Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
while roli runs to open the door, on the other end, naina is eagerly waiting. As she opens the door, she doesnt find anyone on the door, and is surprised who rung the bell. Naina however i shown to be hidden, by sid, with his hand over her mouth, and out of roli’s vision. Roli wonders where is sid.

Roli, stands in front of the temple, says that she did the wrong for the benefit of her family and that she is responsible for sid being hurt. She demands for a chance from the goddess so that she can closen up with sid once again. she turns around to find simar standing behind her. She asks roli about sid’s reaction to the surprise. Roli lies that he felt very nice. simar asks that her face saying otherwise, forces her to think that roli isnt as happy that she is saying. Roli tells her everything. Simar asks if there’s anything that she needs to add. roli says that she’s feeling a strange fear that there’s something wrong with sid. Simar asks her not to overthink and that with time, everything would be alright. Roli asks simar to talk to sid, to which she complies. She asks roli to be happy and not worry unnecessarily. Roli smiles.

Prem comes in and asks simar to leave since its time for her bandage change to the hospital. When roli offers to go, simar refuses her saying that she needs to be here for being with sid when he returns. also prem says that he would take care of simar nicely and that she neednt bother about that. as they leave, roli still wonders where sid is.

As roli serves food, mataji asks where is sid, prem and simar. when roli tells them about prem and simar, mataji asks about sid, and is told by roli that he’s in office for an urgent work.

Khushi retaliates by saying that she did just what the ladies of this house did to her. uma says that she got what she deserved. Khushi warns them that they might be flying high, but she wont let this house to be with them for long. Sankalp says that if she tries anything, he wont spare her at all. khushi taunts him by saying that she never knew he had a voice too. and that she doesnt really bother about his warnings. Sankalp says that it would bother her, when she gets divorce papers from him, as he cant stand her in the house, and has called the lawyer to be able to get a divorce from him, asap. khushi leaves in frustration. Karuna asks him to calm down as khushi would get the punishment for what she deserves. mataji says that since they cant eat in such stink, hence they should be served food in their rooms only. After they disperse, roli still wonders where is sid.

Scene 2:
Location: Outside the bharadwaj house
After roli goes inside, sid asks what she is doing here. She says that due to lack of communication, she started being tensed for him, and came to see if he was alright. He says that since she has seen now that he’s okay and should leave.

Naina asks him why did roli pick the phone last night, as she had divorced him and left him, then why is she with him now. She says that since he has moved on, hence now she shouldnt have any right over him, adding that only she has any right over him now. Sid is surprised to hear her say that, adding that she cant l.ive without him, and asks him to tell about them to roli. sid asks her to stop talking nonsense and that what happened that night, was the biggest mistake of his life. Naina says that he might think it was the mistake, but for her it was the most beautiful moment of her life, which she wont forget and doesnt even want to forget. she says that he always asked who he loved, and for whom is she willing to give her life and her happiness too, it actually is him only and that she loves him, holding his hand. sid is shocked to see this and flinches his hand away from hers. she says that he taught her to fight for her rights, and to love herself and that she never knew when she fell in love with him, in the wake of listening to him. She says that her whole life centers around him and that he shouldnt refuse her proposal. Sid breaks down saying that he loves his wife, who is everything for him, and his life is incomplete without her. He cant even dream of being with anyone else, let alone love her.

Sid says that its very important for her to know that he doesnt love her at all and that if possible, forgive him for what he did. Naina says that he’s lying since he doesnt want his marriage to break, and roli’s life to be devastated, hence he is being a gentleman and forgetting his love. She pleads him for saying just once that he loves her. He says that the night they shared was a mistake, and not a relationship and that he hasnt been able to face himself since then. Naina says that if thats the case, then her life is futile as she has nothing to live for. The screen freezes on sid’s tensed face.

Precap: Sid asks if roli wants to know what is on his mind. when roli says yes, he tells her everything. Roli is shocked and asks why did he do this to her, as he not only committed adultery but also insulted her love. Sid apologizes profusely for what he did, and that he should be forgiven just this once, but roli snatches away her hand from his, shocking sid.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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