Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Reema captures Simar and Aarav’s karwachauth moments

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar that he can’t go seeing her smile and thanks her for keeping karwachauth fast for him. Simar says yes. He says I can have chole bature from the shop. She asks why, from the shop? Aarav tells about his favorite dishes. Simar asks how do you know that I have made it. Aarav says I know, that you will make food of my choice and says it is said….She asks what? He says I know your wish and says you don’t need to stop me, I am already stopped. Simar says I didn’t say. He says he knows her heart. Simar says if I tell that if I had food already. He says your sense of humor is food, I know you didn’t have food. Simar says wait here, I will bring food for you.

Badi Maa says Maharaj, you didn’t think to inform me and asks him to go. Reema comes to Badi Maa and asks her where is Aarav, if he went out to meet someone. Badi Maa says the one who does the work without asking, is worthy. She says Maharaj ji said that Aarav haven’t eaten food since morning and had convinced him to lie. She says Aarav can fool Sandhya, but not me and asks her to find out where is he?

Simar sees Samar talking to Indu and Avinash. Indu says she has kept her running shoes ready, as she got samar now. Vivaan sees Simar and goes to her. He asks how is she? She says she is fine. He says he is very happy to see her. Simar says even she is happy to see her fit and fine. She hugs him. She then meets Lalit and hugs him. Reema asks Simar, where was she and says they all have food already. Simar says she was with some guests and says she will serve them food. Reema says she will take food for them. Simar says she will take it. Reema says she will serve. Aarav calls simar and asks if she went to get food, or to make. Simar says you have food at Gupta ji’s house. She asks Reema not to serve food and goes. Reema thinks to check on the terrace.

Avinash talks to Samar and asks him to sing. Simar rejects Aarav’s call and thinks he is hungry there, and here. Samar says who will dance. Vivaan says they shall make the chits. Reema sees Simar worried. Simar picks the chit and says Reema di. Reema thinks I will make you dance in sometime, without any music. Samar sings song, while Reema dances. Everyone joins as Samar sings desi girl. Reema comes to the terrace and is about to see Aarav, when he sees her and hides. Reema thinks how is this possible and goes. Aarav comes out of the cartoon and thinks he got hide out place.

Samar asks Simar to sing song. Aarav comes to the balcony. Simar says Aarav ji. Reema comes to the kitchen and searches for him. She then searches Aarav in the room. Samar plays music while Simar sings song Mitwa…All the couples dance. She imagines Aarav holding her hand. Suddenly Aarav comes infront of her, shocking everyone. Simar stops singing. Aarav asks her to continue singing. He holds her hand and kisses her hand. He holds her closer and they dance while she sings. He kisses her forehead. It is her imagination. He is standing behind the pillar and wipes her tears. Simar asks him to go from there. Reema sees her and is coming towards her. Simar says sorry, I have switched off the light mistakenly and asks them to stand where they are standing. Reema comes there. Simar switches on the lights. Reema says I thought someone is there and says may be lizard. Lalit says we shall leave now, we felt good meeting you all. Vivaan says even we will leave, we really enjoyed after a long time. He tells Samar, that it is nice meeting him. Samar says everyone says this.

Simar comes to the terrace and says if anyone had seen you downstairs then? He says you can’t even sneeze when I am there. He says I know you will not let me go without eating food. He says first I will make you eat, and then you shall make me eat, as per the rasam. She says no more rasams now. He says I can’t put you in problem and will leave. Simar asks him to complete the rasam and says what about the rats jumping in my stomach. He smiles. She makes him have food. He likes it and signs her. He then makes her have the food. Song plays…..kabhi meri nazar utarna…..He says your food is tasty and your voice is good. He asks what Samar was doing here? Simar asks how do you know Samar? He says I called you Simar and asked what is he doing? Simar says Samar is a music director and he offered me an album. Aarav asks if she agreed. Simar says she don’t want to sign with her, and says our vibes are not matching, he is arrogant and flies in air. Aarav asks her to agree and asks her to promise that she will agree. Vivaan asks Reema to check for his phone. Reema says may be you have forgotten, I will get it through Gagan tomorrow. He says ok. It shows Reema is watching Aarav and Simar having food together and recalls keeping Vivaan’s phone on the terrace, and keeping video call on, to catch them. She says you both can’t look at each other after this day.

Precap: Aarav tells Simar that he didn’t sleep after a long time and tells that he wants to sleep on her lap to sometime. He rests his head on her lap. Reema shows their video to Badi maa. Badi maa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    Reema is disgusting, do not what is she upto, badimaa is also filthy, she can’t differentiate between good and bad,I feel reema is digging her own grave…by spying on everyone.. waiting dhivesh murder to be investigated..then she will be caught…hope Vivaan should support Aarav and Simar after seeing the video, people have to make a stand against badimaa..just because they are elder they can’t take for granted on peoples lives…

  2. Sirav moments wow !!! .Precap lying on simar’s lap was unbelievable . They were awesome .Reema is stupid selfish elder sister.Reema and badi maa doesn’t understand the power of love . Badi maa and Reema wants to suffer for this . I am pity for Vivaan too

  3. Nicole ehizokhale

    I agree simar and Aarav love keep growing stronger and also badimaa and reema doesn’t understand the power of love and also simar and Aarav are awesome and also its best they remarried each other and also reema and badimaa needs to give up on separating simar and Aarav because they are destined for each other and also reema really video simar and Aarav been together with her phone was so stupid and selfish and jealous of the love that they have together and also badimaa needs to differentiate between good and bad and also she needs to understand that simar is the best person for Aarav and no one else because God has chosen her to be Aarav wife forever but she been stubborn she is playing tricks to separate them from each other in which is not working at all and also badimaa needs to understand that simar has earned the title of the best bahu of the oswal family needs and l want because truly it’s only simar that can make the oswal family better and lively and happy and that without her the oswal family is unhappy and sad because they are really missing her so it’s best badimaa to accept simar as her eldest daughter in law and also allow Aarav and her to remarry each other completely without any conditions or promise before its too late. because simar and Aarav are match made in heaven.

  4. What kind of sister she is. Very disgusting. She should go to jail for murdering that guy who kidnapped her

  5. Reema Vivaan ek baar ek ho jaye phir Aarav Simar bhi dhire dhire ek ho jayenge

  6. I like dis episode

  7. Wow loved Sirav moments 🥰
    GD and Reema are disgusting people
    No respect … to invade a couples privacy.
    I want to see GD beg for simars forgiveness
    I feel sorry for VivaAn.Reema used his phone to spy on Sirav, that’s where she made the mistake cos Vivian warned her not to hurt his family
    I just want to see GD face when Vivian tells.her why Reema married him at first., to get to Aarav who was married to her sister
    God hope no ones sister behaves like this ever, just disgusting 🤮
    Plz producers put Reema in jail for killing Deevanj and her true colours come out especially in front of GD.

    Loved Sirav scenes💗
    Loved the Narayan family enjoying together 🥳

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