dhami says time starts with you and ends with Mummy. She says this is my sasural. Her mother says it is very small, we have more big bedrooms then this, how this family adjust here. Badi maa asks Aarav and Vivaan if they saw and met them before. Vivaan says no. Aarav says Dhami has never called her parents in the campus. The officer asks if they are her parents. Dhami asks her dad to give his ID and says they think that I am an orphan. Her father asks Aruna to give their cards. She gives the cards. The officer checks them and says it is original. He apologizes to Dhami. Dhami’s father Gautam shouts and asks what is going on here, we are not fake, but original. Dhami asks him to relax and says I will introduce you to family members. She says I want to make you meet the special person, and introduces Aarav to them, says he is your damad/son in law. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Simar says to Aarav, I trust you, this time may be difficult, but I am with you. Aarav kisses on her forehead. Dhami sees that.
Gautam says to Badi Maa, these officers will soon prove Aarav and Simar’s marriage is illegal and take Aarav away from you forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ye Dhami to kuch zyada hi tez nikli

  2. Dhami is like jasmine of udaariyaan, we see same character played by different female stars

  3. Can anyone translate me the precap!!

    1. Thanks for the precap Hasan ma’am

  4. Yeh Dhami toh Kundali Bhagya ki Sherlyn hai

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